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25+ Best Free Personal Blog WordPress Themes

Blog99 free WordPress Blog Theme

Are you looking for the best free blog WordPress themes for your website or personal blog? Here, we come with amazing clean and professional free blog themes that have the power to turn your blog into a professional website. The themes come with an amazing list of features such as flexible layout design, functional widget placement, and other such features. If we talk about the layout structure then these WordPress themes provide a rich layout area with header sidebar, post content section, footer section, and featured section.

The general features of these themes include the responsive design layout to fit in all the major modern devices such as tablets, mobiles, and PCs. Furthermore, the themes have clean coding, compatible with all the major browsers, retina-ready displays, and customization options, and are easy to use. Moreover, most of the below-listed WordPress themes for personal blogging have the option to upgrade to the premium version to unlock all the features and functionalities. However, if you are stick with free WordPress themes for your personal blog, you don’t need to go pro.


Blog99 is another cool dark and light layout for bloggers. Unlike the other free blog WordPress themes, it offers unique features. One of the most elegant things in this theme is its layout which contains many widgets placement. Most of the blogging themes just contain the default posts section along with the header and footer, but this is unique in the sense that it has so many widgets to categorize your content easily.

blog99 an awesome Blog wordPress theme for free

Lili Blog

Lili Blog is a modern-looking creative blogging theme. Its layout design is very much similar to magazine blogs but its core area is a blog based on various niches such as persona, travel, food, and lifestyle. All the niches can be fully compatible with it. Moreover, its header area has a full-width section including the top navigation, middle header, and bottom navigation. The middle header includes the large logo option and other bars allow the users to add navigation links.

lili blog free WP theme for blogging

Blog Diary

Blog diary is a new and elegant blogging WP theme with an attractive look. It is suitable for any blog and compatible with Gutenberg Content Editor. Its header area is very creative in the sense that you can upload images as header backgrounds. It has nice navigation to explore the blog. Moreover, it has a border radius in all the main elements that make it a unique and creative design. Furthermore, it has a featured area, sidebar, footer, and awesome content section to provide the blog a fresh and modern perfect look.

Blog diary awesome free Blog wordPress Themes


Stunning is one of the most beautiful free blog WordPress themes with stunning features. It is suitable for personal, travel, fashion, or any other niche blog. It will give your blog an attractive look to make it modern, creative, and professional. Its layout area is creative. It starts from the header area that covers the social media icons such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. Moreover, it has a header logo option to show the branding information. Afterward, there are menus to navigate through the whole website based on categories and labels.

Stunning free blogging theme for WordPress


Neila is another stunning blogging WordPress theme with a clean and professional minimal design. It has an awesome-looking header with a center logo in big text or big images. It has also a menu with a simple interface without any distractions. Moreover, its post area is very clean having the starter layouts and default layouts. The starter layouts are designed with a big image thumbnail, post title, and excerpt of text. The post layout has two columns with a masonry-style layout.

Neila Awesome free WP theme for blog


If you are looking for a simple as well as unique WordPress theme for your blog then this is best with a professional layout. It comes with a dark layout having simple widgets placement. The top nav contains the social icons with popular social media websites on the right-hand side and page links on the left-hand side. Moreover, it has logo and menu options too. The WordPress default posts design is very creative in this theme.

Tracks simple free WordPress Blog theme

ostrich blog

Ostrich blog is one of the most creative and attractive free blog WordPress themes. It is useful for any type of personal blogs such as travel, experiences, and beauty and fashion blogs. Moreover, its layout structure is clean and functional. It has a creative header with logo and navigation bar; featured section having 3 columns with image thumbnail and title of the post; nice looking 3 columns grid layout widget and default posts section.

Ostrich Blog free blogging WordPress theme

Easy Blog Free

Easy Blog is a lightweight, clean, and minimal free WordPress blog theme that has an elegant look and feel. It has awesome and functional design ideas that stand it out from many free themes available on the web. Moreover, its layout design comprises many elements of the website such as header, sidebar, footer, and post content area. Its header includes the social icons; address information, logo, and navigation menus. Furthermore, it has an awesome three columns default post content area that is designed with thumbnails of the post and its title.

easy Blog awesome Blogging theme


If you are planning to open a marriage blog then this WordPress theme is perfect for you. It comes with a flexible layout design with widgets option in the main area, sidebar, and footer section. One of the most interesting element designs in this theme is its header, which allows the user to add featured images along with scroll buttons and menus along with small logos. Other layout elements include a beautiful three columns grid layout with stunning featured image thumbnails and their titles. Moreover, it has an awesome design with respect to typography, heading styles, social icons, and other small elements of the blog.

