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Best BuddyPress Responsive WordPress Themes 2021

Cera BuddyPress WordPress theme for social networking

Online communities and groups are common today with Facebook leading the industry. If you are planning your own online social website using the BuddyPress wordpress themes then this post will help you in a better way. We come with most useful theme that supports the BuddyPress and which allows you to easily setup your online social networking and communication website easily. The themes are diverse in nature with each has varied or different layout from the rest. Therefore, sometime, it becomes difficult to choose the best BuddyPress theme for your website. However, the good news is that most of the themes offer the dynamic layout structure which allows the users to fully customize the widgets, layout and sections of the website easily to suit the needs of project.

Furthermore, the themes are easy to use with user friendly interface with elegant UI/UX experience. With respect to customization, dynamism and flexibility, the BuddyPress WordPress themes offer more control to user as administrator of all the activity and layout options. Moreover, the themes are fully compatible with buddyPress, responsive, retina ready display, fast loading, RTL support and many more features that you can read in the description of each theme.


Kelo is a nice buddypress theme for community and multipurpose websites. This theme comes with amazing layout structure and design ideas. It is useful for building the social network and community. Moreover, it has pre built demos with many layout styles. Furthermore, the heading design, icons, and other elements are perfectly designed. The main theme demo offers the top header with topbar with social media icons, main navigation, user profile image avatar etc. Moreover, it has various toggle categories such as activity, profile, sites, friends, groups, forums, articles and media. It is fast loading, easy to customize and setup and SEO friendly.


Woffice is another one of the most amazing free buddypress WordPress themes with amazing list of features. It is supported the buddypress 5.0+ and WordPress 5.0+. Moreover, it is useful for making online social networking such as Governments Intranets/extranets, for groups, social and community network members. The layout structure of this theme is fully flexible with lots of widgets and sections options. It has top header bar, left and right sidebar toggle options of sidebar and full width main central areas. Moreover, it has RTL support, fully optimized for WordPress, Customizable, and flexible, scalable and stunning layout with retina ready display.

Sweet Date

SweetDate is simple, minimal and clean wordPress theme that supports the buddypress. This theme is useful for social network and groups etc. It has awesome layout structure that comprises of numerous sections, widgets and layout areas. For example, it starts with header and ends at footer with many sections in-between theme. It has top header bar for social icons, navigation bar for menu and featured section. With respect to design it has custom colors, icons design, heading and nice typography with good typeface. It is SEO ready, user friendly and easy to use WordPress theme.

Sweetdate best BuddyPress online community wordpress theme


Mingle is a beautiful simple and clean BuddyPress WordPress theme. It is suitable for social networking and online communication. Moreover, it comes with simple interface for building of fully functional community portal for groups, friends, relatives to perform various functions such as status updates, messaging and private chats etc. This theme will provide you the fully administrative rights to control your website functions and various aspects.

Mingle responsive wordpress theme


Besocial is a nice WordPress theme with simple and clear modern interface. It comes with top header for branding and menu purpose, featured section and counter widget at the very top. Moreover, it has popular games, newest members, forums, user activity and three columns footer with social subscription of email option.

Besocial buddypress responsive wordpress theme


Aardvark is a modern and responsive BuddyPress wordpress theme with amazing look and feel. It is useful for multi-purpose websites such as groups and communities. Moreover, it comes with top header bar with many options such as left logo branding, right menu navigation, and login buttons. Furthermore, it has full width featured section with image background and heading etc. Moreover, it has pricing tables, membership levels, and member’s community, paid membership features, services counter and four columns footer widget sections.

Aardvark social networking theme


Buddyapp is an online application for social networking and communication websites. It has masonry style widgets with options such as latest news, live charts daily chat and join group etc. furthermore, it is fast loading, easy for customization, retina ready and responsive design buddyPress WordPress theme.

Buddyapp responsive buddypress theme for wordpress


Buddy is a three columns WordPress theme compatible with BuddyPress. It comes with modern minimal and light layout and design structure. Moreover, it has three columns with left and right sidebar along with main content area. It starts with top header bar for menu navigation, featured image slider, user activity and statistics. Furthermore, it has groups, members, recent active members, recent replies, recent topics, latest posts, schedule and four columns footer widget. It is also responsive which means it can fit perfect in all media resolutions such as mobile, tablet, PC and desktop devices etc.

