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The 9 Free Coming Soon HTML Bootstrap Templates

Maunday free bootstrap coming soon website template

­­­­The best free HTML Bootstrap coming soon templates for your website is here. If you are working on the website and want to launch in the near future, you definitely need some beautiful coming soon page to inform your readers about the launch of the actual website.  With this intent, we come with bootstrap coming soon templates. They come with a counter to show the actual time for the launch of the website. Moreover, they are fully customizable and easy to use for your project. You can add or remove elements in the template to suit the need of your project.

Furthermore, they are free to use and download. The main elements that you will find in the templates are the beautiful count down timer option, email subscription option; contact, social media profile links, Google maps, contact form, and small introductory text. So, the new launching website needs such information to convey to the interred readers. Moreover, they are designed using the latest practices in web development i.e. clean SEO optimized coding and elegant UI/UX interface.

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Cominsoon is a beautiful dark color HTML bootstrap template. It is useful for an under-construction website that is going to launch in the near future. Moreover, the template has count-down timer with days, hours, minutes, and second options. It also has an email subscription form and social media icons to get information instantly from the admin. Other features including the introductory text, contact form with email, photo, and location option.

Coming Soon HTML Bootstrap Templates


Magnitude is a simple HTML coming soon template. It comes with transparent style background and full-width image background. It shows the days, hours, minutes, and seconds in the countdown that you can further customize. It is responsive to fit in all the modern media devices such as mobile and desktop resolutions. Moreover, it is fast loading and built with powerful HTML5 and CSS3 web coding technologies.

Magnitude Coming Soon HTML Templates


Maunday is one of the most beautiful HTML coming soon templates with an elegant layout design. It comes with a logo and introductory text followed by a count-down timer. Moreover, it is useful for coming soon or under construction projects. It also has email subscriptions and social media icons. The about us section has three columns with icons, heading, and text style. Other section includes the contact us with Google map and contact form.

maunday free bootstrap website template for under construction project


WeBuild is a simple coming soon website template designed with HTML5 and CSS3. It is elegant in look and functional for work. It comes with a logo, about us a text, days remaining to launch the project, three columns contact us form with icons and text description. Lastly, it also has a contact form with name, email, and subject and message information.

We build under construction HTML Bootstrap Templates


Inclination is one of the simplistic dark style free HTML coming soon website templates. It comes with HTML5 and CSS3 coding and responsive layout design. Moreover, it has a logo or brand, timer, about or introductory text, and social icons. You can customize the look and feel with CSS and also add new elements easily by editing the HTML code. It is a responsive, fast-loading, and cool template.

Inclination Free under construction HTML Bootstrap Templates

Coming Sssoon Page

Coming sssoon is a simple HTML website template. It comes with elegant background with a top header, with some links, language, and middle logo. It is suitable for under-construction projects.

Free Coming Soon HTML page


Alissa is an elegant under-construction website template. It comes with a custom layout that is built with a powerful Bootstrap framework and HTML and CSS. At the top bar, it shows the logo and contact information. In the middle area, the template shows the remaining time to launch the project. Furthermore, it has a newsletter and social media icons.

Alissa Coming Soon HTML Bootstrap Templates


Progresss is a modern coming soon website template. It comes with a progress indicator of your project to launch in the near future. Moreover, it has numerous elements that have the engaging power of the visitors to subscribe or get in touch on social media profiles. It is a responsive, cross-browser compatible, HTML and CSS powered website template.

Progress Coming Soon HTML page


Intersteller comes with a top header for logo and contact information purposes. Moreover, it has an elegant remaining time section with a counter of days, minutes and seconds, etc. Furthermore, the sign-up form, team members, and other useful widgets or sections are also present in it. It can be customized with CSS and HTML editing in some code editors.

Intersteller Free Coming Soon Bootstrap Templates

In conclusion, the free HTML Bootstrap coming soon website templates are gorgeous and elegant with respect to design and layout structure. They are free to download and integrate into your coming project. Moreover, they come with numerous web elements that are necessary for a new launching project to inform the readers. It includes the countdown timer, contact information with email, phone and address option, introductory text, and maps. They are fast loading and built with Bootstrap, HTML5, and CSS3 web technologies.  We hope, the templates will help you to achieve your project needs.

Lastly, the coming soon templates are responsive to easily fit in all media devices and resolutions. Moreover, they are fast loading, cross-browser compatible and built with Bootstrap framework.

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