Matrimony free WordPress blog theme

OMG Blog

OMG blog is a minimal blogging theme for WordPress. It is useful for small blogs pertain to writers, travelers, fashion, and beauticians. It comes with a simple and elegant creative layout with easy-to-use options without the knowledge of coding or extra skills. Moreover, it has awesome design in headings, images, and other elements of the blog. The best thing is that it is easy to upload and set up from the WordPress dashboard. It is also customizable to change its colors and look and feel.

OMG blog simple blogging theme for WP

Next Level Blog

Next Level Blog is a classical clean one of the elegant free blog WordPress themes with creative design. Its layout structure comprises numerous elements such as a header with a large logo, social icons, navigation menu, and other such information. The featured section is composed of a featured image slider that has information regarding the posts of the blog. Moreover, it has three columns post content area with thumbnails of posts along with the title of posts.

Nextlevelblog free blog theme for WordPress

Eye Catching Blog

Eye catching blog is a clean WordPress theme with an amazing list of features. It is useful for travel bloggers, personal blogging, and travel magazine, and fashion blogging. All the niches can be created with this layout. Its design and layout structure is awesome with easy to use interface. It has a header, footer, post content section, and sidebar to allow you to fully utilize the main features for free.

eyecatchingblog an awesome WordPress blog theme

Adorable Blog

Adorable is an amazingly simple and classical WP theme for blogging. It comes with an awesome simple layout design comprising two header navigation bars, one central header with a logo in the middle, and a sidebar. Moreover, it has a footer and a beautiful post section to list the recent posts in an elegant manner. Furthermore, it has a responsive layout area that can fit in mobile and tablet along with PC resolutions.

Adorable free WordPress Blog theme

Blog Prime

Blog Prime is a clean blogging theme layout for WP users. It is useful for any niche on blogging that has a personal touch such as travel blogging, writers, fashion and beauty blogging, etc. Moreover, its layout structure is very clean and minimal with numerous widgets placed on the homepage. It starts with an elegant header with a left logo and a right 728×90 ad space. After that, it has navigation menus and searches options.

Blog Prime awesome blogging theme for WP

GuCherry Blog

GuCherry blog is a modern-looking Gutenberg compatible one of the coolest free blog WordPress themes with amazing features.  It is suitable for any type of blog especially if you are going to blog about personal experiences, lifestyle, travel, food, or fashion then this is the best choice for you. It comes with many amazing features and functionalities such as a flexible layout system, modern design, and SEO-ready.

free nice blogging theme

Blossom Mommy Blog

Blossom mommy is a feminine blogging theme that allows users to quickly create a nice mobile-friendly website. It is also useful for any type of niche to blog. Moreover, it has a flexible layout system that allows the users to quickly navigate through the whole website to customize it or to add numerous options to it. Furthermore, it has a sidebar section with widgets such as about the author, labels, categories, and other such widgets. Its featured area contains only three columns posts with image thumbs and their titles.

Blossom mommy creative blogging WP theme

Faith Blog

Faith blog is a modern-looking awesome one of the most creative free Blog WordPress themes with great features. It is specially designed for religious or spiritual types of blogs. Moreover, it does not end here; its layout is flexible enough to allow any type of blog. Its layout is creative and minimal. The header section has all the elements such as menu, logo, and other information. Furthermore, the featured slider is very interesting it due to the three columns contain the recent posts thumbs and their titles, etc.

faith blog theme for reliogious wwebsites WordPress

Goblog Free

If you are in search of just a simple and classical layout for your blog then goblog free is the best and most appropriate choice for you. It is because of the classical crafted layout system in it. The layout structure is classical with one header bar, sidebar, footer, and posts content section. Its post area really makes it awesome due to the clean and user-friendly interface in it. Each and every post in this area comes with a thumbnail, title, Meta information such as author name, date of publishing the post, and simple summary of the post.