Buddy a three column WordPress BuddyPress template


Gwangi is one of the coolest BuddyPress wordpress themes with amazing design and layout area. It is useful for online networking, group communication, chats and online social media websites. It comes with top header with black background, featured full width section with join or sign up form for new users. Moreover, the theme has active members six columns profile with image thumbnails, join community and footer section.

Gwangi responsive theme for Buddypress WordPress


Olympus is another one of the most functional and amazing buddyPress wordpress themes. It is multipurpose layout which can be used for numerous niche websites such as online social networking, groups and community niches. Moreover, it comes with top header, featured section, member area, footer and left side menu with icons. The member area in this theme is unique in the sense that it has three columns with each column having a member area. The member area comprises of the user profile avatar or image, username, and various other icons related to activity of users.

Olympus responsive wordPress theme


Cinematix is one of the most beautiful Buddypress wordPress themes with custom layout design. It is a multipurpose theme that supports many niches within online networking and communication industry. It comes with header menu navigation, featured area with login form, heading and text. Moreover, it has view members group with popular, active, newest order in carousel slider. Furthermore, it offers the recent news with filter option to choose the category which you want to display. Other sections include the upcoming events, paid membership and featured products. Moreover, it has elegant design with fast loading speed and retina ready display.

Cinematix BuddyPress WordPress theme

Micro Office

Micro Office is a small community theme with clean and modern user friendly interface. It comes with custom layout design with left menu, top header bar, right sidebar and left content area. All the sections are fully sync with each other that provide the fresh look. Furthermore, it has poll, chat, calendar and four column footer areas.

Microoffice BuddyPress theme for wordPress


Beehive is a social networking BuddyPress theme for WordPress. It offers the online dashboard to connect people to communicate. Unlike other BuddyPress WordPress themes It has awesome user friendly UI/UX dashboard with all the features needed for social website.

Beehive BuddyPress wordPress theme


Gorgo is a multipurpose BuddyPress WordPress theme with unlimited customization. It is suitable for magazine, blogs, and online communication type niches. It offers the lots of customization space to change the colors, social media icons, and font styles and background color change etc.

Gorgo social networking WordPress theme

Join Up

Join Up is a social networking layout to connect people on the web. It is compatibale with elementor page builder and bbpress WordPress plugins. It fully works with BuddyPress community. Furthermore, the theme is SEO ready, fast loading, retina ready and flexible layout.

Joinup responsive WordPress theme


Metafans is a three column dark style online networking and community meet up one of the simplest BuddyPress wordPress theme. It has interface like the Facebook where user share their thoughts, images, videos and other stuff online with like and comment option. Moreover, it has popular, active and new group tabbed widget.

Meatfans responsive BuddyPress wordpress theme


Buddyboss is one of the most popular and functional BuddyPress theme for wordpress users. It offers all the required features needed to build an online social networking website with little time and small efforts. The theme provides the user friendly interface in desktop, tablet and mobile devices with fully customizable look and feel.

BuddyBoss Responsive wordPress template


BuddyX is another nice Theme with simple, minimal and lightweight layout and design. It Supports the Woocommerce, elementor page builder and Gutenberg framework. Moreover, the theme offers the users or group members to share their thoughts in the form of text, images and other media options. It has various sections such as recent members, online activity and latest updates etc. Furthermore, it is SEO ready, easy to customize and user friendly interface.

BuddyX online groups and social website wordpress theme


Community theme is a light weight minimal BuddyPress wordpress theme for online chats, sharing and meet ups. It is useful for any type of social networking and grouping on the internet. Moreover, it has various sections such as top bar with updates bell, and notification button. Moreover, it offers the users to share facebook style like posts to public or private users.

Communitytheme buddypress wordpress theme


Cera is a five columns online dashboard for social communication and group chats. It has custom dynamic layout design with left sidebar menu navigation and right four columns content section. The Four columns content section offers all the widgets such as who is online, recent active members and posts sharing. Furthermore, it is minimal, responsive, UI/UX powered and easy to customize buddyPress theme.

Cera Social buddyPress WordPress theme

The above list of Buddypres wordpress theme is really nice. You can choose the one that fit perfect to your project and social website needs. With the help of these themes you can easily construct or build a beautiful online communication and chat website. The themes offer the lots of power and admistrator responsibilities to the admin.


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