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45+ Free Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Templates

45 best free admin panel bootstrap website template

Today, we come with the best collection of free Admin panel bootstrap 4 website templates. The templates are designed with modern trends in web designing. They come with clean coding, easy to use interface, responsive layout design, and a well-structured layout area. Concerning layout, the bootstrap templates come with a top header bar, some have a left sidebar panel with options in the form of icons and a text menu. Moreover, the visual aspects in the form of charts, graphs, and animated graphs in the admin panel work in the way to get the attraction of the users. In the collection, you will find several templates with different designs and layout areas. Each one has its own features that are different from the rest. Furthermore, you can also customize the look and feel according to your own needs.

Moreover, the admin panel templates are free to download and use for your projects. They offer high-quality graphics in the form of pie charts, line charts, and horizontal and vertical bar charts to measure the things in the dashboard. Furthermore, they are developed with the help of Bootstrap’s powerful framework which allows the user with unlimited customization and flexibility with respect to coding, CSS, and HTML implementation in website. The bootstrap framework has its own power that you will see in the below templates i.e. how they are so powerful to use for your projects.

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Baxster Admin Panel

Baxster is a modern free bootstrap admin panel template with lots of elements such as visitor stats, line, and vertical bar charts, graphs, error bars, and real-time updates.

baxster admin panel website template

SB Admin 2

SB Admin 2 is built with the help of HTML5 and CSS3 is a bootstrap template with a modern flat design look. furthermore, it comes with interactive line bars, project bars, circles, statistics, left sidebar panels for navigation purposes and more.

SB Admin bootstrap template

Material Dashboard

The material dashboard is a bootstrap admin panel with an elegant look and feel. It offers various elements with clean and sleek design such as a flat look, three columns line and bar graphs, dashboard statistics, filter categories, and more.

material design bootstrap admin panel template

Argon Dashboard

Argon dashboard with its blue and white color scheme is an interactive admin panel. Moreover, it is built with bootstrap, HTML5, and CSS3. It has sales revenue, social statistics, a revenue line bar chart, page visits, and a left sidebar with icons and navigation.

argon free dashboard website template

Paper Dashboard

Paper dashboard is a simple but clean and minimal template. It comes with numerous elements that are essential in any dashboard such as pie charts, count statistics, and more.

Paper dasboard free Bootstrap admin panel website template

Light Bootstrap Dashboard

The light bootstrap dashboard is a colorful admin panel built with the power of HTML5 and CSS3 using the Bootstrap framework. It has various elements such as email statistics pie chart, user behavior interactive graphs with multicolor, tasks and sales two-fold vertical bar chart, etc.  

Light Bootstrap admin panel template

Material Dashboard Angular

Material dashboard angular is another awesome template. It has a modern layout and elegant design to provide your project a vivid look at any time. It is useful for admin purposes.

Material dashboard free Bootstrap admin panel

Black Dashboard

Black dashboard is a dark style modern-looking awesome admin panel template for the Bootstrap framework. Moreover, it has a colorful side panel for navigation and menu purposes in the dashboard and multicolor line graphs to show different statistics visually.

Black dashboard free Bootstrap admin panel template

Light Bootstrap Dashboard Angular

The light bootstrap dashboard is an angular bootstrap template. It comes with a multi-color graphs system, easy-to-use options, and fast loading for SEO purposes.

Light Bootstrap admin panel website template


Quixlab is a modern flat dashboard with lots of features. It comes with a gorgeous elegant layout design with multiple widget sections such as the product sold, net profit, new customers, customer satisfaction, order overview, order summary graph, and team members, etc.

Quixlab dashboard free Bootstrap admin panel website template


Focus is a multipurpose awesome dashboard for the bootstrap framework. Moreover, it has various interactive elements such as tasks completed, profit, vertical bar graphs, products small interactive graphs, and more.

Focus Bootstrap admin panel website template

SB Admin

Sb admin is a free open source MIT project bootstrap template having many features in a single place. Furthermore, it comes with a top bar with a search box, a left sidebar panel for menu purposes,s and numerous widgets in the content section.

SB admin Bootstrap admin panel website template

SB Admin Angular

SB admin angular is another amazing angular bootstrap admin panel. Moreover, it has several features such as area charts with line graphs, bar charts, country data, and much more.

