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75+ Best Free Blogger Templates With Responsive Design


If you are looking for a smart blogging theme for your personal blog, then Rosenstein is good for you. It comes with a simple and minimal layout design with a creative touch. It has the power to tweak your website with a modern look and feel. Moreover, unlike the other free blogger templates, it is SEO-ready, easy to customize from blogger dashboard, rich snippet friendly and retina-ready. Its design is flexible to fit all the devices.

rosentien blogspot template for personal blogging


If you are looking for a travel blogging template or theme for blogger then this is a good theme. It is simple but functional. Moreover, its homepage layout comes with two columns and one right sidebar making the three columns in total. It has social media icons, post thumbnails, beautiful font styles, and heading designs. Its header is gorgeous and offers the logo and other information to display easily and quickly. Furthermore, you can customize it.

travel template for blogspot


Orchid is a single-column nice layout. It is suitable for any personal blog or fashion blog. Its layout is good having the header, sidebar, footer, and featured area along with default posts on the homepage. Moreover, due to its elegant look, it is very fit for any blogging website. It is customizable if you want from the blogger dashboard. Furthermore, you can feel the new look after installing it and it will provide very nice features to the user.

orchid free blogger templates


Melissa is a two-column personal blog with an amazing blogger theme with so many features. Its layout makes it for those who do blogging for their experiences, or personal touch. Its layout area encompasses all the elements such as header logo, featured large image with title, two columns masonry style posts layout, and one right sidebar. With respect to design inspiration, it is customizable and offers nice fonts and typography. It is responsive, SEO optimized, and clean.

melissa responsive blogger template


Melina is another one of the most gorgeous free blogger templates for magazine-type websites or blogs. Its layout structure is good enough to design nice-looking news or personal blog without the knowledge of coding languages such as HTML5 or CSS3 etc. Moreover, its header area will allow you to add your brand logo, show navigation for various categories, and display social icons to socialize your website. It is customizable via blogger official template designer and responsive.

melina blogger magazine template


If you are intended to make a blog to share your personal interest in a very gorgeous way, then this blogger template will do a good job. It is useful for any type of personal blog or website on the internet. Its header is gorgeous with all the menus and logos at the single bar. Moreover, you can also place a big logo on it. It has also a very beautiful featured area to show the most interesting articles on the very top of your page. It is retina-ready and responsive in design.

sana personal blog template for blogger

Urban Mag

Urban mag is a unique modern-looking blogger theme with a magazine-style layout having awesome color patterns in it. It is useful for all types of news and magazine blogs. Moreover, its layout area is very good that offers many widget placements both vertically and horizontally. Its header allows adding social icons, page links, and menus alongside the logo of the brand. Furthermore, The featured area comes with 5 posts with thumbnails and post titles just above the thumbnails. In the sidebar section, there are beautiful social media icons and labels widgets, etc.

urban mag free magazine template for blogger


Design X is a cool free blogger template for those who are looking for a simple blog theme to share the various tips and tricks on their blogs. It offers all the rich features to be present in any such layout. Furthermore, its featured layout section is interesting with clean and minimal design inspiration for thumbnails and titles. Moreover, It is SEO-ready and supports the modern Google schema properties. It is retina-ready and responsive to fit all the devices of modern resolutions.

designx free blogger template


Blush is a clean blogger theme with a modern look and feel. It is suitable for the blogs of news and magazine nature. Its layout is simple with a top header consists of the logo and main navigation. Afterward, there is a featured area for the important or most creative posts of your blog. Moreover, there are round square icons for social media. There is also an ad space just top of the default blogger posts section to monetize the blog.

Blush simple blogging theme


Carrie is one of the most attractive free blogger templates for a simple blogging website. It is useful to share personal experiences via personal blogging. Moreover, its layout structure is simple and elegant with a header, footer, and sidebar, and post content section. It provides a large space to display the logo in the middle of the header area. Similarly, it has an awesome featured section with a post slideshow in the form of a carousel. It is also responsive, retina-ready, SEO friendly, and compatible with all modern browsers.

carrie simple blogger theme


Kelly is another beautiful blogger theme with a responsive design. furthermore, It is also a simple blogging theme without much distraction from the topic. It offers a good layout to users in the form of post content area, footer, sidebar, featured area, and top header section. All these sections make it a very beautiful layout for a personal blog. Moreover, the post content area comprises an awesome structure in the form of title, the image featured thumbnails, and post sharing to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

kelly simple layout for blogspot


Simpro has a classical blogger template look and feels with a good design. It is also useful for simple blogs with how-to and tips and tricks blogs. Its layout area is not complex and simple to set up without any knowledge of coding. Moreover, it provides social sharing icons to share any post on social media. Furthermore, its design is responsive and retina-ready. It is customizable, SEO-ready, and has cross-browser compatibility.

simpro awesome blogger layout template


Plate is the best layout for blogger users. Unlike the other free blogger templates, it provides a rich layout, design, and general features to boost up your blog quickly. One of the most interesting things about this theme is its typography which is looking very cool in headings and body text. Moreover, it has an awesome-looking header with logo options and social icons, a search box, and a mega menu. It also has a featured area, sidebar, footer, and nice-looking post content area.

