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45+ Best Free News & Magazine WordPress Themes

madd magazine best free magazine WordPress theme

If you are looking for some elegant free magazine WordPress themes for your website, then this article is for you. Here, we come with the latest magazine theme for WordPress. The themes are full of features, customizable and flexible in options. The main features include the responsive design, the four tier layout structure with header, featured area, post section and footer section. The themes are SEO friendly, fast loading speed, responsive to fit in all media resolutions and customizable. Moreover, there are varied recent posts widgets to display the news and magazine on website. Also, some themes offer multi-tab sidebar widgets to display the recent posts or popular posts etc. in tabs. Furthermore, the design of theme and layout structure is flexible with awesome typography and customization tweaks.

One thing is important to mention here is that many themes that are list below also have the premium version. So, if you get stick or enjoying the theme you can also get pro from the developer to get all the features. Furthermore, the free magazine wordPress themes come with lots of features that you can enjoy.


Magbook is responsive free magazine WordPress theme that comes with lots of premium like features. Its layout design is distributed in numerous sections. The first section consists of header with sub sections of top navigation bar, header logo and ad section, and lastly the menu section. Afterwards, there is awesome looking content section with featured posts in grid at the top, various widgets to show the content related to different labels and categories.

magbook free magazine WordPress themes


Elegant is modern looking beautiful WP theme. It consists of all the valuable features and functionalities of news and magazine website. Elegant has beautiful top navigation bar with left page menu and right hand side social media icons. The next section consists of header with logo option. And, menu items are present after the header. Furthermore, it has awesome news ticker on the top that automatically shows the newest or recent posts.

elegant free WP magazine theme


Hueman is a simple WordPress theme with blog layout. However, the three columns posts content area in masonry style makes it the most beautiful theme for every blogger. It has unqiue layout design which is apparent from the left hand side sidebar widget section and right hand side content section. The multi-tabbed widgets in sidebar can be used to add numerous widgets at the single place. It has also beautiful header area with top nav, branding section and menu section.

Hueman free wordpress theme for news website

VMagazine Lite

Vmagazine lite is a beautiful one of the best free magazine wordpress themes with premium like features and functionalities. It is easy to use, clean in design and rich in features. It contains all the sections that are required in any news and magazine website. For example, it has header area with top menu bar, logo section and navigation menus. If we talk about the content section, then it is necessary to mention that it has three columns content area having right and left sidebar.

Vmagazine lite Free Magazine WordPress Themes


Hitmag is a clean and minimal magazine wordpress theme. It can also be used for personal blog or any type of website. However, the clean and simple layout does not belittle it, because, it has many features that are rarely found in free themes. So, it is awesome looking layout.

Hitmag responsive magazine WordPress theme


Colormag is one of the most popular free magazine WordPress themes design with meticulous design and development needs. This theme offers lots of pro features for free. It has Header area contains the most important aspects of any website such as navigation menu, social icons and ads etc. Moreover, the content area in this theme is simple and minimalistic in design. Every element is fully crafted with great care.

colormag Free WordPress Theme


Awaken is minimalistic wordpress theme designed for magazine and news WordPress websites and blogs. It has the full width top navigation area that can be used to place the links of important pages and to appear social media icons.  Unlike the other themes, It has also the features of branding, navigation menu, footer widgets, featured widgets and sidebar section etc. Moreover, It has also multi-tabbed sidebar widget to show the recent posts or popular posts etc.

awaken free magazine theme

Magazine Hoot

Magazine Hoot is a minimal but functional one of the best free WordPress magazine themes. It offers high quality features such as responsive design, SEO, fast loading and customization options. From the user perspective, it has the power to engage the users for a long time by offering varied recent posts widgets. Moreover, it has the header section, featured section, left sidebar and footer widget section.

magazine Hoot free WordPress theme


Supermag is an attractive one of the best free magazine wordPress themes with colorful categories and label design. Each and every category is colorful with variation colors. Its design is awesome and layout is crafted in line with news and magazine blog/website. The user experience is good with easy to use interface. Moreover, it offers the dynamisms, flexibility and customization options.

