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23 Best Free Charity WordPress Themes 2021

free charity wordpress theme for NGOs and fundraising websites

The free charity WordPress themes let you create an amazing stunning website for NGO or fundraising purposes. The below list of themes is professionally designed with lots of features. The most powerful features of such themes are their responsive layout design, easy to customization, use and publish posts, ease to change colors, and other aspects of the theme. Moreover, many themes offer the upgrade option to pro if you like to get additional features. The theme contains lots of sections such as a top header with a navigation menu to locate the website pages. Moreover, the different sections such as the gallery, call to action sections and portfolio, etc. will definitely help your website visitors to know about the NGO and donate for the poor people. Furthermore, the elegant-looking footer will help you to easily set links for website exploration and other useful content.

Other features of the free charity WordPress themes include the responsive layout design that can fit perfectly in all media devices, easy to use, call to action buttons, SEO ready and all browser compatibility, etc.

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Raise charity

Raise Charity is one of the best free charity WordPress themes designed for all kinds of non-profit organizations. Moreover,iIt is a fully functional and ready-to-use theme for all organizations involved in other vendors and charity sites such as fundraising, crowdfunding, or non-profit campaigns. Furthermore, it is designed and developed to create a comprehensive website that can raise awareness, showcase the events you host and even encourage visitors to attend and donate their events.

FT Charity NGO

FT Charity NGO is a free WordPress theme for fundraising that has everything you need to create a great website for your non-profit organizations (NGOs) and charities. Moreover, it will help you build your own unique website. This theme loads fast and is fully responsive, which makes it look great on any device. Moreover, you can use a non-governmental FT charitable theme to collect donations and donations from visitors by running a fundraising campaign using The WordPress Plugin.

Urban Charity

Urban Charity is one of the cleanest, creative, powerful, flexible, highly customizable, and functional WordPress themes from Gutenberg. It’s fully responsive and makes your website stand out from the crowd. Moreover, urban Charity is a multipurpose theme suitable for any type of WordPress site such as Urban Charity is highly customizable with powerful theme options including multiple header and footer layouts. Furthermore, it is fully compatible with WordPress Classic Editor, WooCommerce, and Gutenburg makes it easy for users.

Mega Charity

Mega Charity Theme is a flexible and easy-to-use WordPress theme for charities and charities. The theme allows you to quickly publish your good deeds and use them as a platform to create fundraising websites. It can change the way you run your business on the Internet. Moreover, it comes with great demos to help you build a functional and beautiful website. furthermore, the design is aesthetic and functional with different home page styles. In addition, the homepage has a full-width layout with a donut button that allows viewers to do any charity work. The mega charity theme is also a very versatile and flexible theme. It will look great on any device, be it a computer, laptop, or even a phone with a different screen size.

Bosa Charity

Bosa Charity is a multi-purpose charitable and fundraising WordPress theme. It is a beautiful, fast, easy, responsive, and ultimate association that you can use as a platform for multipurpose websites such as charities, NGOs, nonprofits, volunteers, fundraising, e-churches, conservation, trusts, foundations, and donations.

Bosa Charity is a free multipurpose WordPress theme. It works great with Bosa Charity, Gutenberg, and Element, the most popular page builder that can easily drag and drop your ideas from the user interface. Bosa Charity is designed for multiple header and footer layouts for SEO, speed, and ease of use. Bosa Charity, WooCommerce, Yoast, Contact Form 7, MailChimp for WordPress, BB Press, etc. Moreover, it is compatible with all major plugins and browsers.

Charity Zone

Charity zone is a clean and modern multipurpose one of the best free charity WordPress themes. It is designed for Charity NGOs, Nonprofits, Volunteers, Fundraising, Churches, Protection, Trusts, Foundations, Donations, Social Events, Campaigns, Activity, Community Change, Community Support, Corona, Covid, Donations, Disaster Aid, Competition, Auction Is a website design theme for , Art Exhibition, Concert, Concert, Welfare Organization, Fund, Purpose, Nonprofit, Organization, Age, Foster Family, Helping Hand, Crowd Funding and Blood Donation Camps and Related Raising donations for activities.

This versatile theme is also suitable for corporate websites, digital agencies, consultancies, corporations, international development NGOs, humanitarian NGOs, and nature conservation NGOs.

