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7 Free CSS Learning Tools to Level Up Design Skills

free CSS learning tools

Learning CSS is the basic step to enter in the design world. The modern development in CSS has made it even more useful and functional. Now, many things such as animation and transition, etc. can be easily used via CSS which was possible with Jquery and other coding languages in the past. The evolution of CSS from a simple design language to a complex and more functional web design language is a millstone. So, if you are interested in learning CSS to design your website or reinvigorate your design capabilities, we come with easy-to-use online tools to level up your CSS skills. They provide real-time results while learning CSS. Moreover, the resources and tools are fully customizable and easy to use according to your level.

The CSS learning tools allow you to make sample projects, design sample pages via various CSS properties and use the generated code in your project. Moreover, some tools provide a graphical presentation of CSS properties to easily understand the basic philosophy behind the properties. In addition, you can learn about Pseudo-class, various CSS properties, CSS functions, CSS date type, CSS @rules, and CSS concepts. Starting from scratch, these tools take you to the advanced level of CSS designing to master the art of web design and development.

 Codrops – CSS Reference

Tympanus’ Codrops is an extensive reference site to learn CSS fast. It provides multiple and comprehensive, properties, pseudo-elements, functions, and rules of CSS. Moreover, it is easy to get started with it and it is absolutely free to use. The best thing about this great tool is its way to present the learning material with explanation and practical use. So, you will easily get acquainted with these rules and keep them in memory with practical references.

In addition, while learning the references on this tool, you can also practice them on the same page to gauge your performance of learning. The online tool has the option of adding CSS, and HTML and previewing the result instantly.

 Codrops – CSS References

CSS Flexbox Cheatsheet

This tool comes with a special flexbox design in CSS. It provides an extensive range of flexbox properties to learn them easily. Moreover, the graphical presentation of these properties makes the tool even more useful and functional for the learner. It has two sections i.e. flex container and flex item and everything about the flexboxes has been mentioned under these two sections.

Flexbox CSS Cheatsheet

CSS selectors cheatsheet

CSS selectors cheatsheet is another great tool to learn about the purpose and working of CSS selectors. It has all the hierarchy of the selectors which you can master by playing games on the website. Moreover, the tool is fun and easy to use for the novice as well as an advanced learner.

CSS Free selectors cheatsheet

CSS Grid by Example

This tool has a specialization in CSS grids. It has lots of videos, examples, and other resources to teach about the grid layout system in CSS. You can master any grid layout from basic to advanced via this tool. Moreover, various examples are available on the tool to get started without any confusion. While learning by examples, the system of CSS grid layout can easily be grasped. There are a number of pre-designed examples to choose from and learn the grid layout.

CSS Grid by Examples

CSS Specificity Calculator

It has a visual way of understanding CSS specificity.

CSS Specificity Calculator


Mozilla is an amazing CSS learning tool. Not only CSS you can learn many things on this platform. It has a well-explanation of each and every CSS reference and property which is easy to understand and comprehend. Moreover, you can also try them in a real way and also know the browser compatibility and other related information about properties and references.

Mozilla CSS Learning

100 days CSS Challange

It is a CSS learning resource with 100-day challenge. You can join this tool to master CSS in 100 days.

100 days CSS Challenge

In short, the aforementioned CSS learning Tools and resources are easy to use to learn fast. Moreover, with the help of examples, videos, and graphics, the learning process becomes smooth and reliable.

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