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35 Best Free Responsive Drupal Themes To Use

Vani free Drupal 8 theme

Drupal is a CMS platform that provides the ability to make websites online. In this post, we come with a nice collection of free Drupal themes that are compatible with the latest version of Drupal 8 and above. Moreover, the themes are powered by a powerful Bootstrap framework. The themes are of different types such as business, hotel, eCommerce, and freelancing, and news magazine tec. Furthermore, the layout structure of the free Drupal themes is professional with lots of sections and features.

Moreover, the free Drupal themes are responsive which means they can fit in all the modern devices and media resolutions such as tablets, mobile, and PCs. Furthermore, they are cross-browser compatible, SEO friendly, and fast loading in mobile and desktop. The layout consists of an elegant header with featured areas and many other widgets. The widget section include the intro section, about us, services, portfolio, contact form, and latest blog posts. All these sections combine to provide a fresh look for your website.

YG Law Firm

YG lawfirm is a responsive Drupal 8 theme powered by Bootstrap for law firms. Its core domain lies in the law and constitutional websites. It has several sections that include the top header with main navigation and logo, featuring full-width background. The transparent header and featured section along with three columns of information space with icons, heading and text make it a really impressive design and layout structure.

Law firm free drupa theme

Showcase Lite

Showcase lite is another responsive blog and magazine Drupal theme. It is useful for any type of personal blogging website due to its classical interface. The theme has a simple header menu with a logo and branding options. It is powered by the bootstrap framework and Drupal 8. Its blog post area is really awesome. Each blog post block consists of the post title, featured image, summary excerpt, categories, tags, and a read more button.

showcase lite free blog drupal theme

Business Responsive Theme

If you are searching for a simple business Drupal theme then this is for you because it has a simple layout and easy-to-use options. It has a simple header with a logo, social media profile icons, and a search box. Moreover, it has an awesome carousel slider to show the featured content in this section. Furthermore, it has why our company, introduction, four columns pricing table, latest news and blog posting and Google map.

Business responsive free Drupal template

Charity Theme

Charity is a free Drupal theme for charity websites, non-profit organizations, and NGOs. Its core domain of a function is its charity and to serve the poor people. If you are looking for such theme, then this can be useful with modification and customization. Moreover, it has a simple layout area with a varied number of sections. It comes with services, section upcoming events, footer, social, top header, and featured areas.

charity free NGO and non-profit organization Drupal theme

Flexi Cart

Flexi cart is an eCommerce Drupal Mobile first theme. It will allow you to showcase your products in a way to grab the attention of the visitors and make them potential customers of your products. It is clean-coded and easy to use for your eCommerce venture. Moreover, it is responsive, retina-ready, SEO friendly, and all browser compatible themes.

Flexi cart free Drupal ecommerce theme

Minimal Lite

Minimal lite is a multipurpose free Drupal theme. It is suitable for many blog and website niches due to its multi-purpose nature. Moreover, it is useful for business and agency websites. Minimal lite comes with an awesome and functional layout. It has a header, large featured background images, and about us sections. Moreover, it has a services section with one large full-width column and three small grids columns to display pictures. Similarly, it has a gallery area with image thumbnails, title dates,s, and tags.

Minimal light a free theme for Drupal CMS

YG Aesthetic

YG Aesthetic is a modern Drupal 8 theme compatible with Bootstrap version 3.3.0. This Drupal theme is suitable for business and agency websites due to its sections and areas for various business elements. Moreover, its layout is clean and professional from all angles. It has a header, featured section, portfolio section, Services section, subscription form, four columns footer, and social media icons. Each and every element is perfect with respect to clean and transparent coding.

YG aesthetic free template for Drupal

Catalog Lite

Catalog lite is another one of the most beautiful and clean free Drupal themes. It is suitable for business websites and agency websites. Moreover, it comes with an awesome header with a simple logo and search box. It has also a navigation menu, a featured carousel, and a gallery section. Moreover, it has a team section, article carousel, a product display section, and many more areas to display information.