Moreover, if you are looking for a website to raise money and get your message out there then this theme is perfect for you. It has lots of customization options like a call-to-action button, donut button, full wide advance slider, community area, status counter, sponsor area, custom header, donation area, CTA button, and ribbon on the left, and social media. Moreover. there is also a section where users can add comments. Furthermore, It’s SEO friendly with easy and clean codes that make it easy to rank in search engines like Google. Lastly, it is also portable and is based on the Bootstrap framework, which makes it very simple and easy to use.

Pin Charity

Pin Charity is a non-governmental organization, non-profit organization, volunteer, fundraiser, church, protection, trust, foundation, donation, social event, campaign, activity, social change, community support, pension, sponsorship, charity, forgiveness disaster Relief model. It is compatible with Gutenberg editor. Moreover, demo and content import are available. It’s easy to accept WooCommerce donations.

Gutener Charity NGO

Gutener Charity NGO is a clean, creative, powerful, flexible, highly customizable, and functional one of the best free charity WordPress themes from Gutenberg. It’s fully responsive and makes your website stand out from the crowd. Gutner Charity NGO is a multipurpose theme suitable for any type of WordPress site, such as Good Charity NGO is highly customizable with powerful theme options including multiple header and footer layouts. Moreover, it has Compatibility with WordPress Classic, WooCommerce, and Gutenburg Editor makes it easy for users.

NGO Charity Fundraising

Charitable NGO fundraising is the main WordPress theme for charities and NGOs. Charity Fundraising is a clean charity WordPress theme that is great for all kinds of charities, fundraisers, NGOs, NGOs, churches, and other non-profit charities. It is an excellent theme with a professional template and website for all your needs. It’s a feature-packed look with a beautiful design. Moreover, the theme is based on the Bootstrap framework, which makes the theme extremely useful and easy to use. furthermore, this WordPress theme is fully responsive, browser friendly, translatable, and SEO friendly.

Best Charity

Best Charity is the best simple, clean, responsive, and easy-to-use Charity WordPress theme designed specifically for a charity, NGO, trust, fundraiser, foundation, or other nonprofit organization. Moreover, it can be used by people who often organize fundraising drives, blood donation camps, social activities, campaigns, etc. furthermore, it has all the features that make it the perfect charity WordPress theme, but it can be used for many purposes such as blogging on charity and welfare topics, or as a portfolio. It comes with lots of features and a responsive and customizable design.

NGO Charity Lite

NGO Charity Lite is a WordPress theme for non-profit organizations, crowdfunding, and fundraising. This theme makes it easy to manage and market your campaigns and events with Denveris. Moreover, It is a very powerful WordPress theme tailored to the needs of charitable, non-profit organizations, and NGOs of all types, industries, interests, or industries.

Foster Charity

Foster Charity is an amazing, attractive, trustworthy, and one of the most powerful free Charity WordPress Themes for nonprofits, NGOs, churches, reservations, trusts, welfare committees, activity, age, Foster families, carers, health Is a powerful website for organizations and activities. , Volunteers, Community Support for Change in Society, Development NGO International, Coved Relief Fund, Essen Donation Camp, Plasma Donation, Humanitarian NGOs, Child Care, Peace and Human Rights NGOs, Charity Gala, Animal Welfare, Amnesty, Disaster Relief Workers, Disaster Relief Events, Blood Donation Camps and companies and other organizations that organize fundraising, fundraising camps, campaigns, political rallies and similar events.

Moreover, it is suitable for welfare websites to let people know about the help and services you provide. With a charity website in mind, it includes secure payment gateways, call to action buttons, key causes, a section for upcoming events and a way to connect people with you.

This slider for Charity WordPress Theme impresses visitors with its breadth. Moreover, it’s fully responsive, with footer widgets, cross-browser compatible, and SEO-ready. Furthermore, it can be translated into many local and international languages ​​to encourage people in their own language. In addition, it is fully customizable to change colors, backgrounds, logos, menus, titles, footers, etc. Give your website a classic look with a square layout or push the boundaries with a modern look. Foster Charity includes social media icons to reach as many people as possible and make it easier for them to reach you.

Charity Care

This theme can be used to create a beautiful mobile compatible website for non-profit organizations such as charities, NGOs, trusts, foundations, etc. If you want to create a fundraising website for your cause and at the same time spread your message around the world, Charity Care is the best for you. Moreover, the theme is easy to use and comes with free demo content import for easy setup your project. Although the theme is suitable for non-profit organizations, its flexible and versatile functionality makes it a useful versatile theme for any corporate website, digital agency, consulting firm, business, freelance, or blogger.

