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10 Best Free CSS Animation Libraries & Toolkits For Designers

CSS animation Toolkit and library

CSS animation play an important role in web design. With animation, various elements of page looks pretty and cool to touch. With the advancement in CSS styling, animation has also been improved with lots of variations and effects. Today, there are lots of CSS animation libraries are found on the internet. They have pre defined and custom CSS animation tools to easily get started with animation. Moreover, the CSS animation libraries allow the user to take inspiration or general view about the working of animation. In this way, it becomes easy to use the suitable animation in the project.

Moreover, CSS animation library will save your valuable time by providing the code as well as live demo of animations. If you make your project or website into life then these animation toolkits are very helpful for you. They are easy to use with live demos of various animation styles and categories.


Animate.style is a CSS animation library with lots of pre defined animation categories such as attention seekers, back entrance and back exit. Moreover, it has numerous sub categories of animation such as bounce, flash, pulse, shakeX and shakeY etc. It is easy to use and powerful animation library.

Animate.style - CSS animation library


Minimamente is another great CSS animation library with cool animation effects. It has magic effects, static effects, static effects out and bling etc. Main categories. Moreover, you can experience the animation live by selecting various effects.

Minimamente - CSS animation effects


Animista is a powerful CSS animation library with multiple effects. This library consists of many options such as scale-down, scale-up, flip, rotate and other options. You need to have the basic knowledge of HTML and CSS to use this animation library. Moreover, it has pre defined animation, you just need to select the option and animation will apply in live version.

Animista - CSS animation library


Mimic.css is a simple to use animation library for CSS. It has various animation effects in the dropdown menu that instantly applied on the text. You can visualize any effect to see how it animate when selected.

Mimic.css - animation with CSS


Sarthology is a CSS animation library with simple user friendly interface. Just select the effect and press animate, it will apply on the box for visual effect. Moreover, it is simple and easy to use.

Animatopy - CSS animation effects


CSShake is a modern animation toolkit with varying effects. It is basically shake the element with different effects such as basic shake, slow shake, little shake and fixed shake etc. With multiple shake options, the library is much functional and useful.

CSShake - shake animation with CSS

Animation Library

Kaustubhmenon provides the fade, bounce, rotate, slide and other useful animations. It allows the user to select multiple effects under different main categories of animation. Moreover, the animation style you choose will apply instantly and you can visualize it.

CSS Animation Library with Many Animation Styles


Cssanination.io comes with useful animation techniques for modern web. You need the basic knowledge of CSS and HTML to use these animation effects in your project.

CSSanimation.io - CSS animation


AnimXYZ is a modern CSS animation library that will turn your website or project into lively. It is full customizable library which requires the basic understanding of HTML and CSS. Moreover, it is designed for Built for Vue, React, SCSS, and CSS with full range of animations. It is easy to install and use.

Animxyz - CSS animation toolkit


Vov.css is a simple collection of the most famous css animation effects. It consists of fade-in, fade-out and related animation categories. The style you select will apply on object and code will be generated to use in your website or project.

Vov.css - CSS animation

In conclusion, CSS animation libraries are easy to use with lots of animation options. They are helpful for web developers and designers in their projects. Since, the modern web heavily relays on CSS styling and the advancement in CSS also heavily impacted on animation techniques via CSS. There are lots of variations in animation that you can check and apply in your projects according to need.

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