Catalog lite free business Drupal theme

Restaurant Lite

Restaurant Lite is a simple free Drupal theme for restaurant-type websites. It has a minimal design and layout structure. The main sections in this theme include the header having brand logo social media icons, email address, and navigation menu. The featured are has a simple colored background with text or heading information. Other sections include the best restaurant in the town, newsletter, blog articles, footer contact information and simple logo, social icons, map, and related information.

Restaurant lite hotel and restaurant drupal template

Magazine Lite

Magazine Lite is a personal blog with one of the most beautiful free Drupal themes. It has an awesome layout and is useful for personal blogging due to its simplistic approach to the content. Moreover, its header comes with a classical layout with three bars. The top bar for social and page links, the middle bar for logo, and the bottom bar for the main navigation. Furthermore, it has an elegant blog posting section with an amazing design. It displays the title, admin date, featured image, and summary in one block.

Magazine lite free magazine and blog drupal theme

Bootstrap Business

Bootstrap Business is a simple minimalistic blog and news Drupal theme. It is useful for personal blogging due to its classical layout structure. Moreover, it has a classical header with a center logo and menu navigation. Its blog posting area is also classical that consists of the title of the post, image thumbnail in big size, summary or excerpt along with tags, comments, and other meta tag information. Its design of various elements such as heading, footer, and sidebar is simple.

Bootstrap Business free bootstrap template for drupal

Conference Lite

Conference lite is a business one of the most elegant free Drupal themes. Its core area of function is conference meetings in business. Moreover, its core functional area is the business meeting and their conduct. It comes with an awesome layout structure that has top three header bars, a large featured area, events timing, and schedule widget, topics and fields, speakers in the conference, sponsors, email subscription, four columns footer widget, and social media icons.

conference lite- news and conference template

Top Plus Lite

Top plus lite is another Drupal theme for free. It is useful for business websites and compatible with the latest Drupal version. Its design, layout area, and other sections are clean, simple, and minimal. Moreover, it comes with a top header bar, full-width static featured image section, support forum, pricing table, footer big social icons, and services section. The design of headings, icons, and other web elements are professional with a clean and modern look and feel.

Top + lite free Drupal business theme

Guesthouse Lite

Guesthouse lite is a Drupal theme for guesthouse websites and blogs. It is compatible with the latest Drupal and bootstrap framework. Moreover, its layout is designed in a way that is consistent with guesthouse-type websites. It comes with a top header, social icons, and address information, and introduction text. Moreover, it has various sections to inform the user about the pricing, services, portfolios, and other related information. The color scheme is unique along with other headers and other elements of the theme.

Guesthouse lite Drupal guesthouse template

Business+ Lite

Business Plus lite is a responsive Drupal theme for business and agency websites. It has a modern fresh look and feels. It is easy to customize from the dashboard. Moreover, its layout structure consists of numerous web elements and sections that are necessary for the growth of business on the internet. It has an elegant header and the featured are with transparent header background. Moreover, it has three columns portfolio, simple testimonial, and other sections to accelerate your online business presence.

Business Plus lite free Business theme

Vani – Modern Drupal 8, 9 Theme

Vani is a professional-looking one of the most attractive free Drupal themes. It has a core area of business website development. So, if you are looking for the best business themes then it will help you get started. Firstly, it comes with a nice header with transparent background having the options of the logo on the left, searches, and navigation menu on the right-hand side. Secondly, the featured image width is fully consistent with the header and two sections give the one look.

Vani modern and minimal free Drupal business theme

Tara – Modern Drupal 8, 9 Theme

Tara is a simple business and multi-purpose Drupal theme. It is useful for many niches due to its multi-purpose nature. Moreover, it has numerous layout sections such as header, featured, welcome section, services section, why choose us, our projects, and 4 columns widgets in the footer section. Furthermore, it is a responsive design having the ability to fit all the modern web devices such as tablets, Pcs, and desktop,s etc. It is also cross-browser compatible with retina ready display.

