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25+ Best Magazine Blogger Templates 2021

magone responsive news and magazine blogger template

The magazine blogger templates let you easily build a news website without the knowledge of any coding language. Here, in this post we come with nice and professional looking magazine style templates for blogger/BlogSpot that are easy to use and setup. The templates come with many features such as multiple widgets section, elegant design, easy to use documentation and support. Moreover, the widgets section in the templates comprises various places such as sidebar and footer widgets, above blog posts and below blog posts section and more. The layout structure consists of top header for logo, social media profile icons and drop down menu navigation. Other layout sections include the custom widgets, featured widgets and area, carousel slider, and multiple news and magazine style widgets.

Furthermore, to setup the blogger templates is easy. You just need to open the documentation and follow the instructions. Moreover, some template offers easy to use interface that even does not required the use of documentation. The use just need to navigate=e through the dashboard to layout section, where all the settings are amiable to change the label, add dropdown menu or add new widgets. It is super easy to d=follow layout instructions to setup your blogger news & magazine website.

With respect to design, the templates offer the clean and elegant layout with modern web design practices. They come with beautiful typography, icon design and elegant heading styles. Everything is pixel perfect.

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Magone is multipurpose one of the most functional and trusted responsive magazine blogger templates. It comes with many features such as elegant layout structure and beautiful design. The template has the unique header layout design with top section covering the logo and social media icons. Moreover, there are lots of variations in the logo placement i.e. in the center or left section etc. It loads fast in browser, responsive and elegant template.

MagOne - News & Magazine Blogger Template


Magpress comes with elegant header area with topbar contains the page links and social media icons; center bar contains the left logo and right ad; and the bottom bar is designed for menu navigation with multi-level dropdown and mega menu. Moreover, it comes with clean design, easy to use documentation with detailed explanation of the widgets for recent posts and general widgets. It is also scalable and easily adjusts in all modern web browsers.

Magpress - Magazine Blogger Template


Bmag is the elegant most beautiful blogger magazine template with clean layout and user interface. Moreover, it is useful for any type of news and magazine website. It offers lots of widgets such as featured section that has two columns recent widget with full width thumbnail left and two medium sized widgets at the right section. Other features including the responsive layout design that can fit perfect in all media resolutions.

BMAG - News/Magazine  Blogger Template


Axact is one of the most powerful magazine blogger templates. It comes with topbar with site links and social icons. Just below the topbar it has carousel slider based on the recent posts that functions as a news roll. Furthermore, the template has multiple variations in header section with respect to logo and drop down menu. It also has sidebar to add blogger or recent widgets and elegant footer section with four columns.

Axact - Responsive Blogger Template


Flatnews is a news blogger template. It comes with header section, sidebar area, footer widgets and multiple blog posting widgets based on the recent posts taxonomy and random posts. It is simple and easy to install with documentation option.

Flatnews - News & Magazine Blogger Template


Setiva is one of the most beautifully looking magazine blogger templates. It comes with header are with social media icons, site link, and search box. The middle header allows the user to add 728×90 AdSense ad or any other banner and logo or branding option. It has also featured are with recent posts based on the label, multi-tab sidebar widgets are, sidebar social media icons and more.

Setiva - Magazine Blogger Template


Masla is a multipurpose template that can be used for news and magazine websites or blog. It comes with variation in widgets, posts and other elements to suit your needs. It is customizable from the blogger dashboard. You can change the colors, typography and other design from template designer section.

Masala - Responsive New Blog, Magazine Blogger Templates


Aeromag is uniquely designed template for BlogSpot users. It comes with elegant layout that has spate sections for each element. For example, header section is separated from featured section with some space. Every widget follows the same structure. So, it provides the unique design for blogger user. Moreover, it is fast loading and well-documented.

Aeromag - Responsive Magazine Blogger Template


Anartisis comes with beautiful top are that has social icons, page link, breaking news area and dropdown menu navigation with multi-level dropdown support. The template also has featured section with five recent posts based on category to choose from. The posts are placed with thumbnails, post title and meta information.

Anartisis - News & Magazine Blogger Template


Brakat is a multipurpose news and magazine blogger template. It is useful for personal blogging or personal magazine. Moreover, the template has classical style header area that has large logo size option in the middle of header. It also has full width featured background image post with link to post page. Moreover, the template is well-documented, easy to setup and user-friendly layout design.  

Brakt - personal Blog  Blogger Template


Salbuta is for those who at the same time blog personally to showcase their portfolio and users with simple blogging. It comes with multiple variations in header, widgets, and layout areas. The wavy style header and footer can be turned off or on. Furthermore, it has filter based posts selection at the homepage which is very nice feature. The template is perfect for portfolio and magazine blogs.

salbuta - Portfolio Blogger Template


Slycore is one of the most creative magazine blogger templates. It comes with nice hover effects in the menu, image and other elements of the blog. Due to beautiful transition and animation in the hover, it captures the attention of the visitors. Moreover, it has unique logo placement in the left section and three small bars for menu navigation. The featured section is full width that is mingled with logo and menu navigation.

slycore - News & Magazine Blogger Template


Korve lets you to create a personal blog or website easily. It comes with many widgets and blog post choices. The template has elegant header are to show logo and other information of menu and social profiles. Moreover, it has multiple widgets with two columns, three columns variation styles. It is easy to use and responsive in design.

