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75+ Best Free Blogger Templates With Responsive Design

Sera Blog

If you are looking for a simple and minimal blogger template with awesome features, then this is perhaps for you. It is useful for any personal blog to share your thoughts related to any topic. It offers all the features to makes it more professional. Its layout is simple but functional containing the header section, full width featured section, and three columns post content section with thumbnails. It is a minimalist and awesome design.

serablog a personal blogging template


FastPro is an elegant blogger template. It is designed for blog and magazine-type websites. Its layout is simple but useful. It starts with a top header to show the blog logo, social icons, and navigation menus. Afterward, it has a featured post section to display posts based on the category of blog. The default post section is simply minimal with a left-hand thumbnail of the post and right-hand title and summary. Moreover, it has also a sidebar and footer.

fastpro simple and minimal blogger template


Sorashop is an eCommerce blogger template with many features. It is useful to open online shops or online stores by using the blogger platform. Moreover, It offers all the features for an eCommerce website. Its header shows the cart option, business address, business logo, and main navigation. Furthermore, In the content section, it has numerous widgets to place the products or show the product portfolio. There are two columns and three columns widgets to display products.

sorashop free ecommerce blogger template

Sora Seo 2

Soraseo 2 is a clean magazine blogger template. It is useful for any type of news & magazine blog.  Its layout structure comes with awesome features such as the header layout comes with page links, social icons in the top bar, ads and logo in the middle bar, and main navigation in the bottom bar. Furthermore, it offers colorful social media icons in the right sidebar and a varied number of recent posts widgets based on the categories, random and recent comments to add to your blog.

soraseo2 magazine theme

Sora Viral

Sora viral is a clean blogger template. Unlike the other free blogger templates, it comes with many features. Its layout is beautiful. Moreover, it is a responsive design with retina ready display to fit in all modern media resolution devices. Furthermore, it is fully customizable from the built-in blogger theme designer from the blogger dashboard. It is Search engine optimized, clean coding, fast loading, and professional blogger theme.

soraviral simple theme for blogspot


Smag is a gorgeous blogger theme designed for magazine-type blogs. Its layout is flexible enough to add as many widgets as you want in the widget section to fully turn your blog into a news website. Moreover, its main menu comes with a beautiful design with a gradients color scheme. Its fonts and typography are also very amazing. Moreover, there is a featured section, multiple widgets designed vertically and horizontally for recent posts.

simple and minimal template free

Video Download

If you are intended to make a video blog and looking for some amazing video blogging theme, then this can be the best option for you. This theme provides many rich features to turn your blog into a video blog. Its layout starts with a top header with logo and page links option; afterward, there is the menu and featured section with recent posts based on specific category options. The featured section consists of five grids having one large grid or thumbnail on the left side and four small square thumbnails on the right side.

video blogging free blogger template


Animo is a simple layout blogger template. It is useful for gaming, tech, or personal blogs. Furthermore, It comes with a flexible layout design with header, sidebar, post content section, footer, and recent widgets. The featured section contains three posts based on their thumbnails, titles, and Meta information. Moreover, the post area consists of two columns layout with small images, titles, and related information.

animo gaming template


If you are going to make a blog that looks different from the rest, then this is the best blogger theme for you to choose from. Unlike the many other professional free blogger templates, it provides a rich layout, professional design, customization, and other useful features. From the layout perspective, it contains a single header section, post section, sidebar, and footer section. Each element is fully responsive, fast loads, and SEO-ready.

alva responsive template for blogspot


Robin is another simple but functional blogger theme. It is designed for tech, personal, how-to, and simple magazine blogs. Its layout design offers rich features such as the flexibility to add the new widgets or remove the idle widgets to enhance speed. In the sidebar, there are colorful social icons such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus profiles with counter options. There is also a gadget in the header to place the ad on the very top to monetize your blog.

Robin amazing blogspot template


Amia is one of the most attractive free blogger templates with rich features with respect to layout, design, and SEO, etc. Furthermore, It comes with a simple and elegant layout structure to provide your blog a professional look and feel. Its header section consists of a logo, social icons, ads option, and menu. Moreover, The featured section displays the recent posts. And the default post section is three columns grids with thumbnails and titles of the posts.

amia simple free blogger templates

Sora One

Sora One is a unique blogger template with a professional look. It is basically a magazine theme to use for tech magazines, personal magazines, and how-to magazine blogs. Its layout is gorgeous with the flexibility of options and customization at the same time. Unlike the magazine themes, it consists of header, sidebar, footer, and default posts section. There are also social media icons in the sidebar with Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, and Twitter links, etc.

soraone awesome template


Xmag as its name shows is a magazine blogger template. It has a simple layout. The top header area is ready for breaking news, social icons, ad, and logo. There is also a random post icon link to the menu to display the random posts. Moreover, it has featured areas, sidebar, footer, and copyright information. It is responsive, fast loading, and professional theme.