Tara free template for Drupal users

DXPR Theme

DXPR theme is now free to use for your Drupal website. It works perfectly with the Drupal layout design-builder. Moreover, it does not require any coding knowledge and is easy to change the colors and other elements. furthermore, it is responsive and uses the Bootstrap framework.

YG Restaurant

YG restaurant is a hotel and restaurant with one of the most attractive free Drupal themes. It is compatible with Drupal 8 and consistent with Bootstrap version 3.3.7. Moreover, it is a business theme that can be used for restaurant and hotel-type websites online. If we talk about its layout structure, it comes with a unique header section that is lying on the featured full-width image background. The contrast in the header and featured gives a fresh new look.

YG Restaurant free template for druapl

YG Business

YG Business as its name shows is a business-free Drupal theme compatible with Drupal version 8 and bootstrap version 4.0.0. Its core area of the domain is business websites so if you are looking for such a theme then this could be best for you. Moreover, it offers a varied number of layout sections such as the top header bar with the left logo and right main navigation. Afterward, it has featured a slider with a background image, title, text, and call to action button. Other layout areas are counter widgets, latest blog posts, get quotes, and footer. Furthermore, its design is professional and modern with responsive layout design and flexibility, and scalability of customization.

YG business free Drupal theme

Zuvi – The Dark and Modern Drupal 8 and 9 Theme

Zuvia is a dark business professional free Drupal theme with an elegant look. It has a core competency area in business themes. It is useful for businesses of any type or agency websites online. If we talk about its structure then it has an elegant layout area. It comes with a dark header and dark-featured area. Moreover, the two areas are intermingled in such a way that they give one look. Furthermore, it has welcome, why choose our business, services, and portfolio widgets placement.

Zuvi free dark Drupal template

Zinble Drupal 8 Responsive Theme

Zinble is a lightweight free Drupal theme powered by Bootstrap framework 4.0. It is useful for multipurpose blogs and websites such as news, blog, and personal blogging. Moreover, it is also useful for business websites and blogs.

Zinble modern drupal theme

YG Bold

YG Bold is another beautiful Drupal 8 theme consistent and compatible with Bootstrap v3. It is suitable for online business websites. The layout structure of YG Bold is professional with lots of widgets placement. The header section is transparent with logo branding and a menu navigation option. Moreover, the featured area is also unique with respect to its design which is also consistent with the header section. Furthermore, it comes with three columns why choose us with icons, heading, and small text.

Yg bold free druapl business template


Estore is an eCommerce Drupal theme with all the functionalities of an eCommerce website. It is useful to open an online store to sell products on the web. Its design and layout structure is professional. It comes with an awesome header design with top, middle and bottom bars for the purpose of logo, social icons, address, and navigation. Moreover, it has a shopping cart, categories, featured area, featured products, sidebar, footer, and category-based products selection tools.

estore ecommerce druapl template

YG Hotel

YG Hotel is a hotel with one of the most elegant free Drupal themes. It has compatibility with Drupal 8 and Bootstrap version 4.0. It is recommended and suitable for Hotel business websites. Its layout area is professional with the latest web design trends. It comes with numerous unique sections such as top header bars for logo and main navigation, featured slider, and address information with social icons. The other area of this theme includes the intro section with a left-hand text column and right-hand images.

Yg hotel free Drupal theme for hotel website

Freelancer Theme

Freelancer is another amazing one of the simplistic free Drupal themes. This theme is designed for creative freelancers to showcase their portfolio and other information and skills on the web. Freelancer has a simple layout structure. It starts with the header layout and ends at the footer section. The header area along with the feature is really attractive and awesome. Moreover, it has been trusted by many companies, pricing tables, management teams, partners, and a simple 4 columns footer section.