Korve - personal Magazine Blogger Template


Trends is a uniquely design ed blogger template. It is useful for news and magazine type blogs or websites. The most interesting thing on the layout is its featured area which is expands to full width of screen without bound to fix with. Moreover, it comes with sidebar section and footer section compatible with all default blogger widgets.

Trends - News & Magazine Blogger Template


IJonkz comes with unique style of magazine blogs. It has topbar for menu and social purpose. Moreover, the header area is transparent which enables the user to place the logo in transplant background a with 72890 image banner. It creates really a stunning effect for viewers and gets the attention very quickly.

Ijonkz - Responsive Magazine Blogger Template


Maxxiz is a three columns one of the most elegant magazine blogger templates. It is useful for magazine layout. It has three columns with two right sidebar columns and one left blog posts column section. In the sidebar the user can place blogger default widgets, while in the post area, there are number of recent posts widgets are available to add.

Maxxiz - News Blogger Template


Egnova comes with nice layout structure and elegant design. It is minimalistic light color blogger theme. Moreover, it is suitable for magazine website. It comes with many features such as dropdown mega navigation, drop down recent posts articles and multi-level dropdown menu. Furthermore, it is responsive which can adjust in all modern media resolutions such as mobile and desktop devices.

Egnova - News & Magazine Blogger Template


Mogmagazine comes with full width header area and boxed style blog post section. The full width are comes with search box button, site links, logo and social media icons profiles. Moreover, the boxed section consists of breaking news carousel, featured two columns based on category posts and many news& magazine style widgets in multiple variations. It is cross-browser compatible and well-documented.

Mogmagazine - News Blogger theme


Nadormag comes with responsive header in which you can place AdSense or HTML ad along with logo option. Moreover, it is useful for multipurpose blogging such as magazine, personal blog and news blog. It comes with dark and light layout to fully customize the look and feel. Moreover, it also has an option to turn off or on dark layout based on the user preferences.

nadormag - News & Magazine Blogger Template


Superzin is one of the most elegantly designed magazine blogger templates. It is unique in the sense that it has large featured area with gradient color support,. The image thumbnail along with the gradient of color will look amazing and creates the stunning visual effect for the viewers. Furthermore, the template is fully customizable from blogger template design to change the font style, text color, background image, heading color and much more.

Superzin - Magazine Blogger theme


Omegamag is another beautifully designed template for BlogSpot users. It comes with large featured are with two horizontal bars. The first bar is for full width featured image and the second bar is for three square grids recent posts.  The user can easily change the label or category to fully integrate the recent posts from the blog.

OmegaMag - News & Magazine Blogger Template


Light is a modern BlogSpot template for creative magazine. Unlike the other magazine blogger templates, it comes with multiple styles of widgets in post section with different variations in style. Moreover, it offers nice typography and font choices. The color patterns of heading and overall look is amazing in this template.

Light - Magazine Blogger theme


Light is a modern BlogSpot template for creative magazine. Unlike the other magazine blogger templates, it comes with multiple styles of widgets in post section with different variations in style. Moreover, it offers nice typography and font choices. The color patterns of heading and overall look is amazing in this template.

Glass - News & Magazine Blogger Template

Story Mag

Storymag is similar to the above mentioned template. It also supports two variations in layout width full width and boxed style in a single website layout. The full width area allows the user to place features label or category based posts, header logo, horizontal image banners, social icons and search box. The boxed section is for recent and default blog posts to easily make a news website. Furthermore, it is responsive layout design, comes with support option and easy to follow documentation.

Storymag - News & Magazine responsive Blogger theme


Zahrra is a modern BlogSpot theme. It comes with nice layout area for blog posts and recent posts content. Moreover, the template has four columns, three columns and multiple widgets for recent blog posting.

zahraa - news Blogger Template

Crypto Mag

Cryptomag is one of the most elegant magazine blogger templates. It comes with elegant header with top breaking news and search button along with menu navigation and side panel widgets button. Moreover, it comes with the sleek featured posts area with multiple posts display option in multiple formats. Furthermore, the image thumbnails are designed with beautiful CSS property o border-radius that creates the elegant view impact.

Crypto mag - News/magazine Blogger Template


Xpress is suitable for multipurpose blogging such as news and magazine type blogs. It comes with full width featured section with three columns having thumbnails, post title an meta of the post. Moreover, the template is SEO optimized, easy to install and setup, well-documented and fast loading in all modern web browsers.

Xpress - Blogger Template

The aforementioned responsive magazine blogger templates come with nice layout and design ideas. Every theme is unique that offers the different layout and design inspiration. You can choose the one that suits your magazine website needs. Moreover, the common characteristics of the templates are fast loading in all browsers and mobile, cross-browser compatible, featured section, multiple new widgets, responsive design and retina ready display. Furthermore, the templates are optimized for SEO and monetization to increase your revenue.

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