Theme SEO is optimized with optimized codes that make it easy to rank your website in Google and other search engines. Charity Care offers many innovative but easy-to-use features to create a timeless, user-friendly, interactive and visually stunning website. Some features include a custom menu with call to action button, full wide advance slider, community area, status counter, sponsorship area, donation area, banner button call.

Moreover, this theme comes with four footer area and a right sidebar. There are even four dedicated tools for the latest posts, popular posts, social media and featured posts. Furthermore, the theme has been thoroughly tested and optimized for fast page loading time and has clean and secure code. It is also translatable and has been developed with a focus on visitor interaction. It will help you quickly and intuitively build a professional and attractive website at any time without any programming knowledge or experience.

LZ Charity Welfare

LZ Charity Welfare is one of the most stunning charitable, easy to manage, creative, and beautiful free charity WordPress themes with a professional focus. It is the perfect choice for charities, non-profit organizations, NGOs, fundraising camps, fundraising events, political campaigns, volunteer organizations, fundraisers, trusts, foundations, organizations, and welfare committees to work for a better cause.

Moreover, the theme design motivate people to participate in a good cause. It is a responsive theme that makes your website accessible from any device. This non-profit WP theme is browser compatible and follows standard good SEO design patterns. Moreover, it is translation-ready and compatible with the WPML plugin.

This theme can create a website in your local language to make your visitors feel at home. Social media icons have been included in the design to engage more people in charitable fundraising and fundraising events. LZ Charity Welfare gives you the ability to customize your website to suit your needs, and the Bootstrap framework makes this task even easier. Moreover, banners and slides are the key elements to make the site more functional without losing its freshness. Its clean and secure code ensures a bug-free site. It is lightweight like a wing for fast loading on all platforms.

Charity Fundraiser

Charity Fundraiser is a powerful, responsive and beautiful WordPress theme for charities, non-profit organizations, foundations, NGOs, churches, Nature Conservation, Foundation, Trustee, Secret Santa Claus, Humanitarian, Amnesty, Social media groups, blood fundraisers, and websites that look at donation camps and events and fundraising. It will help you get much-needed attention with its attractive design and eye-catching design.

The most interesting thing about it is that you can increase its functionality with various plugins like Page Builder, Element, Contact Form 7 etc. Because this theme is compatible with third-party plugins. With the Instagram plugin, you can present your post in a fashionable way. It has a user-friendly interface that allows you to navigate easily. The design responds to great looks on all devices, regardless of screen size.

Moreover, it is compatible with multiple browsers and ensures fast downloading. The theme is SEO ready. It is a translation that is ready to encourage people in their language and will definitely have a positive effect. The homepage can have banners and slides to make the website look completely different. Furthermore, the theme comes with with social media icons to reach more people in less time. The design of the website is easily customizable to suit your needs. In addition, it is based on the Bootstrap framework, which makes it easy to use. You keep your call to action buttons to get your visitors wherever you want. This charity theme comes with clean code. lastly, the theme is compatible with many third-party plugins for advanced functionality.

Charity Help Lite

Charity Helplight is a free and easy-to-use non-profit WordPress theme for NGOs. Moreover, it’s a simple, clean but professional theme that works best for charities, NGOs, foundations, churches, political organizations, and more. It is very easy to set up and includes all the basic features you need to build your website.

Charity help lite free WP theme

VW Charity NGO

VW Charity NGO is a minimalist one of the most elegant free charitable WordPress themes that designs your charity website in a very beautiful way. The theme is useful for people who run a charity, NGO, foundation, fundraiser, foundation, or non-profit organization. Frequent Fundraising Events, Community Organizations, Exchange Programs, Water Conservation, Environmental Programs, Laws and Public Policies, Environment, Human Rights, Organ Donation Awareness, Amnesty, Disaster Relief Model, Blood Camp, Social Events, Reasons, Crowd Funding, Celebration, Protest, Injustice, Fundraising Craft Fair, Campaign, Action Social, donations, founders, church, donors, charities, NGOs, churches, volunteering, protection, activity, social change, community support, age, home help, NGOs and child protection campaigns, etc.

