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40+ Free Travel WordPress Responsive Themes 2021

Mik travel free WordPress responsive theme

Are you a travel blogger and looking for best free travel WordPress themes for your website? Here we come with awesome themes for travel blogging that are packed with many features. They are suitable for any type of travel blog or website. Moreover, the themes come with lots of exciting features. They have awesome layout structure and elegant design which is according to the modern web design. Moreover, they come with elegant header design with all options such as logo or branding, social media icons, menu navigation and more. Furthermore, the featured are allows the user to add some beautiful and featured rich content in it so that visitor’s attention can quickly be grasped.

Furthermore, the WordPress themes for travel blog come with easy to use options for customization purposes. You can customize the colors and general look and feel of your website with few clicks with the help of WordPress customizer by adding CSS or built-in support of customization. Moreover, the themes come with awesome typography with modern design, elegant and gorgeous icons and related heading design. All the aspects of web elements are easy to customize in the themes.

Furthermore, the themes are fast loading, SEO optimized to rank better in Google, easy to use and install without coding knowledge, responsive layout design to fit in all devices and cross browsers compatible. Moreover, there is also upgrade or pro option for some themes to upgrade if you get stick with some theme. It will allow you to unlock all the features for long term use.

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Next Travel

Next travel is a beautiful WordPress theme with custom header, featured slider, easy to use multiple options and other features. Its header comes with main navigation, logo and branding, social media icons and other information. Moreover, the theme is minimal with elegant look and feel.

next travel free wordPress theme


Travelinsight comes with nice modern minimal layout design. It has top header, a full width featured background image, 3 columns services section and lots more.

travelinsight free travel  responsive wordPress theme


Travelore is one of the simplest free travel WordPress themes. It is suitable for travel blogging. Moreover, it comes with top full width header with center logo, left social media icons and right search box. It also has right sidebar, left content section with multiple widgets. It is fast loading, easy to customize, fit in all media resolution and retina ready display.

travelore free travel WP theme

Yala Travel

Yala travel is a professional looking free travel WordPress theme. It has awesome layout structure. Moreover, its design is modern with flat style. It comes with lots of features such as responsive layout design that can fit perfect in all media devices. It also has full width content slider just below the header section of the website.

yala travel free travel WordPress theme

Blossom Travel

Blossom travel comes with transparent header and responsive layout design. The featured section is mingled with header so that header area takes the background color of the featured image section. Moreover, it has awesome layout structure with dynamic widgets placement.

Blossom free travel WordPress responsive theme

Travel Base

Travel base is a modern travel free WordPress theme. It is useful for travel website and blog. It comes with boxed header style and full width background image featured style. Moreover, it offers the filter option to search the location and favorite destination for travel with three columns masonry layout.

travelbase free travel WP theme

Palm Beach

Palm Beach is equally suitable for blog as well as travel business. It has logo, menu, full width slider, professional footer and three columns blog content area just after the header area. The featured section consists of categories, tags, and post title along with image background.

Palmbeach free travel WordPress theme

Travel Buzz

Travelbuzz comes with minimalistic and professional layout design. It is suitable for travel business and agency website. It offers all the features such as menu, header, site links, social icons, and search box, email and contact information. Moreover, it is fast loading and retina ready WordPress theme.

travelbuzz travel WP theme

Travel Nomad

Travel nomnad is a nice theme with simple and minimal look. It has top header section along with featured full width slider. It has many other widgets option such as travel memories or your adventure starts here widget and many more.

travelnomade free travel wordPress theme


Writee is a simple blogging WordPress theme dedicated to writers and bloggers. It is suitable for capturing the travel moments in a blog. So, you can shine your travel memories on the internet so they can live forever for you and your visitors or fans.

writee free travel responsive WP theme

Luxury Travel

Luxury travel is an agency is one of the advanced free travel WordPress themes. It has professional look and feature. The free version comes with limited features as compared to premium version of this theme. It has elegant design, customization, flexibility and scalability options for your website.