plate a minimal free blogspot template


Celfie is a modern blogger theme with a unique layout design. It is useful for any kind of personal blog as well as magazine or news website. Its layout flexibility makes it a multipurpose layout with much scalability to design. in addition to this, Its layout consists of a top header, featured section, footer section, and sidebar along with default posts section. The featured section consists of five grids with two at the top and three at the bottom. All the grids are square with equal size at the top and bottom. Moreover, it has nice-looking social icons, a responsive design layout, a retina-ready display, and all the modern web compatibility.

celfie awesome free blogger template for magazine blog


Vozga is a business blogger theme with an awesome transparent menu header blended with the featured image with full width. This special feature gives it the business look that most of the business themes provide to their users. Furthermore, its default posts layout consists of 2 columns each having the posts published by the user. It is customizable by the theme designer and offers easy to use interface to display add or remove the widgets.

vozga a simple free template for blogger


If you are looking for a simple blogging template for blogger then this will be suitable for your choice due to its simple interface. Its layout area is simple but functional to add lots of recent posts stuff in widgets. The header section offers all the options to add or remove logos, add or remove social icons and ads, etc easily. Moreover, unlike the other free blogger templates, it is customizable, SEO optimized, easy to install and manage from the blogger dashboard.

techtimes blogger template


Fashy is a personal blogging theme with an awesome list of features. It is useful for personal blogs with simple but interesting content. It comes with easy to use layout interface and its layout area is very flexible to add or remove elements easily. Moreover, its featured area is very cool with elegant display of posts with thumbnails and titles on it.

fashy awesome theme

Beauty Blog

The beauty blog as its name shows is a blogger layout for beauty and fashion blogs. Moreover, It comes with an elegant and minimalistic color scheme to offer maximum satisfaction to the user. Its layout area has a unique structure with a header, footer, and sidebar, and post-default content section.

beautyblog a fresh blogspot template


Cream is another beautiful fashion and beauty blogger theme. Unlike the other free blogger templates, it offers a rich layout design. It has a header, an awesome featured section, 2 columns post content area, and footer widgets. Moreover, it is retina ready display, supports social icons, and more.

cream beauty free blogger templates


Eventify is a classical-looking blogger theme with classical touch in its layout. It is simple but elegant and clean. Moreover, its layout is flexible with many useful elements such as social media icons, post image featured thumbnails, font awesome icons, responsive design, and SEO-friendly layout system.

eventify a responsive free blogger/blogspot template


Cihuatl is one of the most beautiful free blogger templates available for any type of personal, fashion, or beauty blog. in addition to this, Its layout is simply having the header, simple one-column default blogger posts layout, a sidebar in the right direction, and 3 columns footer widget section. Moreover, it has a customizable layout and responsive design.

awesome looking magazine and blogger template

LMS Education

LMS education is an education blogger template. It is useful for any kind of education-related blog. Furthermore, Its layout is special in the respect that it has not only blogging elements but also a business layout touch. Due to this reason, it is the perfect layout for any business or educational institute. Moreover, it is modern, perfect, and responsive to fit in all the devices.

lmseducation a nice blogger template for free


Mandrin is a simple blogger template for those people who take interest in personal blogging on the web. Its layout is suitable for fashion, beauty, or personal blogs. Furthermore, its top navigation includes social media icons such as Facebook Twitter and Youtube, etc.

mandarin an awesome theme for personal blog


Ultralite is a modern-looking magazine & news blogger template. It comes with a unique layout design having numerous elements in its header, footer, and main layout. The interesting thing about this theme is its news ticker that is showing just below the top bar. Moreover, it has awesome social media icons in the sidebar.

ultralite news and magazine blogger template for free

Easy Cart

Easycart is for those people who are intended to sell online by using the blogger platform. Online shops and stores are not beyond the reach of bloggers due to the various templates that perform such functions easily. This theme offers many features that are essential for opening an online store using a blogger. There is a cart option, product display in the grid, and many more options. Moreover, it has a responsive layout.

easycart free ecommerce blogger template

Flat Blog

Flatblog is a modern-looking one of the most attractive free blogger templates with awesome design. It is clean and minimal in nature. Its layout contains a varied number of elements in the header, sidebar, footer, and post section. Moreover, it is retina ready display; supports the font’s awesome icons and responsive design.

flatblog modern free blogger template


Maxima is a nice blogger template with an awesome look and feel. It is multipurpose and can be used for magazines, simple blogs, and personal blogs. Moreover, it is responsive and easy to customize.

maxima nice blogger template for free

In conclusion, the aforementioned free blogger templates are rich in features, easy to customize, offer many elements and features. These templates are suitable for magazine and news blogs, personal blogs, ecommerce, and personal blogs. Moreover, the layout structure comprises various elements such as header, footer, sidebar, and post content section ranging from one column to three columns, etc. Moreover, these templates are compatible with all modern browsers and responsive.



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