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30 Best Free Ecommerce WordPress Themes For Online Shops

Big Store ecommerce WordPress theme

An online store is a way to sell things online and it is becoming the trend for business. To open the online shop via WordPress, one needs a professional eCommerce theme that can support the payments, support, and product display based on categories, etc. There are lots of free eCommerce WordPress themes available that are packed with the aforementioned features. In this post, we are going to list the best eCommerce WordPress themes that are available to download for free. Moreover, certain themes that are free also offer the upgrade option to the premium version with extended features, support, and customizability options.

The below themes comes with a responsive design that can fit perfectly in all media screen resolutions such as tablets, PCs, and mobile devices. Moreover, they are search engine optimized, fast loading, most popular among WordPress users, SEO ready, and flexible layout structure. Furthermore, the themes support or can integrate the Woocommerce WordPress that makes the online shop experience to the next level.

Big Store

Big store is an awesome free WordPress eCommerce theme. It can be used to open online shops to sell products. It is a well-suited fashion, electronics, and clothing store. It comes with many features such as a responsive design that can fit perfectly in all devices such as mobile, iPad, tablet, and PCs. The layout structure of Bigstore is professional with grid based product display area and left sidebar for navigation purpose.

big store free ecommerce WordPress theme

Zigcy Lite

Zigcy lite is an eCommerce free WordPress theme that has the ability to offer lots of features for a successful eCommerce website. It is fast loading, easy to customize, responsive in design, and flexible layout structure. Moreover, this theme is fully integrated with Woocommerce and offers a quick demo import for easy to use and understand of this theme.

Zigcy WP theme for ecommerce website


Shoppingcart is another one of the most beautiful free WordPress eCommerce themes. It comes with a well-organized layout structure and flexibility to design. It can be used for the opening of an online store, online shop, or eCommerce website. From the features perspective, it is fully responsive, easy to use, has multiple colors, and is SEO optimized. It offers lots of color customization to change the look and feel of your eCommerce website.

shoppingcart responsive ecommerce WP theme


Astra is a multi-purpose WordPress theme but, it can be best utilized for eCommerce websites or online stores. It offers such features that are considered existential for online business. The most important thing is that you have the option to upgrade the free version with the pro in order to avail all the features and functionalities of the Astra WordPress theme. From the layout perspective, it has an elegant grid-style layout design to display the products.

astra free Ecommerce wordPress theme


Zakra is another one of the best free eCommerce WordPress themes with minimal and lightweight designs. It is a well-suited theme for any type of business or eCommerce website. The flexibility of design and layout structure makes it the perfect theme and distinguishes it from the many themes. Moreover, it is fully integrated with Woocommerce; works perfectly with Elementor page builder, and has a responsive layout design.

zakra responsive multipurpose wordPress theme


Hestia is a clean, minimal, and elegant WordPress theme. It is basically a business layout but due to the multi-purpose layout, it has the ability to make any type of eCommerce website. The design ideas in Hestia are fully modern, clean, and flexible. It will allow the user to create any type of layout easily to showcase the products in a way to grab the attention of the visitors. Moreover, it has a beautiful header with logo and menu option, the featured section, product display area, and more.

Hestia business and ecommerce WP theme

Fashion Estore

If you are looking for a WordPress theme to open an online fashion store, then this is the best choice for you to get started. It comes with all the features such as a beautiful header, navigation menu, social icons, responsive design, fast loading speed, and SEO optimization. Moreover, its layout is flexible and customizable to easily place the products.

WordPress theme for fashion and estore website


If you are looking for a simple, clean, and lightweight free eCommerce WordPress theme, then this will work valuable for you. It is lightweight and elegant with respect to design. Moreover, its three columns grid layout with product thumbnail, the title of the product, and price option makes it easy to product display theme. Furthermore, the header area is clean and minimal with cart, logo, and menu options. In order to search for products, there is also a search box.