Simple and classical blogging theme for wordPress


Dashy is a modern blogging theme with grid and list layout styles. It is useful for many niches on blogging such as personal, food, lifestyle, fashion, and beauty and travel blogs. Moreover, its layout has interesting features such as grid and list layout that allow the users to select the desired layout pattern for the blog. Furthermore, it has an awesome design with respect to headings, images, and search boxes of the blog. Its list style layout comprises of blog post that is separated from the next post having the image thumb, title, and excerpt of the post.

dashy an elegant and creative blogging layout for WP


Xooblog is a Gutenberg compatible blogging theme with clean and minimal design ideas. It is suitable for any type of blog and allows the viewer of your blog to fully see the content due to its retina-ready display. Moreover, its layout structure is beautiful with two columns featured sections having beautiful left and right columns grids. The left column grid provides the large image thumbnail and the right side grids come with two featured posts. Furthermore, it is customizable through the customizer and allows the user to change the look and feel accordingly.

Xooblog free WP theme

Web Log

Web log is a classical WP theme crafted with modern design inspiration. It comes with a classical style header including the elements of social icons, page links, menus, and header in the middle. Moreover, Its recent or default post design is also very cool with a classical look and feel. The sidebar section comes with an author box, label, categories, and other widgets. Its design is beautiful that will allow the visitors to fully absorb your blog and keep reading the good stuff.

web log awesome free WordPress Blog theme

Prefer Blog

Prefer is perfect for blogs with varied niches such as personal, travel, and lifestyle. Moreover, it is equally suitable for magazine websites. The main and interesting feature of this theme is its masonry-style layout design in three columns. It has also a creative header, main navigation, and full-width masonry three columns grid to show the recent posts. Furthermore, it is a responsive design for all the modern media devices, retina ready, and easy to customize.

Prefer masonry style free WordPress Blog theme

Wishful Blog

Wishful blog is a blog and magazine theme for WordPress. It is useful for any type of blogging with different kinds of niches. Moreover, its layout structure is equivalent to a magazine website. Moreover, It has a header section, featured area, footer section, and easy-to-customize sidebar and posts content section. Each and every element is fully crafted into a modern design to provide an awesome look to your blog. Furthermore, it is compatible with all modern browsers and retina-ready displays.

Wishful blog nice blogging theme for WP

Masonry Blog

Masonry as its name shows is a masonry blogging theme. It has all the features that most of the free blog WordPress themes have in common. If you are a masonry lover then this layout is suitable for your blogging needs, because, it provides easy to use interface and masonry design blog pots listing at the homepage, search, and archive pages. Moreover, it has an awesome header with a background image that users can choose anyone from the computer related to the niche of the blog.

Masonry style free blog wordPress theme

Cherry Blog

Cherry blog is a classical blogging theme with four column homepage layout. Its layout area is amazingly simple and well-crafted to fulfill the blogging needs. Moreover, the four columns grid layout for homepage posts makes it the most elegant layout ever. It allows the user to easily customize the look and feel of the dashboard. Furthermore, it is responsive design and SEO-ready. The default homepage posts will show in grids of four columns with thumbnail, post title and other information.

cherry blog four columns blogging WordPress theme

Saraswati Blog

Sarswati Blog is clean and lightweight one of the most beautiful free blog WordPress themes. It is elegant in design and simple in layout. It is useful for any blogging niche such as lifestyle, writer’s diary, travel, and fashion blogging. Moreover, it allows the users to easily customize the look and feel of the dashboard. It has a classical default homepage layout with large images as thumbnails. Overall, it is best with respect to SEO, responsive design, and user-friendliness.

Sarsawati blog classical wordpress blog theme

The aforementioned themes offer a rich layout, customization, and easy-to-use layout with many more features. They are perfect for any type of personal blog to express the feeling or personal experiences on the internet. Moreover, they have a flexible layout structure with a header, footer, sidebar, featured area, and default post content area. The typography, fonts, heading design, and image design are also awesome. The free personal blog WordPress themes have a responsive design, are easy to use, ads ready, SEO friendly, socialized,  cross-browser compatible and have many more features to enjoy for free.

Moreover, the design of a personal blog has some important elements such as typography, heading design, post thumbnails, and featured area design. Every element is perfectly designed with varied fonts and typography. Furthermore, the themes can be customized from the customization in the dashboard.

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