Supermag Free Magazine and news  WP Themes


Magazinebook is another beautifully crafted news & magazine WordPress theme with responsive design. It is designed with professional outlook. Everything in the theme is professional in all respects. It has the header area that contains top navigation bar, logo or branding point, ad spot and main navigation to navigate the whole website. Moreover, the featured section is awesome containing the left carousel slider and right hand static featured posts.

magazinebook free responsive magazine theme for WordPress


Newsmag lite is a featured rich free responsive magazine WP theme. It comes with heavy features such as customization, flexibility and optimization. With respect to layout, its design is awesome. The full width featured area has the power to grab the attention of the visitors and engage them on your website for long time. Moreover, the layout structure, widgets placement and grid styles widgets are awesome.

newsmag free WP theme

WP Magazine

WP Magazine is just a simple new theme. It comes with all the layouts of news related website. In addition to this, it has the featured area with three columns. The first column consists of the single featured post, while the second and third column conatains the two two grids featured posts. The overall design is awesome. It has responsive design and fast loading along with footer and sidebar widgets area.

Wp Magazine free theme

Cream Magazine

Cream magazine is a professional looking one of the best free magazine WordPress themes. It comes with unique layout design and has the power to convert your website into a fully functional news blog. Furthermore, it offers the featured area with image slider and static posts. Furthermore, it has the magazine widgets ranging from simple one column to complex grid style design. It has also the beautiful sidebar and three columns widgets area in the footer section.

cream magazine WordPress theme

Magazine Power

Magazine power is a professional clean magazine WordPress theme. It comes with elegant layout styles. The first part is the header area with top navigation, header branding option and main navigation. Furthermore, the featured area offers the two rows with first row containing two featured posts and the second row offers the three featured posts that engulf the whole area. Also, it is responsive, fast loading and SEO optimized.

magazine power Free Magazine WordPress Themes


Newscard is clean, featured rich blog, news & magazine wordPress theme. It offers the great user experience with visual aspects. The layout design is awesome with varied widget structures in the top content and footer areas. Moreover, it has the great featured area with easy listing of awesome posts to get the user engagement. Furthermore, the right sidebar, footer section and header makes it the most beautiful layout.

Newscard free wordpress theme

Lifestyle Magazine Lite

Lifestyle magazine is a cool looking WP theme for news and magazine websites. It offers the dynamic features to fully scale up your news blog. The beautiful typography, fast load time and SEO optimization are the best features of this theme. Moreover, it has all the essential elements and structure of news blog and websites.

lifestyle free wordpress theme for magazine website

Buzz Magazine

Buzz magazine is the beautifully designed one of the best attractive looking free magazine WordPress themes. Its black and red color contrast combination makes the visual aspects more prominent and stunning. Its layout structure consists of header, post area and footer section. Header consists of navigation and branding options, while content section consists of left recent widgets and right sidebar.

Blog and magazine wordPress theme

Magazine Point

Magazine point is simple and minimal wordpress news theme. The best thing about this theme is its simple look. It is customizable, responsive and SEO friendly. It consists of header section, footer and posts section with widgets options.

magazine Point Free Magazine WordPress Themes

Envo Magazine

Envo magazine is a free responsive magazine WP theme. Its visual elements are great looking and attractive. It offers the high quality features that you can enjoy a limited free edition. The layout system of this theme is amazing that has the header section, content, footer and posts section in a most sequential way. There is good design of social media icons, categories, tags and general widgets of WordPress.

Envo magazine WordPress theme

Ample Magazine

Ample magazine is one of the best free magazine wordPress themes with professional design. It comes with super professional design. The beautiful header area consists of news ticker, small navigation menu and logo. Moreover, it offers the rich features such as responsive design which can scale according to every device. Its categories multiple color design system is also awesome. It creates the great visual experience.

Ample Free Magazine WordPress Themes

Multipurpose Magazine

Multipurpose Magazine is another beautiful WP theme. Unlike the other free magazine WordPress theme, it offers many features. There is awesome looking featured area, sidebar widget, footer section and beautiful header section.

Multipurpose magazine WordPress theme

Unos Magazine Black

Unos Magazine Black is a black or dark free responsive magazine WordPress theme. It offers various features such as responsive design, easy to customize, sidebar widgets, footer section and multiple recent posts widgets to fill the magazine or news website space.

Unos best magazine WordPress theme for WordPress


MagazineNP is high quality professional one of the most attractive and elegant free magazine WordPress theme with responsive design. It offers the rich quality header area with branding logo, ad, and navigation menu option. Moreover, the news flash section and featured area makes it the beautiful visual theme. Furthermore, the numerous recent posts widgets crafted with various design and layout structures makes it the perfect news and blog theme.

magazine free WP theme


If you are looking for ultra-minimal and simple theme then this can be the best option for you. It is simple, minimal and functional. There is header area, two columns post area and right sidebar along with footer widgets.

magazinely Free Magazine WordPress Themes

Shark Magazine

Shark magazine is one of the best professional free magazine WordPress theme. It comes with top header with ultra-rich features such as social icons, logo, menu and page links etc. Moreover, there is four columns featured are and two columns posts content area with varied recent widgets styles. Also, the four columns widget area in the footer section makes it more functional.