Freelancer drupal template

YG Charity

YG charity is a charity, NGO, and non-profit organization with one of the simplest free Drupal themes. It is compatible with Drupal 8 and Bootstrap v 3.3.5. Moreover, it is useful for charity online business websites and non-profit organizations charity work. With respect to layout, it comes with a simple look and feels with few sections to describe the charity work. Moreover, its various sections consist of the top header bar, featured carousel, who we are, help people, charity events, team members, testimonials, and footer section with image gallery.

YG charity free Drupal theme

Construction Theme

Construction is a beautiful Drupal theme for construction websites. It is suitable for building and constructions business websites. Moreover, it is compatible with the latest Drupal version and consistent with the Bootstrap framework. It has an elegant layout with a header bar that contains the logo, menu, and search bloc. The featured area has a full-width background slider with previous and next buttons.

Construction free druapl template for construction website

Edu X

Edux is a free Drupal theme for educational websites. It is compatible with the latest version of Drupal and bootstrap framework. If you are looking for some free theme for your school, academy, or educational institute then this can be the perfect choice on the Drupal platform. Moreover, this theme offers lots of features header top bar, transparent header menu, and logo, and featured section.

Edux  education-drupal-theme

YG Freelancer

YG freelancer is a modern creative theme for freelancing websites. It is a Drupal 8 theme consistent with Bootstrap. Moreover, It is useful for creative people to showcase their portfolio and services on the web. Its layout is different from the business theme layout. It has a creative header section with user profile images, name designation, and social media profiles links. Next, is the about me section to introduce with text, name and email options, etc. furthermore, it has my resume, services, skills, and portfolio areas along with contact form and Google maps.

Yg-freelancer drupal creative template

YG Corporate

YG Corporate is a business and corporation-free responsive Drupal theme. It has compatibility with Drupal 8. It is useful for corporate, business, and agency websites. Moreover, it has a simple and minimalistic layout structure. It starts with the header logo and mega menu. Furthermore, it has featured a carousel slider with images full-width backgrounds. Other sections include the about us with intro and three-column cards for further information about the company.

Yg corporate free drupal corporate template

YG News

YG News is a news and magazine free Drupal theme with responsive design. It is compatible with the latest version of Drupal software and Bootstrap. It is useful for news websites with lots of categories and sections in the form of magazines. Moreover, its layout is very good and is according to the layouts of news and magazine-type blogs and websites. It comes with a top bar with trending news, a middle bar with logo and social media profile links, a bottom bar with navigation options.

YG news free magazine and news Drupal theme

YG Dental

YG dental is a dental care-free Drupal theme compatible with Drupal 8 and bootstrap v 3. It is suitable for a dental website that has lots of sections such as appointments, services, and products, etc. Moreover, it comes with a clean layout structure comprising of various layout areas such as header, featured, tab style accordion widget to describe the success of your clinic in multi-tabs and categories. Furthermore, it has dental care services with 6 columns grids with icons and a small summary of services.

Yg dental free Drupal 8 theme


Sshop is an eCommerce-free Drupal theme. It is suitable for eCommerce type websites. Moreover, it is compatible with the latest Drupal. It has a simple layout with a header on the very top with multiple options such as branding, menu, cart, user log in and search box, etc. moreover, it has four columns product listing furthermore, it has a categories-based filter option to search the products in a category.

Sshop ecommerce Drupal template

YG Fitness

YG Fitness is a fitness and health Drupal 8 theme with compatibility of core Bootstrap v3. It is a useful layout design for gym, fitness, and health-type business websites. Moreover, its layout structure is similar to the other free Drupal themes including the header, services, and portfolio, testimonial, intro, and footer widget sections. Furthermore, its design is clean, professional, and minimal with modern trends.

YG fitness free fitness and health Drupal 8  template

The above lists of free Drupal themes are useful for business, news and magazine, and multi-purpose blogs and websites. The themes are high quality with pixel-perfect design. Moreover, they are flexible, responsive, adaptable, and customizable.

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