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5 Free Starter & Basic WordPress Themes for Developers

5 Free Starter & Basic Themes for WordPress Development

WordPress is a flexible CMS framework with respect to themes because; it provides unlimited options to make your theme adaptable to your needs. When it comes to theme development, the starter themes come to mind. In this post, we are going to share the best starter themes for WordPress that are fully compatible with the latest developments in web standards and easy to customize, manage and work with. They provide the best environment to accomplish your theme development project smoothly without any obstructions. The starter themes provide the basic layout, design, and elements that can be extended to any limit according to the requirement of the project and client. Moreover, the starter WordPress themes come under different licenses as mentioned in the description of each theme and you should follow the terms and conditions of such license terms.

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Underscores (_s)

Underscores (_s) is a starter WordPress theme for developers. It has the basic structure of all WordPress components and features. The theme provides the breeding ground for awesome theme development for WordPress. The generated theme has well-defined comments, classes, and structure to easily get started with your project. Moreover, it has 404-page errors, optional sample custom header, custom template tag, two sample CSS layouts, starter and basic CSS, and more. Furthermore, the theme is licensed under GPLv2 or later. Lastly, the theme is provided and coded by some of the best WordPress developers that you can check on the official website of the underscore.

Underscores (_s) free Starter WordPress Theme


Tonik is a WordPress starter theme that provides the basic framework to design and develop a WordPress theme. It aims to modernize the process of theme development by incorporating all the web development standards and criteria. Tonik is based on the GIN Foundation which provides all the custom functionalities. Moreover, it has the Simple Command Line SLI interface facility to easily organize the codes. The main features of this framework include the utilizes PHP, namespaces, simple theme service container, child theme friendly autoloader, and centralized theme configs.

Tonik Free WordPress development starter theme

Visual Composer Starter Theme

The visual composer is a simple and basic level starter theme for WordPress. It is helpful to create beautiful WordPress websites by easily customizing the layout, design, and other aspects of the theme. The basic features of this theme include the responsive layout design, search engine optimization, easy customize and multipurpose layout. Moreover, you can easily adapt to this theme which is easy to get started. Furthermore, the developer also provides the visual composer website builder which is helpful for enhancing the capabilities and functionalities of your website. The theme is perfect for online business, landing pages, personal blogs, startups, stores and portfolios, etc.

Visual Composer starter theme for WordPress developer


Bones is an HTML5 mobile-friendly starter WordPress theme. It uses a simple coding facility that is fully understandable via comments. Moreover, it adopts all the modern web standards and provides an excellent environment to build a custom wordpress theme based on this simple but powerful basic theme. Furthermore, bones is a fully responsive and mobile-first theme. Its layout is responsive and flexible that can fit perfectly in all media devices and resolutions. Since Bones works with Sass which ultimately helps you to save your time and speed up the project. It also has custom post types and custom dashboard functions preloaded. Bones is licensed under the WTFPL.


Air is an ultra-minimal starter wordpress theme. It is one of the most powerful basic wordPress themes that constantly updates itself. Moreover, it comes with multiple features such as Gutenberg ready, CSS grid ready, SVG, and flexbox ready. Furthermore, it also has basic CSS to design typography, comments, and other forms in the theme. Also, it supports the HTML5 markup which supports the latest web technology standards. It is licensed under The MIT License (MIT).

Bones free WordPress starter theme with amazing features

Bottom Line

The starter wordpress themes provide the best interface to start your project fast because you don’t need to write each and every line of code. Surely, you will get all the basic code structure in the starter theme which is helpful for advancing it to meet the project needs. The themes come with some basic CSS design, typography, and element which can be customized to intermediate or advanced levels based on your expertise and level of knowledge.

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