Shark Free Magazine WordPress Themes

Purea Magazine

Purea magazine is a creative news and magazine WordPress theme. Unlike other themes it has lots of features such as header area, with center logo option, menu and social media icons. Furthermore, it has three columns layout section with one left sidebar and one right sidebar. Also, there are numerous widgets to display recent posts.

purea magazine WP theme

Magazine 7

Magazine 7 is a modern free news and magazine WordPress theme. No doubt, it has the elegant layout structure with clean and minimal design. The header section contains the social icons, page menu, ad and main navigation. Moreover, there is there columns featured slider, news carousel, woocommerce support and many more features.

magazine 7 free WordPress theme


BlogMagazine is another one of the most elegant and beautiful free magazine WordPress theme. It comes with attractive color styles, easy to customize and flexible layout. Moreover, it is fast loading SEO friendly and responsive design to fit in all the screen resolutions. The social media icons, footer widgets, sidebar section and content area make it the best theme.

Blog News and magazine WordPress theme

Magazine News Byte

Magazine News Byte is professional news & magazine WP theme. The free version has limited features, but if you want to stick with it you can also upgrade it. Furthermore, there is elegant looking featured section, news ticker, mega menu and many more features.

News byte free WordPress theme

Magazine Plus

Magazine plus is a three columns responsive one of the most beautiful free magazine WordPress theme. It comes with left and right sidebar with widgets option. Moreover, there is featured carousel, multi-tab sidebar widgets to show recent, popular and most read posts. It also has four columns widgets, social icons, and clean design.

free WordPress theme

News Vibrant

News Viberant is one of the best free magazine WordPress themes with awesome features. It comes with top navigation bar, logo area to put image or text logo, featured posts section within the header layout just after the top nav and multi-color navigation menu. Furthermore, it has news carousel, three columns featured area having left carousel and right square four posts. It has multiple widgets to fill the magazine layout most appropriately.

News viberant free magazine WordPress theme

Accesspress Mag

Accesspress mag is another one of the best free magazine WordPress themes. It has many features such as its layout design is awesome with each section is fully crafted meticulously. If we talk about the overall layout, then it comes with full responsive header section, sidebar section, content and footer section. Each section has their own requirements and allows the user to add widgets. Moreover, The featured section contains the five featured posts i.e. one in the left hand side and four in the right hand side in two columns.

accesspress magazine WP theme


Viral is a multi-purpose free magazine wordpress theme with clean modern layout design. One thing that is most interesting in it is the typography of this theme. The typography makes it unique from many of the competitor themes available. Moreover, the overall design is so awesome that the reader’s engagement can easily get. It has top full width navigation menu, header section with logo and ad, news ticker, main navigation menu, social icons, sidebar, footer and varied level of widgets in posts content area.

Viral news and magazine WordPress theme


Magazina is a simple WP magazine theme. It comes with clean layout design, minimal look and awesome design. It is unique because of the left and right sidebars along with the content area. At the top, below the featured section, there is left sidebar, while at the lower section there is right sidebar. Therefore, this setting makes it unique and elegant. Moreover, fonts, social icons, branding, navigation and featured section makes it precious and valuable.

magazina free WordPress theme

Madd Magazine

Madd magazine is another one of the most popular and beautiful free magazine wordpress themes. The typography with large font is awesome thing in this theme. Furthermore, the layout design is so awesome that it has three columns layout. There is left and right sidebar, post content area, beautiful content area and social media icons. The black and red color contrast enhances the visual aspects of this theme. The featured slider with large fonts and attractive labels has the power to engage the visitors.

madd magazine free WP theme


CoverNews is another beautiful WordPress theme with premium like layout design. Its premium version is also available to upgrade if you stick with it. The overall design of this theme is excellent. There is nice typography, multiple widgets in posts and content area, clean and minimalistic layout design and awesome grids. Moreover, the featured section is very attractive in this theme that consists of left hand slider widget, two grid columns and at the extreme right thumbnails with posts title. Moreover, it is excellent and best theme.  

Cover news best magazine WordPress theme


NewsPortal is one of the most beautiful clean free magazine WordPress themes. The best thing about the newsportal is its clean and minimal design that is good for fast loading of webpages and SEO. Moreover, if we talk about the overall design, its layout system is excellent with eacsh and every section is fully designed and developed according to the needs of news and magazine websites and blog. Furthermore, its pro version is also available to upgrade. The awesome looking navigation menu makes it the unique choice.

