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10+ Useful Chrome Extensions for Web Developers

Google Chrome extensions for web developers

Google chrome provides useful extensions for almost every category. For web developers, there are many handy Google Chrome extensions are available to smooth out the workflow. These extensions not only save time by providing lots of features to developers but also increase productivity and creativity. The use of these extensions is simple, you just need to install the extension in the Chrome browser and the installed extensions will show up in the Chrome extension section. Here, you can further customize the extensions according to your need.

With these extensions, various web developers and design tools will come in a single place with easy accessibility. With multiple extensions specialized in some web development fields, you can use them for different projects. Moreover, the main benefits of using these web development chrome extensions are quick access, multiple functions performed, ease to customize the extensions, and ease of removal. Furthermore, these extensions are helpful to preview your project in a live situation.

Web Developer

Web developer chrome extension comes with multiple tools. These tools are helpful for projects and web development.

Web Developer chrome extension

axe DevTools – Web Accessibility Testing

It is helpful as an accessibility checker for web developers. You can spot and fix various accessibility issues during the web development process. Moreover, it is a lightweight, fast, and powerful accessibility testing extension

axetool web accessability testing Chrome Extension


EditThis cookie is all about cookies i.e. you can edit, block, delete, create and search cookies with this Chrome extension.

EdithThis Cookie Chrome Extension for developers

Wappalyzer – Technology profiler

Wappalyzer is a web technologies identifier Google chrome extension. It is helpful to know about various technologies used by websites. You can find out the Content Management System (CMS), javascript libraries and framework of developments, etc with this tool.

Wappalyzer technology profiler Chrome extension

Heurio – UX Check & Visual Feedback Tool

Heurio is a perfect UX check, design, and development review tool. It is helpful for commenting and collaborating on any live website.

Heurio - UX Check & Visual Feedback Tool


This extension allows you to validate your JSON document. A lot of web technologies are using JSON so that you can use this extension to validate any JSON document easily.

JSONView port for Chrome.

JSONVue JSON vaildation Chrome extension

Resolution Test

The resolution test allows the user to easily resize the website or project in different resolutions. This extension is useful for responsive and across the devices project development. It will change the size of the browser window to preview your website or application.

Resolution Test Chrome Extension for developers

UX Check

UX checker is a heuristic evaluation tool. With different elements that can open up by this extension, you can easily spot the various issues or compatibility with a heuristic. You can make notes and export them in Docx to share with anyone.

UX Check Chrome extension

Page Ruler

Page ruler is a ruler for web developers that measure page elements’ size in pixel format. It is helpful to measure distances on web pages. It works by making a rectangular ruler on a web page when you hover your mouse at any place on the web page. Moreover, it keeps updating the length, widget, and other metrics as the rectangle changes on a page.

Page Ruler Google Chrome extension

Programming code, php, web, development

Nicely designed extension for Chrome with background coding theme.

programming code, PHP Chrome Extension for developers

Tab Portal Web Development

It will allow the user to search the web with each tab containing your favorite web development and programming sites.

Tab portal Chrome Extension for developers

In short, the Google Chrome extensions for web development are useful tools for web developers. They are created for specific purposes; if you are a web developer, you can choose the one that best fits your needs. Moreover, these web development Chrome extensions will save your time and enhance productivity. You can easily smooth out the workflow of your projects by getting help from the extensions. Moreover, you can also remove, customize or change some settings in extensions to suit your needs. The best thing is that they are always present on the browser bar with quick and easy access.

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