Shopper three column free ecommerce WordPress theme

AccessPress Store

Accesspress is one of the most beautiful and elegant free eCommerce WordPress themes with a minimal look. It can be used for any type of shops such as electronics, clothes and general store. It comes with many features such as a flexible layout system, fonts, sidebar, footer, and social media icons. Moreover, it has also featured an area below the menu items to display the most important products at the top of the slideshow.

accesspress free WordPress theme


Sparklestore is another one of the most beautifully designed free eCommerce WordPress themes. It can be used to open any type of online store. Moreover, it is easy to use and customize, Along with four columns products display area, it has full width featured a display of products to get the variations in products display.

sparkle store WordPress theme for online shop


Leto allows the user to create any type of shopping website or online store easily and quickly. It is responsive in design and has easy customization options. One of the best thing about this free eCommerce WordPress theme is its header area with a transparent menu that are blended with featured area to create the awesome single look. Moreover, there is a product display section with four columns to show the thumbnails of products along with other information such as price and discount, etc.

Leto online shop theme


Storeship is a responsive free eCommerce WordPress theme with a multipurpose layout design. It is a modern and professional-looking theme that has the power to scale and customize it according to your needs. Moreover, it is compatible with popular page builders and Gutenberg. Other features include translation-ready, SEO optimization, fast loading speed, and compatibility with all modern browsers.

Storeshop free WordPress theme


Neve is one of the most popular free eCommerce WordPress themes with high performance. It is multipurpose and offers such amazing features to showcase the business portfolio. Due to its multi-purpose design and flexible layouts, this theme has become popular to use for free. Moreover, its elegant look and feel are customizable according to your needs. It can also have the option to upgrade to the premium version if you get to stick with its features and usability.

Neve business and free ecommerce WordPress theme

EightStore Lite

Eightstore light is an awesome woocmmerce WordPress theme to help you create an online shop or store. It comes with a fully responsive layout that can fit in all devices such as PCs, mobile devices and tablets, etc. Moreover, it has an elegant minimal look and feel. It has a beautiful header with top navigation, a middle header to place the logo, and car options. There is a beautiful area to display the products in four columns.

eightstore responsive WordPress theme for shopping


OceanWp is another one of the most popular free eCommerce WordPress themes with a multi-purpose layout design. It can be used to create an online shops related to any product such as clothes, electronics, home appliances, etc. Moreover, it is best and suitable for any type of business website too.

OceanWP free WordPress theme

Meta Store

Meta Store is news free theme for WordPress to be used for online businesses or online shops. It comes with a modern layout design that has an elegant look and feel. The most interesting element in this theme is its featured area with a left-hand side menu to easily navigate the business products. It makes it unique and attractive and stands it out from the unique layout of the rest. There is also a beautiful header search option, logo option, and account login option, etc preset in this theme.

Metrostore online shop ecommerce WordPress theme


Shopper is a modern elegant eCommerce WordPress theme with the support of Woocommerce. It has the power to showcase your business products in a seamless way to grab the attention of potential customers. It comes with a responsive and flexible layout design with awesome features. Moreover, it has a beautiful single header with branding, a menu, and user account information. There is also a featured section with a slider and three columns product display section.

Shoper free theme for WordPress

Store Front

Store front is a fast and lightweight one of the most elegant looking free eCommerce WordPress themes. Due to its simple and minimal nature, it is most popular among many woocommerce themes. It loads fast, SEO optimized, responsive design, and awesome widget section. It starts with the top navigation, middle header, and bottom main navigation menu in the header section. Moreover, it is fully compatible with all the modern browsers like Chrome, Opera and Firefox etc.

free WooCommerce WordPress theme

Open Shop

Open shop is clean, minimal, and lite WP theme with woocommerce support. open-shop WordPress theme allows you to open any store such as electronics, clothing, and any other shop. Moreover, its header area comes with beautifully designed colorful social icons, logo options,s and product search options. There are a featured slider to easily showcase the featured products of your business.

openshop free ecommerce WordPress theme


Shopay is another cool-looking eCommerce theme for WordPress users. It offers all the features to open online shops on the internet. Its header section is awesome with all the required elements such as branding, user account information, products menu and search options, etc. furthermore; you can easily display your products in the top featured area and a varied number of widgets layouts in three and four columns, etc.

