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20 Free Color Tools & Palettes Generator For Designers

Color tools for designers

Colors are the main component of every web design project. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to choose the best color for the project. It is due to the lack of knowledge about colors or access to better color tools. Today, we come with a cool collection of color tools and palettes generator for web designers. These color tools will help you select the best colors for your project without consuming lots of time messing with colors. These tools provide the best option to choose colors and view it live so that you can easily choose the best color for your project. Moreover, the gradient tools will help you generate beat color combinations for any project. So, these tools are easy to use with a user-friendly interface.

These color tools not only will save your time but also enhance your productivity as a developer. You can generate a color by selecting any color and copying the color to use in your project. In addition, some websites also offer popular brand colors with complete color combinations. So, this is helpful for anyone looking for online color tools.


Colorhunt is a cool place for pre-defined color palettes which you can use for quick color selection. There are lots of color categories that you can use. Moreover, there are new, popular and random color categories that can be explored to select the best color for your project.

Colorhunt - free color palettes generator


Colord.com is the place to create and share colors. This tool lets you choose various colors within the image. Each and every color of the image will be shown below it.

Colrd - free color scheme generate and share

Muz Color Palette Generator

Muz colors is an amazing color tool that is helpful to choose colors with ease. It will helps to create beautiful color schemes easily.

Muz Color Palette Generator Tool


Colors wall is a tool that lists colors in the shape of walls and provides the Hex and RGBA color code. It has many color palettes such as logotype minimal colors, web application colors, gradient branding, and other useful palettes.

Colorswall - Hex and RGBA color code generator

Dopely Colors

Doply colors is a modern color selection and search tool. It has easy to use interface with lots of color schemes and tools. There are many default color scheme to get started with this tool.

dopely Colors - free color selection tool


Color mind is a beautiful tool with pre-defined color palettes. It will help you to generate color schemes from photos and other resources.

Colormind - Pre defined color palettes for designers

My color Space

Mycolor space is a great tool to generate color palettes quickly. You just need to enter your desired color and press generate, the tool will automatically generate color palates for you. It is an easy and modern tool for colors.

My color Space - Nice color palettes generator

Hex Color Tool

Hexcolor Tool is a simple HTML color code generator. It has many other options such as lighten, darken, and opacity selection. Moreover, you can add your hex color in the tool and it will generate RGBA and HSLA colors for you.

Hex Color Tool

Omgovich Colord

Colord is a powerful JavaScript-based color tool for color manipulation and conversions with high performance. It is simple and easy to use.

Omgovich Colord - JavaScript library for  color manipulation and conversion

Leonardo Color

Lenardo color is a tool for design systems. It has adaptive color themes, color scales, and color toolbox-related assistance. It is helpful for creating and sharing color systems for UI and other design system.

Leonardo Color for design systems


UI color picker is a good tool for selecting and visualizing the colors quickly. Every color has its code which you can copy and use in your project.

Uicolorpicker - Pick perfect color for your project


Flat UI color picker is a collection of unique 214 colors. It consists of all the infamous colors used in projects. Moreover, it has easy to use interface with a flat design.

Flatuicolorpicker - easy color picker


Image color picker allows you to select a color from any image. It will show all the colors used in the image. So, it is helpful to get color ideas from images with ease.

Imagecolorpicker - Pick color from image


Paletton is a nice and easy-to-use tool for color palette generation. It has a beautiful color wheel and lots of options to play with while generating the color palettes.

Paletton - free color palettes generator tool

Canva Color wheel

Canva color wheel is an online color tool that makes color combinations easy. This tool will help you to choose the best color combinations for your design. Moreover, it is easy to use tool with a clean and modern interface designed by Canva. It has three simple steps i.e. Pick a color, choose a color combination and use the color combination.

Canva Color wheel tool


Material io color tool helps you to create, share and use any color palettes for your project. You can use this tool for UI as well as other projects that required the correct use of color combinations. It will help the color combination and color selection. You can check the accessibility level of any color combination.

Material.io - material palettes for project


Coolors is cool color palette generator tool. You can create your own color palettes with this tool or get inspiration from thousands of pre-defined color schemes.

Coolors - fast color code generator


Flat Ui Colors is a collection of 80 handpicked colors. It has multiple color palettes and collaboration tools. You can use this tool for your next project with ready-to-use colors.

Flatuicolors - Color palettes and schemes

Adobe Color-wheel

Adobe Color tool allows you to create color for your next design project. This tool is designed by adobe with powerful color features.

Adobe Color-wheel tool


Brandcolor is a great tool to explore the colors of the most popular brands on the web. This tool simplified the colors of popular brands by listing all the color combinations of brands. You can check the various colors used by different brands and it will surely help you to select the best color for your project. Moreover, the interface of this tool is simple, just click on any color, and its color code will automatically be copied to the clipboard.

Brandcolors - search brand color codes

In conclusion, choosing the right color for your website or application is a challenge. With the help of online color tools, you can easily choose the best colors for your project. You can look at the brand or popular colors to get ideas from them or generate your desired colors easily. These tools are time savers and productivity enhancers. Moreover, they are easy to use with a live preview of generated colors.

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