Luxurytravel free travel WP theme

The Minimal

The minimal is one of the most beautiful simple and minimalistic free travel WordPress theme. It has custom header with top bar containing the social media icons, menu and site links etc. Moreover, it has full width content slider with small thumbnails on the right hand side. It has also beautiful blog area with full width image, title, categories, tags and right hand sidebar.

Theminimal free travel wordpress theme responsive

BA Tours light

BA tours light comes with nice layout and design structure. One of the most important thing in this theme is its filter option to make search for new areas or your desired area to travel. It has also popular tours pricing table with three columns posts along with thumbnail of place.

BA tours light travel WP theme


Vertex is another beautiful travel website theme. It is suitable for travel blog or blogging to share your experiences, memories and important visits with your readers. It has custom look and feel with unique design logo that have social icons and important site links at the single place. Moreover, the featured background has stretched out or covering the whole background.

vertex free travel WordPress theme


Traversify comes with featured destination in four columns with image thumbnails and description of the destinations. Moreover, the theme has awesome unique layout design and perfect layout for business websites.

Traversify free travel theme

Travel Escape

Travel escape is one of the most elegant simple free travel WordPress themes. It has unique features such as three columns services section that describe about the most important services of the industry or travel agency with icons, and heading etc. just like the other free travel WordPress themes It is cross browser compatible and easy to configure.

travelescape free travel WordPress theme

Travel Biz….

Travel biz is a business and travel agency free WordPress theme. It offers many unique list of features. The most important is its filter option to explore various destinations at the single spot. It is modern and encompasses the recent design trends.

travelbiz free travel WP theme

Travel Blog

If you are intended to make a website or blog for your travel dairies then this theme is ready to help you. With its custom design and seo friendly layout you can easily set up your travel blog with minimal efforts at your end.

travelblog free travel WordPress theme

Mik Travel

Mik travel is a professional most advanced WordPress travel theme. It has modern transparent header menu with featured background image. The background color of menu will change according to the color of full width featured background. It is responsive, cross browser compatible and easy to use layout.

MIK travel free WP theme

Tale Travel…

Tale travel is another awesome blogging travel theme. It is useful for anyone who loves to capture his memories in an organized way. This theme will help you get started to save all your travel documentaries, galleries and other information at a single place.

tale travel free travel WordPress theme


Impronta is one of the simplistic free travel WordPress themes. It comes with left dark or black sidebar adjacent to content area on the right hand side. It is perfect for travel blog due to its simple and minimal layout and design structure.

Imporonta free travel WordPress theme


Radcliffe is a beautiful WordPress theme with great looking features. It has custom design due to its full width blog posting feature. The blog posts expanded over the whole content width area with title above on the image thumbnail. It is blazingly fast loading and easy to configure theme.

radcliffe free travel WordPRess theme

My Travel Blogs

My travel blog is a unique and simplistic blogging WordPress theme. It offers the transparent header area adjacent to below featured content section. The beautiful thing is that the header area will get the same design and colors that featured background offers. So, you can create a single look just easily.

Mytravel blog free travel responsive WP theme


Virtue is a simple blogging and travel wp theme. Unlike the other free travel WordPress themes for blogging purpose it comes with so many features. First, it has simple white look that can also be customized from the dashboard. Moreover, it has three columns featured posts, two columns blog posting with thumbnails and title of the post.

Virtue free travel WordPress theme responsive

Travel Ace

Travel ace is a business and agency WordPress theme for travel purposes. It offers all the features and characteristics required to run smooth online travel agency or business. It comes with services, special offers, social icons, contact information, business email and phone number and many more elements that are also customizable.

Travelace free travel WP theme

Travel Tourism

Travel tourism is a wonderful travel theme. It comes with center logo and left and right main navigation in the header area. Moreover, it has full width image slideshow to display the important travel destinations or memories. Furthermore, it also has about section for information purpose about the company.

Traveltourism free travel WordPress theme

Travel Agency

Travel agency is another agency website theme for travel website. It offers all the features that you need to run a successfuk travel agency website on the internet.

