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25 Free Bootstrap Business Website Templates (Part-1)

Techie free business website template

The best free business bootstrap website templates come with an awesome list of features. The templates are useful for any type of business or landing page layouts and websites. Moreover, they come with a responsive design so that your website can be reached on all devices such as mobile devices and tablet devices. Furthermore, the templates are easy to set up, customizable, flexible, and changeable color patterns. With respect to layout, the free business website templates are congruent with the latest layout in business. The header section, portfolio area, introduction or introductory sections, services section, contact form, subscription box, and many other layout options.

The design in the template is consistent with modern web design such as clean, elegant, and flat design systems. Moreover, the templates allow full customization with respect to colors and other options. The design of headings, icon styles, and other meta elements are perfectly designed with modern web practices. Furthermore, they have a varied number of widgets placement options in the layout for your business purpose. The various widgets such as counter, testimonial, services, and portfolios are best fit for any type of business, landing page, or creative agency website.

The templates use the modern web technologies of HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework so that you can easily get accustomed to your project. They will allow you to enhance your project even with more sections, designs, and options using the built-in coding framework.

Free Bootstrap Business Website Templates (Part-2)


Flexstart is free bootstrap business website template with a clean and modern look and feel. It comes with a nice header section with dropdown menu navigation, logo, and other important options. Moreover, it has an elegant featured area to display your most loved content in a beautiful way. Furthermore, the template is optimized for SEO, ready for search engines, fast loading, and responsive to fit in all devices resolutions without losing your valuable visitors.

FlexStart free responsive business Bootstrap website template


Bizland comes with a top bar header having social media icons and contact information. It is followed by a dropdown menu and a featured section. Moreover, it has a nice footer layout and multiple widgets options. The template has three columns portfolio section with beautiful image thumbnails, title, and an elegant lightbox to open the images in a decent ay. Furthermore, it is ready for fast loading and customization purpose.

Bizland business Bootstrap website template


Present is powered by the latest web technologies of HTMl5 and CSS3. It is built with a bootstrap framework and easy to use and customizable template. It comes with an elegant featured area, responsive layout design, and flexibility. Moreover, it supports the PHP contact form with customizable options. If you want your customer to contact you with a form, then this template will provide the opportunity to set up PHP contact form.

Presento website template


Sailor is a free business bootstrap website template. It is suitable for any type of landing pager that has products to sell on the internet. Moreover, the business website can have more opportunities and worth with the help of this template. Furthermore, the template has a custom layout structure with an elegant look. It is cross-browser compatible such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and more.

sailor responsive business Bootstrap website template


Knightone comes with a custom layout structure and design ideas. It is using the modern most powerful bootstrap framework to code and customizes it. Moreover, it is cross-browser compatible, responsive, and retina-ready display. Furthermore, it offers a multi-level navigation dropdown menu to categorize your content and display it in an elegant manner. You can easily set up w by following the documentation.

KnightOne free business website template


Arsha is one of the most attractive free bootstrap business website templates. It comes with transparent header menus that are consistent with the featured background image for color and look purposes. Moreover, it comes with detailed documentation and setup options. Moreover, you can edit the CSS file, HTML file, and other code to meet the requirements of your existing project.

Arshafree Bootstrap website template


GP comes with dark-featured and header layout design. It can also be converted into any color based on the project’s need. You can design the image in any color and place it in the featured section then the whole look of this area will be changed. Moreover, it uses the bootstrap framework and HTML5 and CSS3 technologies. furthermore, the featured area has five columns stacking card information blocks to put icons and main small headings in it for numerous business purposes.

GP free business Bootstrap website template


Enno is a free business bootstrap website template. It is suitable for a business website that is seeking to explore new ideas, dimensions, and new ways of thinking. Moreover, it comes with a nice featured area with the heading, call to action button, and image. one of the best things in this template is the flat modern design with clean and modern typography. the use of fonts and the design of headings and general text are extraordinary.

Enno free responsive business Bootstrap template


Dewi comes with a nice elegant layout. It has a header with a logo option, a get started button, and a dropdown menu navigation. In the featured area, it has an awesome video section with an animated video button that you can open for play. Moreover, the counter lets you show an animated counter for your business services, statistics, and projects, etc.

Dewi free responsive business Bootstrap template


Company lets you create an amazing company or business website on the internet. It comes with a classical header design and slideshow for display purposes. Moreover, it is built with Bootstrap and HTML and CSS technologies. It is well-documented and easy to set up. Moreover, it has social media icons such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, etc.

Company free responsive business Bootstrap website template


Techie is a technology-related one of the most functional free bootstrap business website templates. It is useful for technology-related websites such as web hosting, domain registration, and so on. It also has a pricing table that offers different pricing plans to your customers. The dark blue color design and gradient make this template gorgeous and elegant from all angles.