News portal best Magazine WordPress Theme

PT Magazine

PT magazine is clean and minimal free theme for magazine and news websites. It can be used for multi-purpose websites and has awesome features. The layout consists of top header area with navigation menu, branding and ads options and simple menu to display the pages. The featured area comes with static two columns with left column contains the large featured image and the right columns contains the small featured images. Moreover, social media icons, footer widgets and sidebar section makes it functional and useful WordPress theme.

PT magazine free WP theme

Refined Magazine

Refined magazine is one of the most beautiful free magazine WordPress themes. It offers the flexibility options to user; the widgets and layout is fully customizable according to design inspiration of the user. The typography in this theme is awesome. Furthermore, it is responsive in design that can be fit very well in all the devices and media resolutions. The layout is divided in various categories such as header section, featured, content and footer section.

Refind free WordPress theme for magazine website

Metro Magazine

Metro magazine is a beautiful news theme for WP. It comes with customizable and flexible layout design. The top area is header with awesome navigation, logo and social icons option. In the recent widgets section, there are multiple widgets with two columns, three columns and single column layouts. Moreover, the sidebar and footer section also has the options to add the widgets. The featured area is really cool in this theme with two columns top grid and four columns bottom grid to fill with featured pots.

Metro magazine free WP theme


Newsphere is another one of the most elegant free magazine WordPress themes. Its layout system is extraordinary because of the design it implement on the layout. The top section in this theme consists of header and featured area. The header area unlike the other magazine themes has all the options of branding, social media, page link and navigation menu. However, its featured area is unique due to news ticker and three columns featured section.

Newsphere free news and magazine wordpress theme


Editorial is a magazine & news WordPress theme available to download for free. The good thing about this theme is that it is minimal in design and rich in features. It comes with all the layout structures and design that every magazine website need. Moreover, its featured section is unqiue in the sense that it has multiple grids and columns that consists of large and small featured posts. The typography, content area and footer area makes it beautiful and functional layout.

editorial Free Magazine WordPress Themes

MH Magazine Lite

MH magazine Lite is one of the most elegant and popular free magazine WordPress themes. It is minimal and has clean layout. It starts with the header with the options to add logo and place an ad. Afterwards, there is navigation menu, featured slider, and content area. Furthermore, there is right sidebar and footer section available to place widgets and enhance the user engagement.

MH magazine free WP theme


Resolution is the best news and magazine WP theme. It Comes with many features and dynamic layout structure. Its visual impact is outstanding. The theme offers the rich layout features such as beautiful header, featured area and functional content area. Moreover, there is also right sidebar and footer section available in this theme. The large social media icons are available to socialize the brand and increase the user engagement.

resolution free wordPress news theme


Envince is a free theme but, it has premium like features. Its typography and visual orientation is so excellent. There is a cool layout structure and design possibilities are available in it. The top bar offers the social icons such as Facebook and Twitter and brand information or related links email etc. The featured area comes with five grids and each grid is filled with featured content.

envince blog and magazine WP theme


Newsanchor is a minimal magazine WordPress theme for free. It offers the beautifully design hedear layout, content and footer layouts. In the header area, there are social media icons, page menu, logo option and main navigation menu. Furthermore, the numerous widgets related to recent posts, featured posts, popular posts and social icons makes it awesome news & magazine theme for WordPress.

News anchor Free Magazine WordPress Themes

Dynamic News Lite

If you are looking for truly a simple WP theme for personal blog or magazine then this is best fit for your needs. Because of the minimalistic design and clean and simple layout, it has multiple features. Moreover, the simple layout helps the theme to load fast which is important for search engine optimization SEO. Moreover, the simplicity comes with many features such as featured slider, multi-tab sidebar widget, social media icons, popular posts and varied number of recent news widgets.

Simple magazine theme for WordPress


Justwrite is simple magazine WordPress theme. Its layout is simple and minimal having all the important elements of magazine and news websites and blogs. It comes with featured slider, metro style social media icons, an elegant header and footer, and functional content area. Moreover, it is fast loading, easy to use and customizable.

justwrite a free magazine WP theme

In conclusion, the aforementioned themes offer the lots of professional features for any type of magazine and news WordPress website. Unlike the other free WordPress themes, they offer customization, scalability and SEO friendly user interface. The themes come with flexible layout structure that consists of header, featured section, sidebar, posts and footer section. Each section offers the different options to add in your website. Moreover, some of the free themes can also be upgraded to premium version in order to get all the features. We hope, you enjoy the post!



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