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10+ Productive Cheat Sheets Websites for Developers

Awesome cheat sheets programming languages, frameworks and tools

The advancement in web programming technology is the norm of the day. With increasing sophistication in coding, there has been a new trend to ease the process for web developers. There are many websites that offer free cheatsheets for web developers to enhance the pace of programming with little time. These cheat sheets are easy to use while coding a project. Moreover, they provide multiple programming and coding language support such as Javascript, NodeJS, PHP, Python, CSS, HTML, etc. With pre-built cheat sheets, you can smooth out your project flow and save valuable time. It will surely enhance the productivity and coding skills of web developers.
In the context of web design and development, both front-end and backend cheatsheets are needed for web developers. In the following list, you will find the best cheat sheets for your project for a better experience in coding and development.


Overapi is a comprehensive website that provides lots of free cheat sheets to web developers related to numerous programming languages. It has a user-friendly interface where you can easily find out your required cheatsheet in pre-defined categories. Almost everything related to programming has been covered on this website.

OverAPI free Cheat sheet


Awesome-cheatsheets is another great tool for web developers to smooth out the project work. It has a comprehensive list of programming languages such as Bash cheatsheet, C cheatsheet, C# Cheatsheer, and javascript Cheatsheet. Moreover, the website is easy to use and everyone can access the resources with little effort.

Awesome- Cheatsheets free Bash, C# and JavaScript Cheat sheet


Cheatography is a popular tool with more than 5,000 cheat sheets and quick references. It provides a wide range of categories such as programming cheatsheets, software cheat sheets, business and marketing cheat sheets, education, and home, and game cheatsheets. Every category provides a comprehensive list of cheatsheets.

Cheatography  5,000 cheat sheets, and quick references

CSS Grid Cheat Sheet

CSS grid system sometimes becomes complex for newbie designers. Maintaining the width, margin and padding is a tedious job. however, with CSS grid cheatsheet, the design of grids becomes quite simplistic. you can easily generate grids in multiple styles, and formats to suit your needs. moreover, it has grid template columns and grid template rows, etc to choose different values from and apply on grids.

CSS Grid Cheat Sheet

jQuery Cheat Sheet

jquery has lots of uses in web development. It gives many handy tools to developers to make awesome things happen. With this jquery Cheatshhet tool, you can easily get lots of codes in the form of cheat sheet. Moreover, it has many sectors, attributes, and manipulations among other great jquery features with ease.

jQuery Cheat Sheet

Bootstrap 4 Cheat Sheet

Bootstrap is a popular framework for web design and development. it has been continuously updated with modern and advanced elements for the web. With this tool, you can easily design your website with pre-designed CSS code. Moreover, it has alerts, forms, navbar, and display features along with hundreds of other CSS elements to choose from.

Bootstrap 4 Cheat Sheet


Gitsheet has a simple user-friendly interface that comes with lots of elements for a copy. You can copy any of the code with simplicity and much fast.

Gitsheet free simple cheat sheet

HTML5 Element Index

HTML 5 is the backbone of modern web design and development. Without HTML 5 the development of web pages could be very hard. HTML5 doctor comes with creative ideas to provide all the HTML5 elements in a single place for web developers. It provides many HTML references and code snippets examples.

HTML5 Element Index cheat sheet

HTML CheatSheet

HTML cheat sheet is another great utility for web designers and developers. It has a unique layout and provides a visual interface to design various elements. And you can copy the code and use it directly in your website.

HTML CheatSheet a visual comprehensive source for developers

Rico’s cheatsheets

Rico cheatsheet is a modest collection of Bash, Enzyme, SASS, and React cheatsheets, etc. It has many other options that you can search and use in your project. Moreover, it has a simplistic interface and easy to use the tool.

Rico’s cheatsheets

Master Cheat Sheet

Master is a Twitter Bootstrap 3 PDF cheatsheet. It provides the complete details of numerous Bootstrap elements such as containers, flex layout, grid layout, and other features.

Master Bootstrap 3 Twitter Cheat Sheet PDF

In short, the cheat sheets provide the pre-defined various codes that not only enhance productivity but also save time. There is a comprehensive list of cheat sheets for various coding languages and purposes to choose from.

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