Techie free business website template


Butterfly comes with a clean and minimalistic layout design. It has a nice featured section with a large heading font size, a summary of text, and call to action button in the left section, and a beautiful image on the right section. It has a professional footer and responsive layout design. Simply, it is an elegant, clean, and minimalistic business layout.

Butterfly free responsive business Bootstrap website template


Baker is a nice free bootstrap business website template. It is built with powerful HTML5 and CSS3. Moreover, it has multiple layout areas to display your company information. Furthermore, it has a counter plugin to count all your statistics related to services, products, happy customers, and general statistics for your business.

Baker business Bootstrap website template


Anyar comes with a custom layout design for the top section. The stacked card in four columns contains various information of business is adjacent to featured background static image. Moreover, it has about us, services, portfolio, products, pricing, and contact form widgets ready to use.

Anyar free business website template


Day is a gorgeous and elegant one of the simplistic free bootstrap business website templates. It comes with a dark topbar with social media profile icons links, phone numbers. It has beautiful menu navigation and a responsive layout to fit all modern media web resolutions.

day free responsive business Bootstrap website template


Tempo is a simple business layout. It comes with cross-browser compatibility, well-documentation, fast loading, and pixel-perfect design. Moreover, the use of fonts, colors, and design of Meta information and icons are stunning.

tempo free business Bootstrap website template download


Hidaya is suitable for your business that is intended to sell online services of numerous types. It comes with lots of features such as a professional footer layout, easy-to-integrate new sections and customizable existing sections with ease of use. Furthermore, the template is fully responsive that can fit perfectly in all the media devices such as tablets, PCs and mobile devices, etc. It is well-documented and easy to use.

Hidaya business Bootstrap website template


Multi is an elegant free bootstrap business website template with a clean approach to design. The best thing is that it is built with modern powerful web technologies of HTML5 and CSS3 along with bootstrap framework. All these coding standards are congruent with modern web practices. Moreover, the template is optimized with search engines and is a fast loading speed for better ranking purposes.

Multi free responsive business Bootstrap template


Eterna is a responsive bootstrap business website template. It comes with a custom layout structure and design options. Moreover, it has an elegant slideshow at the very top to showcase your featured images in a slider. Furthermore, the template is available in Nodes/NPM and Gulp version along with a fully working PHP contact form. It has numerous sections such as a portfolio with three columns, services section with icons, headings, text, and other information. It is fully optimized with SEO to rank your website better in Google search results.

Eterna business bakery Bootstrap website template


Vesper is an advanced business layout. It is useful for landing page and done page business website templates. It has the power to show all the sections such as services, portfolio, contact, and other sections on a single page with a click and go option. Moreover, if you have a business idea to show on the internet, it will provide all the options to do so by presenting the portfolio, colorful services area, products display, pricing tables, and other business widgets.

vesperr free responsive business website template


Selecao comes with a wavy style top area that looks stunning to the viewers. It has a custom nice layout design with easy to set up all the options. Moreover, it has a custom slideshow with an image background or picture of your most important one. Furthermore, it is a responsive and cross-browser compatible layout. It also allows the user to extend the functionalities by adding news sections and editing the existing ones with freedom.

selecao free responsive business Bootstrap website template


Plato is a unique one of the most elegant free bootstrap business website templates. It is unique in the sense that it has a featured section is designed at the very top and the dropdown menu bar after it. It makes this template unique and creative that is different from the rest of the business website templates Moreover; the template supports the working PHP contact form and is fully SEO optimized for better ranking in Google search results. Moreover, it is cross-browser compatible and easy to setup.

Plato free business website template


Lumia is a light style nice free template built with bootstrap, HTML, and CSS modern coding practices. You can extend the customizability, functionality, and other widgets according to your project needs and aspirations. Moreover, it has elegant about us and what we do section along with services, products, and portfolio areas. Furthermore, the template is designed in a way that it has nice typography with awesome-looking fonts and typography options. You can also change the Google fonts with your preferred one easily.

Lumia free business Bootstrap website template


Knight is another one of the simplest and unique free bootstrap business website templates. It has a featured area lying on the top section followed by dropdown menu navigation. Moreover, it has an about us section with two columns having one column text and one column image background. Furthermore, if you want to customize the colors and other such information related to design you can do this by edit the CSS file available in the download package.

Knight responsive business Bootstrap website template


Scaffold comes with an elegant modern looking web design layout for any type of online business. Moreover, it has transparent header background with a custom look and feels. It is best suitable for digital products business due to its design and way to customization. Furthermore, it has footer widgets, portfolio, services, and introduction or about us section. All the parts are fully editable and customizable with ease of use.

Scaffalod free business Bootstrap website template


Remember is built with HTML5, CSS3, and a powerful most loved bootstrap framework. It is useful for businesses with the intention to sell products online. It provides all the sections such as about us with left image and right side icons based numerous headings with business information. Moreover, it is responsive that can fit perfectly in all modern devices such as mobile and tablet devices.

Remember free responsive business Bootstrap website template

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