SB admin angular dashboard free Bootstrap website template

Now UI Dashboard

Now UI dashboard is one of the most beautiful bootstrap dashboard admin panel templates with a custom look and feel. It offers the left orange color panel for menu navigation in the panel and right-hand content section with numerous widgets and layout areas.

Now free bootstrap admin panel template

Vue Light Bootstrap Dashboard

Vue light Bootstrap comes with a nice-looking multi-color pie chart, line graphs with multiple line bars, tasks complete, sales graphs, profiles, and more. Furthermore, it has clean coding and is ready for use.

Vue light free Bootstrap admin panel website template

Remark – Responsive Bootstrap 4 Admin Template

Remark responsive bootstrap website template

Black Dashboard React

Black dashboard react is a dark style elegant lightweight admin panel template. It has a full-width performance linear graph at the top and three graphs and bars charts at the bottom. Moreover, it has a colorful design that looks attractive.

Black dashboard react Bootstrap admin panel template

Argon Dashboard Laravel

Argon is a minimal and lightweight one of the most functional bootstrap admin panel templates having a professional look, color, layout, and design. It is useful for any project related to the dashboard.

Argon Bootstrap admin panel website template

Vue Paper Dashboard

Vue paper comes with gorgeous designs and interactive styles with an elegant layout section. Furthermore, it has the capacity, earn, user behavior follow on social media, estimate sales line chart, year-wise sales, and more elements.

Vue dashboard Bootstrap admin panel website

Novus Admin Panel

Novus admin panel is a two-column dashboard with a left panel and a right content area. It starts with three columns line chart, pie chart, and bar chart colorful graphs to show your company information. Moreover, it has products status, visitor map, and other useful elements, etc.

Novus dashboard free Bootstrap admin panel website template


Admin LTE comes with a Bootstrap framework having lots of useful features. It offers numerous sections such as sale revenue, profit, monthly reports, visitor reports map, charts, recent chats, latest members and browsers usage, etc.

Admin LTE Bootstrap admin panel website


Core UI is one of the simplest bootstrap admin panel templates. It comes with a top header with user profile, menu bars, menu navigation, 4 columns of small line graphs, the full-width large graph for traffic measurement, social media profiles, traffic stats, and more elements.

Core UI dashboard free Bootstrap website template

Nura Admin 4 – Free Bootstrap 4 Admin Template

Nura admin 4 is an interactive bootstrap dashboard template with custom color choices in graphs and easy to configure options. It is fast loading, responsive, easy to set up, and uses a template. Moreover, it has two styles of vertical bar graphs in adjacent two columns.

Nura admin 4 dashboard free Bootstrap website template

Mazer Dashboard

Mazer dashboard is a lightweight white minimal dashboard for your next project. It comes with different sections separated from others such as user profile avatar or thumbnail, recent, visitors, profile, latest comments, profit visit vertical graph, and more.

Mazer dashboard free Bootstrap admin panel website template

Empire Admin

Empire admin is a modern minimal and lightweight one of the most attractive bootstrap admin panel templates. It comes with a blue sidebar left panel with a user profile and numerous other navigation menus. Moreover, it has pie charts, recent activities, statistics, and many more useful elements.

Empire Bootstrap admin panel website template

Sleek Dashboard

The sleek dashboard comes with a top header bar for menu, user profile, and search purposes. Other sections including the sales of the year graphs, order overview circle graph, order signup bar graph, and many more elements.

Sleek dashboard Bootstrap admin template

Angulr – Bootstrap Admin Web App with AngularJS

Angular Bootstrap 4 web app with angular


Ruang admin is a beautiful admin template. Unlike the other bootstrap dashboard admin templates, it comes with a top header bar with notification bell, email message icon, user avatar, search box, and menu. Moreover, it has product sold bars in multicolor, monthly reports, and invoices sections.

Ruang dashboard free Bootstrap admin panel website template

Single Page Admin Theme

Single page admin theme is a four-column dark admin panel. Each column has a varied element to display by the admin. It offers all the graphs types and other features.

blocks free bootstrap dashboard admin panel template


Excello is a lightweight light color modern flat admin panel. It is built with powerful coding of HTML5 and Css3. Moreover, it has a responsive layout design, SEO-friendly, and retina-ready display.

Excello dashboard free Bootstrap template

Xtreme Admin Lite

Xtreme admin lite is a beautiful one of the most gorgeous bootstrap admin panel templates. It offers the sales summary line graphs at the very top with comparison, top-selling products, recent comments and weather condition gadgets, etc.

