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22 Useful CSS Libraries for Modern Web Design

CSS magic Effects Animation Library

CSS plays a defining role in modern web design and development. Everything can be designed with the power of CSS, In this article, we come up with awesome CSS libraries to empower your web design skills and enhance your productivity. These CSS libraries will help you quickly design your website with pre-defined and pre-made CSS. You need to use these libraries to save valuable time and enhance your productivity as a designer. Moreover, there are lots of CSS libraries and frameworks available on the web which can be used for different purposes. In this post, we shared the most essential and powerful CSS libraries to make your web design easy and faster. It is easy to get started with these CSS frameworks and libraries by adding them to your CSS stylesheet.

We shared the various CSS libraries ranging from simple normalization of default HTML elements to beautiful animations and spinning effects. Moreover, you can make charts, create latex documents, design beautiful CSS buttons and construct grid layouts with these libraries. Each library provides the documentation and instructions to install the CSS and complete the working of different options. You need to read the documentation carefully to work with such libraries. Moreover, they come with open source, you can customize and change them according to your project requirement.

Normalize CSS

Normalize.css allows your project or website to render correctly in all browsers in terms of basic styling. It will help you to make your website or project in line with the standards of the modern web. Moreover, it supports Chrome, Firefox, Safari 8, Microsoft Edge, Internet explorer 10+, and Opera. It is easy to use. You just need to add it to your stylesheet and it will start working.

Normalize CSS

Modern Normalize

Modern normalize lets you style browser default styling. It comes with cross-browser-supported CSS to normalize the browser design in a beautiful way. Moreover, it is smaller in size and lets you normalize the Chrome, Safari, and Firefox browsers. It will help you to improve the default fonts and another styling with a better experience.

Modern Normalize CSS Library

Hover CSS

Hover.css lets you create hover effects in your elements. It is totally powered by CSS with lightweight coding. You can apply hover effects on your links, logos, buttons, and other elements with simple and easy-to-use CSS. Moreover, it is available in Sass and LESS in addition to CSS.

Hover CSS- CSS# powered hover effects


Spinkit is a lightweight CSS library to create a beautiful spinning effect on your website. There are lots of spinning instances are given to easily choose the best one for you. Moreover, it is totally empowered by HTML and CSS. The code of every spinning demo is given separately which you can put in your project to create the spinning effect.

Spinkit - CSS spinning


Animate.css is an animation library for CSS. It supports all modern web browsers to make your project adaptable to all browsers and devices. It is easy to use with pre-defined classes and other elements. Moreover, you can read the documentation to fully apprise of yourself the working of this CSS library.

Animate.style CSS animation

Magic CSS

Magic effects is a great CSS library for creating beautiful magic animation. It has lots of variations and custom options to apply to the object. You can see the demo of various effects by selecting that specific option such as rotate, slide, math, and other available effects.

Magic CSS effects library


Pattern.css allows you to fill the empty background of your website with awesome patterns. It has the support of all modern browsers. Moreover, it is built with SCSS and you have full control to customize the colors of patterns with your required color schemes.

Pattern.css CSS pattern library


CSS Wand is a collection of beautiful effects designed with the power of CSS. It offers two types of CSS effects .i.e.hover and loading which you can use in your project with simple CSS. Click on any effect and a dialog box will open with the required HTML and CSS. Moreover, it has a cool color picker tool to help you select a good color for you.

Csswand CSS animation effects


Charts.css is a great CSS library to create beautiful charts for data visualization. If you are working on a project which requires charts then you can use this library for easy chart building. It will help you to turn your data into charts for better visual effects and easy data presentation for viewers.

Charts.css CSS chart creator


Raisincss is a library for CSS grid and flexbox design. In addition to grid and flexbox, it also supports many other CSS properties. Moreover, it is lightweight and easy to use. You can take advantage of padding, width, height, z-index, and other properties with the help of this great utility.