It is a great WordPress theme for charity, but can be used for a variety of purposes, for example, for blogging about welfare activities and welfare issues, or as a portfolio. It has a responsive layout and cross-browser compatibility. Moreover, the theme is written in clear and secure code. It is suitable for SEO which enables it to rank high in search engine results. In addition, a testimonial for people to share their thoughts about serving your community.

The VW Charity NGO theme includes banners, call to action (CTA), various post sizes, custom colors, and much more. It has built-in social media icons to help your content reach a wider audience. Moreover, appearance colors, backgrounds, logos, fonts, etc. Can be customized. The theme has an amazing interactive user interface to showcase your charity work in the best possible way.

TS Charity

TS Charity’s is one of the best most functional WordPress themes helps nonprofits streamline their work and collect donations for helping people. Whether you are an environmental NGO, an international business-friendly NGO, a foundation, a charity, a foundation, a volunteer, a church, a conservation organization, a foundation, a fundraising event, a church, a conservation NGO, a childhood, a social, a campaign, an activity, a social disaster are emergency aid, disaster relief, hunger index, religious foundations, community support, political organizations, nurses, animal rescue centers, fundraising for health services, blood donation camps, Quaid health centers, fundraising locations or Wellness Centers For the purpose of fundraising, women’s rights organization or retirement home, this NGO WordPress theme requires that you showcase your work and services in the best possible way.

Moreover, it is important that your website is different and unique and that it does justice to your accomplishments and work. This charity WordPress theme has all the features necessary to create an exceptional quality website such as Part of your journey to the spread of mankind, this versatile and responsive theme is ready for translation with many language support.


Charity Pure is a non-profit WordPress theme that works well on any device regardless of screen size. Moreover, it’s fully customizable and great for SEO. The design includes unlimited color options, support for Google Fonts, and multiple header and footer layouts. Furthermore, the theme is compatible with popular WordPress plugins including Element and GeoWP. The theme supports all major page builders like Elementor, Brizy, Beaver Builder, Visual Composer, SiteOrigin, Divi, etc.

SKT Charity

SKT Charity is a charity WordPress theme for donations, NGOs, churches, fundraisers, and nonprofit websites. It can be used for corporate, corporate, agency, and portfolio websites, as well as personal and blogging websites. Moreover, it is compatible with WooCommerce, Contact Form 7, and Nextgen Gallery plugins. It is multilingual and translatable. furthermore, It is a simple, responsible, flexible, and responsible subject. In conclusion, it is a versatile template and comes with a plugin to import over 63 design templates for use. It supports such functionality on the homepage and other inside pages.

Charity Review

Charity Review is a clean one of the best free charitable WordPress themes designed for nonprofits like NGOs. Moreover, it is good choice for music groups, artists, event managers, and event management companies and churches, etc. It is also suitable for trade associations, various agencies, companies, digital agencies, freelancers, and bloggers.

Moreover, Charity Review has various cool features to make the website easy to use, interactive, and visually impressive. Moreover, it includes custom menus, social media options, custom call-to-action block (CTA), custom banner slider, customizable sections. It also supports Multiple sites and page layouts, page layout settings, logo color settings, footer settings, custom CSS included. It has 3 footer widgets, a standard, and a rigorously tested sidebar widget. Translation ready, ideal for better performance.


HB Charity is a charitable WordPress theme designed for donations, NGOs, churches, fundraising, and non-profit websites. Moreover, it is best for portfolio websites, personal websites, and blogs. This theme is compatible with Form 7 and translation ready. This is a simple, customizable, flexible, and responsive theme.

HB charity free WP theme

Fundraiser Lite

Fundraiser Lite is one of the coolest charitable, non-profit, non-profit organization that organizes fundraising events, and celebrity events, etc. Moreover, it is the perfect choice for foundations, donations, blood camps, relief supplies, rescue missions, social events and other campaign venues. Moreover, it is perfect choice for churches, political and non-political organizations, non-profit organizations, children, foundations, etc. In addition, it supports many features such as Page Builder compatible, Donation compatible, and WooCommerce plugins. It is SEO friendly, compatible with contact forms and other plugins like gallery and slider to enhance functionality.

You can change the color, background, logo, etc. This is a versatile template and comes with a pre-configured Elementor template plugin. It lets you import more than 63 design templates for use on the homepage and other interior pages. Use it to create any business or personal website, blog, or e-commerce site. It’s fast, flexible, easy and fully customizable.

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