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15 Best Free YouTube Channels For Web Developers

Best youtube channels for web developers

Youtube is the best place to learn anything around the world. If you are interested to learn web development via youtube then this post is going to help you out. There are hundreds of channels are available on youtube that provides the best videos on programming languages such as CSS, HTML, Javascript, jquery, Node JS and other popular languages. These tutorials are provided without any cost, you can view, download, pause and resume the videos according to your learning practices. Moreover, the shared youtube channels for developers are created by professionals in the field of web development. Therefore, you can learn quickly and easily with clarity of concept.

In addition, these youtube channels keep updating to include the latest development in the web development sphere. They have colossal treasury o knowledge for those who are keen to learn web development. The major languages that you can learn from these youtube channels are HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, GraphQL, Typescript, Python, and more

Traversy Media

Traversy media is the best place to learn web development from experts in the field. It covers a wide range of topics to make you a perfect web developer.

Traversy Media web development youtube channel


Edureka is the multidimensional source of online learning with more than 3 million subscribers.

edureka web development YouTube channel

The Net Ninja

The Net Ninja has some cool videos about CSS and other coding stuff. it has a clear explanation of various coding concepts.

The Net Ninja video tutorials about CSS and HTML

Programming with Mosh

Mosh helps you to learn Javascript, python, and Csharp. Mosh’s way of explanation, and teaching is exemplary. I hope you will learn much from this great channel.

Programming with Mosh video tutorials for developers


Learn web code has an excellent collection of web development and programming language videos. It is all about code with simple and clear explanation.

LearnWebCode video tutorials on Youtube

Florin Pop

Florin Pop is a fun Youtube channel for web developers. it has coding tutorials, challenges, tips and tricks, and more. You can learn HTML, CSS, and Javascript from this channel.

Florin Pop video tutorials

Ben Awad

Ben awad is a good channel for web developers. It has lots of videos to explain various concepts and coding languages.

ben awad HTML and CSS video tutorials


Simple Learn lets you advance your skills in the realm of coding and other related domains. it has multi-pronged concepts and videos.

Simplilearn video tutorials for developers


Free code camp has many videos related to social media, web development, technology, etc.

freeCodeCamp free coding video tutorials

Online Tutorials

Online tutorials are another excellent channel for learning coding and web development skills. It has many videos related to HTML, CSS, and other coding stuff.

Online Tutorials for web development

James Q Quick

James Q quick is source of weekly web development tutorials. Learn JS and related coding stuff on this channel.

James Q Quick learn JS, and other coding languages

Envato Tuts+

Envato tuts Plus is an amazing source of learning from professionals. It is handled by Envato market and is a great source of creative skills such as web design, graphic design, and web development.

Envato Tuts+ learn web design and web development tutorials

Dev Ed

dev ed has some interesting tutorials to learn cod, design, and multimedia. You will get lots of information from this channel as a web developer and designer.

Dev Ed video tutorials about web development

Web Dev Simplified

If you are beginner and want to start learning web development and coding from scratch then this channel is best for you. It comes with lots of videos and tutorials about CSS, HTML, and javascript.

Web Dev Simplified simple HTML, CSS and JavaScript tutorials

Coder Coder

Coder coder as its name implies is a pure web development youtube channel. It has lots of video tutorials to start learning the art of web development.

Coder Coder YouTube video tutorial channel for web development

The internet is full of resources related to web development and to gain the advantage of such a profusion of resources on the internet is dependent upon the knowledge seeker. Youtube is perhaps the best teacher to learn web development quickly. It allows searching any coding language such as CSS, HTML, and jquery to get the tutorials made by different people on the internet. Moreover, the advantage of youtube with respect to other media is its customizability and freedom that it provides to viewers. So, we hope these web development learning resources helped you accomplish your dreams and enthusiasm to become a future web developer.

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