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15 Free Bootstrap Landing Page Templates

Avilon free bootstrap landing page template for website

The free Bootstrap landing page templates come with amazing designs and layouts that are easy to customize. The templates are a responsive template that works great on all devices and all screen sizes and include just about everything you need to build your great new website. All the templates use the latest version of Bootstrap. The templates have multiple pages such as contact, work, who we are, portfolio, and related pages that are needed to build a stunning website. Moreover, the templates provide endless opportunities to customize ad new elements and change the existing ones. The amazing professional landing page Bootstrap templates are suitable for your businesses, start-ups, corporations, brands, financial companies, agencies, online service providers, and more.

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Bizland is a multifunctional, innovative and creative website template for businesses and agencies. Moreover, it has a stylish, modern, and stunning design that will help you attract and retain visitors to your website. Furthermore, all the features in this model are responsive and work on all devices and screen sizes. BizLand Bootstrap template is easy to customize, clean and configure source code, is 100% responsive and supports all modern browsers and devices. Lastly, it uses the latest version of Bootstrap Framework and all the latest technologies like HTML5 and CSS3. With BizLand, you can present your business and services in a meaningful way.

Bizland landing page Bootstrap templates for business


OnePage is Bootstrap’s versatile modern, clean and creative one-page website template. It is fully responsive based on Bootstrap framework. Moreover, it is an easy to use single page template with lots of great features and is ready to use sections like About Us, Success Count, Reference Loop, Service Code Fields, and Support Calls It is a template with many options for creating any type of website, be it a business website, creative agency, digital studio, or any company that needs a one-page creative website. It has many pages such as work, Portfolio, Portfolio Details Page, Employees, Awards, Public Survey and much more. All files of the template with icons are well easy for customization.

Onepage startup page Bootstrap template


Arsha is a clean and modern business bootstrap template for beginners, applications, and IT departments. Moreover, it has simple and unique sections. It is built using the latest web technologies (Bootstrap Framework, SaaS, etc.) with a focus on coding standards to ensure the model works with all screens on all browsers and devices. With this pixel-perfect design and clean layout, you can create a professional-looking website for your business in no time. You can present your content on mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and all kinds of devices.

 Arsha startup page and landing page Bootstrap template


Day is a versatile HTML website template for creativity that is best for advertising agencies, analysts, marketers, departments, and more. It is responsive and works on all modern browsers and screen sizes. Moreover, all files and icons are well organized and well-annotated for easy customization. The template is based on the Bootstrap framework using the latest technologies. In short, it is very universal and its many features make it an easy choice for anyone who wants to present and present their business in a modern and clear way.

 Day free startup business page Bootstrap template


Bootslander is a stylish, modern website landing page template built using the Bootstrap framework. It is very easy to customize and modify the boot landing gear to suit your needs. It is perfect for app landing pages, promotional software or services, startups, etc. Bootslander is fully responsive and works flawlessly on all devices and all screen sizes. The source code and all the pages are well organized and well commented.

 Bootslander app landing page Bootstrap template


Lumia is a responsive, clean, modern, elegant, and multipurpose template built with the latest version of Bootstrap has flexible customization options, and clean and hanging code. Moreover, it is ideal for companies, agencies, creative companies, startups, individuals or small businesses to launch their online presence and showcase their products or services to the world. Lastly, Lumia is fully responsive and compatible with all modern browsers and works with any device and any screen size.

Lumia  startup one page Bootstrap template


Scaffold is a modern and elegant HTML website template with responsive and works on all devices and all screen sizes. It’s easy, clean and professional to showcase your business or services. Moreover, it is a responsive and innovative HTML5 template designed for corporate, corporate, portfolio, startup, and agency websites. Scaffolding comes with all the section blocks you need to build your beautiful website.

Scaffold startup page Bootstrap template


Appland is unique looking an elegant and one of the most innovative landing page Bootstrap templates suitable for creating mobile app websites. Moreover, it is suitable to create websites for SaaS marketing, SEO marketing, or other businesses that need an easy way to showcase their products and services online. It is compatible with tablets, mobile phones and other devices. Also, Appland has a simple and elegant design and the app gives your website a professional look. Enhance the beauty of your site with Smooth PASS and Effect. It offers a simple creative design, highly customizable icon, and easy customization. Lastly, it is a great Bootstrap template for creating a website and presenting your mobile application in the best possible way.


Appland one page HTML website template


Shuffle is a clean and simple one-page website template fully customized to suit your needs. It is built with the latest Bootstrap framework. It is fully responsive and looks great on any device and resolution. This random website template is great and will help you increase your online presence. It is ideal for creating any type of corporate office, corporate and corporate website.

Shuffle landing page Bootstrap template


Softland is a modern-looking elegant and creative HTML website template. Moreover, it is the best responsive landing page template for those who are searching for an app homepage, software landing page, app showcase, app store page template, and much more. Furthermore, it is 100% responsive and displays beautifully on all devices. You can use SoftLand to launch and promote your own mobile applications, launch and promote SaaS applications, software, digital products, or even books or magazines. All files are neatly organized and easy to use and edit according to your needs. Anyone can use this form to display their applications or services.

Softland  app landing page Bootstrap template


Avilon is a clean, and modern, and modern landing page Bootstrap template. It works perfectly on all smart devices: smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers. Moreover, it can be used for example to display and promote any product. Furthermore, it is suitable for mobile applications, desktop applications, SaaS applications, digital products, software, or any product that requires a single web page to be displayed.

 Avilon free startup page Bootstrap template


TheEvent is a free responsive, one-page HTML template built with the latest version of Bootstrap Framework designed for events, conferences, and webinars. It provides detailed information about your activity. Moreover, it includes all the key components needed to create an event website, such as event gallery, sponsor, FAQ, newsletter subscription, sample order form, ticket purchase, contact form, and much more. Moreover, it is also perfect for any event, meeting, summit, camp, seminar, conference, exhibition, and more.

Theevent startup event landing page Bootstrap template


EStartup is a stylish one of the most beautiful and modern landing page Bootstrap templates that looks great on all major browsers, tablets, and phones. Moreover, you can use to create websites, startup applications, etc. It has a one-sided design with a smooth scrolling effect. estartup is a responsive template built using the Bootstrap framework. It has various pages such as who we are, features, pickup ring, employees, pricing tables, blog mailing list, and electronic startup contact form; Change the text, images, and colors and get your website up and running as quickly as possible. E-startups is best for office, business, finance, consulting, and other purposes.

estartup page free Bootstrap template

Simple bootstrap landing page

Simple is an elegant looking a very simple template, but a very effective landing page free bootstrap landing page template. It is suitable to showcase apps, sell a product, or attract potential customers with a newsletter/signature form. Moreover, it has minimal content on the page is the key to easy submission.

Simple startup landing page Bootstrap template


FlexStart is a creative and innovative easy-to-use, clean, lightweight, and highly documented source code for developers Bootstrap website template. Moreover, it is useful for companies looking to create websites for software, startups, mobile apps, digital agencies, SaaS, Internet services, financial technology, related services, and product sites. Also, it comes with a lot of features, blocks, and sections that give the developer real flexibility to build a professional website quickly and easily.

FlexStart free app landing bootstrap template

The above templates are easy to use and change the different elements. They are responsive that can be fit perfectly in all media devices and resolutions such as mobile, desktop, and tablet devices. Lastly, all the templates are professionally designed and also have the pro upgrade option.

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