Xtreme dashboard free Bootstrap website template

FlatLab – Bootstrap 4 Responsive Admin Template

Flatlab Bootstrap 4 admin panel


Concept is a multipurpose admin pane. It starts with four columns of colorful interactive graphs each showing the different categories for display purposes. Moreover, it offers the recent orders; customer acquisitions, and product sales manifold horizontal bar graph.

Concept free Bootstrap admin panel website template

Modular Admin

Modular admin is an SEO-friendly dashboard that performs every function required in the admin panel. Furthermore, it has stats area, user profile area, branding, sales breakdown graphs, and sales by countries maps, etc.

Modular free Bootstrap admin panel website template


Lumino is a simple one of the minimal bootstrap dashboard admin panel templates. Moreover, it comes with email and bell notifications, a responsive layout that can fit perfectly in all media resolutions, SEO optimization, clean HTML5, and CSS3 code structure, and more.

Lumino dashboard web template

Apex – Angular 11+ & Bootstrap 4 HTML Admin Template

Apex angular and bootstrap 4 admin panel template


Janux is a colorful template having a masonry-style box with different widths in each column. Each box has a different style and background color to make it attractive and useful for visitors.

Janux dashboard free Bootstrap admin panel

Gentelella Bootstrap Admin Template

Gentelella is a modern lightweight admin template that comes with network activities interactive graphs, top campaign bar graphs in colorful horizontal bars, user profile, notifications, app version, and other sections that are useful for your eCommerce admin panel. Furthermore, it is responsive with all devices support.

dashboard free Bootstrap website template

Modern Admin Panel

Modern admin panel comes with a top header with a search box, user area, notification bell, and branding. Moreover, it has four columns of dashboard statistics at the very top, two columns, and three columns of different widgets for displaying purposes.

Modern dashboard free Bootstrap admin panel

Limitless – Web Application Kit

Limitless responsive web application kit bootstrap

Ultra Modern Admin Panel

Ultra-modern is a simple admin panel with a right-hand sidebar. It comes with a user, alerts, order, tasks counter at the very top. Moreover, it can fit perfectly on all devices.

Ultra modern free Bootstrap admin panel

ProUI – Bootstrap Admin Template

ProUI admin panel bootstrap

Pooled Admin Panel

Pooled admin panel comes with a simple layout design. Unlike the other bootstrap admin panel templates, it has numerous sections such as contacts, activities, multi-fold interactive graphs, and more.

Pooled admin panel website template

Collective Admin Panel Web Template

Collective admin panel is a minimal admin panel with a light style. Moreover, it is built with Bootstrap framework with the power of HTML5 and CSS3 to offer you even more flexibility, and adaptability during your project.

Collective dashboard free Bootstrap admin panel website template

Augment Admin Panel

Augment admin panel is a simple dashboard with candlestick charts, bar charts, and error charts along with many other features.

Augment free Bootstrap website template


Colored is a classical-looking admin template for bootstrap. It has stacked bar charts with simple and manifold or multiple-categories designs.

Colored dashboard free Bootstrap admin panel website template

Gretong E commerce Bootstrap Admin Panel

Gretong is another beautifully designed eCommerce bootstrap responsive template. It comes with all the eCommerce functions in a single place such as invoices, orders, sales graphs in the bar and interactive design, etc.

Gretong dashboard free Bootstrap admin panel

Simple Dashboard

A simple dashboard is a classical one of the simplest admin panels with ease of use and interactive layout. Moreover, it comes with angular charts, to-do lists, responsive masonry style grids, and angular JavaScript with a simple structure.

Simple dashboard free Bootstrap admin panel website template

Bracket Bootstrap 4 Admin Template

bracket bootstrap 4 admin template


Copilot is a colorful dashboard with pie charts, line charts, order sales count, social media count, CPU traffic count, etc. It is an SEO-ready and fast-loading template that supports all modern browsers.

Copilot free Bootstrap admin panel website template

Wrapping up, the aforementioned templates are easy to use and download for free. They are responsive, fast loading, clean coded, and have many features that you can enjoy in your project by using these templates. Moreover, the templates come with an awesome layout area that comprises numerous sections such as the top header, left panel sidebar, and numerous masonry-style widgets for the purpose of displaying admin information. The typography, font style, icons design, heading, and other elements used in the templates are professional in nature. You can further customize the look and feel according to the requirement of the project.


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