Raisincss - CSS library


Bttn.css comes with a beautiful collection of pure CSS buttons. The buttons are designed with CSS and HTML without any other program language. Moreover, it has multiple styling and variation options of buttons such as simple, border, minimal, stretch, jelly, gradient, fill and material design, etc.

Bttn.css - Create beautiful CSS buttons

CSS Protips

CSS Protips is a great repository to help you with CSS tips and tricks. There are lots of protips are available to learn about various CSS properties. You can learn about navigation, boxes, images, box-sizing, line height, and other properties with simple and easy interpretation. It has a simple and clear demonstration of various CSS properties.

CSS Protips


Hamburgers is a great collection of CSS-powered hamburger icons for various needs. In today’s web design hamburger icons became the central part of any project. They are used in navigation, direction, and related purposes. This CSS library will help you to create these hamburger icons easily without indulging in lots of coding on your own.

Hamburgers - CSS3 powered Hamburgers icons


It will reset your CSS stylesheet to make your HTML styling easy and clean. It will remove the default margin and padding, and fonts and ensure consistency across all modern web browsers. Moreover, it will beautifully set the default styling to your HTML.


Primer CSS

Primer.css is a reusable and flexible design approach. It offers customizable typography, colors, and other elements while working on your project. Moreover, it has simple approach to design with CSS. You can easily integrate it on your website and start working with this library.

Primer CSS library


Pure.css is a basic CSS library that can be used in any web project. It has basic styling and lets you design native HTML elements in your project. It is a lightweight, minimal, and easy-to-use library for developers. Moreover, it is fully responsive and all the styling can fit perfect in mobile devices.

Pure.css responsive CSS module


Latex.css allows you to turn your website or project into a Latex document. It is simple, you just need to add CSS to your document and follow the instructions or read the documentation. Your website will start showing theories, mathematical formulas, side notes, tables, related elements, etc. It is simple to use with easy integration into any webpage.

Latex-css - Create latex document with CSS


Awsm.css lets you design your semantic HTML with a beautiful design. It does not require classes, ids, or other information to apply CSS. Your HTML5 markup will be designed with a beautiful and hand simple design. Moreover, it is easy to use with the simple addition of CSS to your stylesheet.

Awsm.css - Make your HTML beautiful

Smart CSS Grid

Smart CSS grid lets you design beautiful responsive grids for your website. It comes with a minimal and simplistic approach with a small size code. However, it works perfectly to turn your website into grids and columns. If you are working on a portfolio, photography, or creative project then this might be the need for your project.

Smart CSS Grid

Infinity CSS Grid

Infinity CSS grid is an ultimate minimal fluid flex grid system to serve your project. It is about 1 kb in size and works perfectly to make any number of columns on your website. It is helpful for creating a grid layout system with perfect-looking columns and rows. Moreover, it is simple to use and easy to install in your project with simple CSS. It is recommended for portfolio, business, and related website design.

Infinity CSS Grid

Picnic CSS

Picnic CSS lets you design default HTML. It is a lightweight library with lots of useful features. Moreover, it comes with comprehensive documentation to easily get started. Moreover, it is fully customizable according to the need of your project. It is fully open source with an MIT license.

Picnic CSS - Lightweight CSS library

Half Moon

Halfmoon is a useful CSS library that lets you design beautiful websites and projects. It comes with dark mode which is a defining feature of this library. You can turn on this feature to show your website in dark mode. Moreover, it is fully customizable with respect to colors, backgrounds, and other elements. Moreover, it is great for building dashboards and admin templates with simple CSS. It is fully supported by Chrome  Firefox and Safari browsers.

Half Moon CSS library

In short, CSS libraries and frameworks help you to quickly start your project to enhance productivity. You can install these libraries on your website and get lots of features without much coding of CSS. Every library provides the documentation and instructions to work with it. So, it is helpful for any web designer or developer to have knowledge of such libraries that boost productivity and save valuable time.

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