Shopay free WP theme

Blossom Shop

Blossom Shop is one of the best free eCommerce WordPress themes with a gorgeous layout design. It is ready for any type of business on the internet. It provides many useful features such as, its full integration with WooCommerce, responsive design to fit all the devices without distortions, and fast loading. Moreover, it is clean, minimal and provides numerous widgets layout structures to display products in variation to get the attention of customers.

Blossom shop free WordPress theme wocommerce

Online Shop

Online Shop as its name shows is another beautiful WordPress theme. Its layout is professional with elegant design in a clean way.  It comes with an elegant header with sub-sections of top navigation, middle header, and bottom menus with support of search, user profile login, and products, etc. Moreover, it has also a gorgeous featured layout with an elegant display of products. Also, to display the portfolio of products, it comes with four columns section with product thumbnails and other information.

online shop Woocommerce WordPress theme

eCommerce Gem

eCommerce Gem is a multipurpose theme with a flexible layout design. Unlike the other free eCommerce WordPress themes, it provides extraordinary features for free. It is perfect to open online clothing jewelry and electronics shops etc. Moreover, it is customizable, Search engine optimized, fast loading, and awesome design.

Ecommerce Gem free WP theme


Punte is the modern elegant looking WordPress theme with awesome features. It is fully compatible with the elementor WordPress page builder and offers a clean and minimal look. It is multi-purpose that can be used for business websites too besides eCommerce websites. Moreover, it is clean responsive, and elegant with respect to design, layout, and features.

Punte free ecommerce and business WordPress theme

Shophistic Lite

Shophistic lite is a simple-looking free eCommerce WordPress theme. It comes with a simple but functional layout design. It has a beautiful header area and footer area along with the awesome products display area in the middle. The products area comes with four columns with products thumbnails, names of products, price, and other labels such as on sale. Overall, this is an awesome theme with a lightweight design and awesome look.

shophistic lite ecommerce WordPress theme

Software Agency

If you are looking for some elegant theme to open your software agency then this theme will work for you. It is best suitable for the IT industry and its related products. It is customizable, easy to use, and fast loading theme. Moreover, it has unique color combinations with easy-to-use header options, featured sections, and products area. It has also call-to-action buttons to increase clicks by the customers and enhanced the opportunity to sell more products.

ssoftware agency free ecommerce WordPress theme

Big Store

Big Store is a unique one of the most gorgeous free eCommerce WordPress themes with a modern look and feel. It comes with many features such as a top navigation bar with page links and social media icons display, the middle header section to display logo and search box. Moreover, it has a featured section with a left-hand side menu and right-hand side products. It also has tab menu options to display products with tabs.

big store wordPress theme

eCommerce Plus

Ecommerce plus is a multipurpose eCommerce WordPress theme to download for free. eCommerce plus is easy to use for online businesses or online stores. Its layout design is flexible that supports the latest trends and features in web design and development. Moreover, it has a post slider, WooCommerce integration with products slideshow; grid style products display option, and easy to use widgets in the main area.

Ecommerce Plus free theme

Grocery Store

Grocery Store is a free eCommerce WordPress theme with a multipurpose layout design. You can use a grocery store for any online business such as organic shops, clothing, beauty products, health products, and more. Its layout design is flexible with awesome features such as responsive design and easy to create widgets. Moreover, it is fully integrated with WooCommerce and compatible with popular WordPress page builders such as Elemenotor, Divi, and SiteOrigion.

Grocery free ecommerce WordPress theme

Organic Farm

Organic farm is a free eCommerce and business WordPress theme that is best suitable for environment sites. You can use this theme for tea shops, natural medicine, herbal products, and agricultural products. Moreover, it is based on the Bootstrap framework and comes with many shortcodes. It is responsive and SEO-friendly.

Organic free WordPress theme for ecommerce website

The aforementioned free eCommerce wordPress themes let you open the online store quickly and easily. They offer lots of features such as integration with Woocommerce to extend the functionalities of your online shop. Moreover, the themes allow displaying the product in a professional way to enhance the user engagement with the products. Furthermore, the themes are responsive design, SEO friendly; easy products display layout, customizable, and many more features. Some of the themes also have the option to upgrade to the premium version if you get to stick with them and to get more features unlocked.



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