Travelagency free travel WP theme


Travelstore comes with business layout with professional looking modern design. It is responsive which means it can fit perfect in all media devices such as desktop and mobile devices.

travelstore free travel WordPress theme

Travel Joy

Travel joy is an agency one of the most beautiful and minimal free travel WordPress theme. If you want to run a business on travel and to make an online travel company then this theme will help you out in every possible way.

Traveljoy free travel Responsive WordPress theme


Hoffman is a simple layout that comes with top header area that has social icons, logo or branding and site links for navigation purpose. It comes with full blog posting area to show recent or latest blog articles along with thumbnails and post title and meta information.

Hoffman free travel WP theme

Wishful Travel

Wishful travel is not only a business and agency theme but also a blogging layout for travel website. It comes with all the widgets and layout areas that you are looking for multipurpose travel website.

Wishful travel free WordPress theme

Travel Master

Travel master is an advance more professional one of the most functional free travel WordPress theme. It comes with many features such as responsive layout area, easy to customize the look and feel, easy to configure the options, retina ready display and much more.

Travelmaster free travel WordPress theme

Travel Way

Travel way is a simple layout for travel websites. It comes with top header area with transparent background in dark color the featured section image also visible below the header menus that creates the stunning visual effect for the viewers.

Travelway free travel WordPress theme

Travel Booking

Travel booking is a business WordPress travel theme. It comes with featured area, services section and easy to change colors and customization from the dashboard. Moreover, it has responsive layout that can easily adjust in all modern media devices. It is also a fast loading and cross browser compatible theme.

Travelbooking free travel WP theme

Travel Gem

Travel gem is a business and agency travelling WordPress theme. It has the power to supercharge tour travel business into next level with its built-in easy to use features. It has modern header, filter based travel destination search and services section etc.

travelgem free travel wordpress responsive theme

Adventure Travelling

Adventure travelling allows you to search the most beautiful destinations in the world  for tourism purpose. It has built in features such as filters to apply for search and about section. Moreover, it has also tour types, pricing and other important features.

Adventure travelling free travel WordPress theme

Travel Ultimate

Travel ultimate is one the most stunning free travel WordPress theme. It is suitable for online travel agency that is intended to open travel and tourism bunnies. It will help you to easily setup your website without the coding knowledge.

Travelultimate free travel WP theme

Travel Eye

Travel eye is a beautiful layout for travel related websites and businesses. It offers the topbar with social icons, page links and other information. Moreover, it also has unique branding area to display business logo along with main navigation. It has also a filter option to book your next trip.

Traveleye free travel WordPress theme

Tafri Travel

Tafri travel is a unique layout design with full width slideshow. It is easy to use and customize. You can change the look and feel with few clicks. It is free to use for your website.

tafri free travel WP theme


Poseidon is two columns one of the most amazing free travel WordPress themes. Its layout structure consists of two columns in the left content area, one sidebar on the right hand side and one footer widgets section. It is seo optimized and fast loading in all browsers.

Posideon free travel wordPress theme

Travel Diaries

A travel diary is three columns travel blogging theme. It comes with awesome header layout with menu, logo, branding and featured full width section. Moreover, its blog posting area is elegant that has post image thumbnail and content excerpt along with title.

Travel diaries free travel WP theme


Prevelanet is a modern nice looking business layout. Unlike the other free travel WordPress theme, it has full width image slideshow just below the header area that creates stunning effect. Moreover, it has four columns about or services section, easy to change color options, responsive layout, cross browsers compatibility and many more features.

Pravelent free travel wordPress responsive theme

The aforementioned WordPress themes are designed for travel websites and blogs. They come with responsive design, scalability and customizability, easy to change colors and other useful features. Moreover, they provide excellent sections such as featured section, header, footer, and sidebar and blog content area. All these areas are dynamic for some themes which allows you to add as many widgets as you want. Furthermore, they are easy to use without coding knowledge.

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