xmag free blogspot theme

Basel Fashion

Basel fashion is a blogger template for fashion blogs. It is a minimal clean and professional-looking layout. Moreover, It starts with the header section with logo and menu options. The featured section has three featured posts with one post at the center and the other two posts aligned with it from the left and right side with half visibility. Furthermore, The important section in it is the blog post layout having posts with featured thumbnails, description or summary of the post, and related Meta Information.

basel-fashion theme


Chickpro is a unique one of the most elegant free blogger templates with rich layout and design materials. It is useful for personal and magazine blog websites. Its layout area is very good starting from header to ending at the footer section. There is also a featured section with multiple posts displaying via labels. Moreover, there is also a professional sidebar section with a varied number of widgets ranging from simple recent posts to recent comments and social icons, etc.

chickpro magazine template

Magazine Pro

Magazine Pro is a unique blogger theme with many features. It has two sections: one is a left-hand sidebar that is tangent with the browser windows, the other is the right sidebar to display various posts and recent widgets. This layout makes it unique from many blogger theme layouts. Moreover, it is a simple, clean, and easy-to-customize template. It is SEO-ready, supports the modern blogger interface, and loading very fast in all browsers.

magazine pro two column free blogger templates


Raptor is a modern-looking professional blog theme. It is useful for blogs with how-to, personal blogs, and simple magazines. Furthermore, Its layout is gorgeous with a top header, bottom featured section, and sidebar and footer sections. You can use it to make your blog endless in opportunity. It has the power to turn your blog into a beautiful website with responsive design, SEO, and a professional look. Moreover, it is customizable and offers many unique and rich features for websites.

raptor awesome magazine layout for blogspot


MaxSE is a two columns blogger template with many recent widgets options to ad from the layout section. It can be used for simple blogs or magazines. One of the most beautiful and interesting features of this template is its clean and minimal design inspiration. Unlike most of the free blogger templates, it provides a three-tier header section with top nav, middle bar, and bottom nav. Moreover, it has featured areas to display the most important articles in a beautiful manner. It is customizable from the official blogger template designer from the dashboard.

maxseo free template


Holiday is a two-column free blogger theme for personal or photography blogs. It comes with an awesome layout design having all the essential elements such as header, footer, sidebar, featured, and post content section. Moreover, its design is modern with awesome typography, color scheme, and design of various elements. The unique thing in it is the top featured area to put the image as a background and to show various posts in a slideshow or carousel.

Its core area of specialization is personal blogging. If you are a personal blogger and looking for a rich theme then this can be the best option for you. Furthermore, it has a good layout with more space for branding or logo option. There is also a featured slider after the logo or branding at the top. The default posts are structured in a way to display each post with thumbnails in the left and right direction alternatively.

holiday awesome personal blog template


Backpack 0is a personal blog theme for blogger users. It is elegant with respect to design. Its layout is designed by keeping in view the requirements of personal blogging. Moreover, it has a creative layout area with a header, most important posts, and elegant default blog posts design. There is also a featured carousel to slide the awesome posts just at the top of the template or blog right below the main navigation menu. It has also social sharing icons.

backpack travel blogging template


Superpro is a clean professional layout for bloggers. superpro is one of the most creative and clean layout-free blogger templates. in addition to this, It is useful for simple blogs. It comes with an elegant & beautiful layout area with all the essential features in it. The header section has top navigation, menu adoption, and more. It has also a featured section to show the important articles or labels for your blog. From a design perspective, it has beautiful Google fonts, typography, and customization options.

superpro awesome simple blogger template


Carolina is another gorgeous simple blogger template with a clean and minimalistic layout and design. It has rich features in layout and design elements. You can use this theme to express your feeling related to your niche more easily and in a beautiful manner. It has also the featured area and posts thumbnails at the home to show the related image to your blog posts. Moreover, it has followed us section, social media icons in the sidebar and footer, and more.

carolina blogger template

Edward & Stella

It is two columns personal blogging simple template design for blogger users. Edward & Stella has minimalistic design inspiration. This template is a creative and modern layout. It can be used for any blog with simple content. Moreover, it has an awesome header area, sidebar, featured section, footer, and many more design ideas. It is perfect for a personal blog. You can customize the look and feel from the template designer. Its color scheme is minimal and clean.

simple blog theme for blogspot


Seorocket is a modern fresh blogging theme. This is gorgeous free blogger templates with awesome design ideas. It is also creative and minimal with all the required elements for a specific blog or website. It is useful for simple blogging with diverse content in the form of magazines. Moreover, it has an elegant header, a well-looking featured section, an awesome sidebar, and a functional footer. It is responsive to fit in laptops, PCs, and mobile devices easily.

seorocket an amazing blogspot template


Beautiful is a two-column elegant blogger theme. It comes with a modern layout having to header with menu, logo, and social icons. Moreover, it offers the three columns featured section, four columns slider just below the header area. The interesting thing about this theme is its masonry layout design in two columns. Furthermore, This masonry layout makes the default homepage posts more beautiful with variation in each thumbnail according to its size.

beautiful responsive blogger template for free


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