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Best Free Education WordPress Themes 2021

School of education Free WordPress theme

Here we come with the amazing collection of free education WordPress themes to create a professional-looking website of your educational institution. These themes are suitable for schools, colleges, universities, kindergartens, institutes, and education-based websites. The themes specifically focused on educational purposes; however, they are also useful in other areas of business and commerce. The main features of the themes include the responsive layout design that can fit in all devices, easy to customize, support, documentation, and clean coding. The layouts colors can easily be changed into any preferred colors of your own choice.

LMS Education

LMS education is a nice-looking interactive WordPress theme. It is best for online learning, education, training, training centers, universities, colleges, primary and secondary schools, book stores, digital course stores, teaching, labs, schools, learning centers, digital skills development centers, and other educational institutions. If you know the code that will improve your website’s performance, you can add shortcuts to these addresses.  

This is a useful SEO topic that will quickly get your website up to the major search engines like Google. Moreover, this is in line with WordPress standards, so your website is always updated with the latest version of WordPress. Social media options allow you to link social media pages directly to your website. Also, the correct format is compatible with all mobile devices depending on the screen size. This professional and accessible look is definitely your best choice.

LMS education Free WordPress college and university theme

School of Education

School of education is a nice-looking elegant free education WordPress theme. This free WordPress theme is fully responsive and compatible with a browser, translation, and SEO. It is a clean and modern WordPress theme. Moreover, it is suitable for any classroom, store, library, university, workplace, college, school, learning center, training center, blog, or any educational institution. Moreover, it is the perfect choice for your learning website. If you have any problems using our theme, you can read the full documentation or contact our friendly support team.

school of education free WordPress education theme

Ostrich Education

Ostrich is a wonderful free education WordPress theme. It is ideal for all types of education, business, portfolio, digital organizations, blogs, entertainment and informational sites.  It is multipurpose with tons of features. In addition, the content is ready for translation and the first one is ready. It is well designed to give a professional look and feel Clean, smooth, seamless, and easy on SEO. All aspects of your education that should have a positive impact on potential clients and audiences are surrounded by the same theme.

Ostrich free higher education WordPress theme

Kiddie Care

Kiddie Care is an elegant and simple, clean, and responsive WordPress theme designed specifically for high school websites. It is retina-friendly and fully responsive. Moreover, it is useful for Kindergarten, Childcare, Daycare, Childcare, Kindergarten, Childcare and Vocational Schools. Furthermore, it is a free WordPress theme for kids and toddlers, suitable for kids’ educational institutions. Kiddie Care has a variety of visual features, including front-page rendering using the Visual API and much more. Also, there are several sections to this article, such as the option to add columns to the first-page section.

Kids care free WordPress education theme

JetBlack Education

Jet Black Education is an educational theme for WordPress. Educating children at Jet Black about their job and work is a priority, but for the education sector. It has a great design that makes it a unique and up-to-date website. Moreover, it has many options offered by the education sector. Also, JetBlack Education is also a flexible WordPress theme that can be used by any company. With its distinctive features and beautiful design, it also attracts newcomers. Furthermore, this theme is designed to give a quick and responsive presentation. You can also insert demo content into the plugin with only one person.

JetBlack free university education WordPress theme

Signify Education

Signify Education is a simple and responsive free education WordPress theme. The Signify theme is clean, concise, attractive and the website is well-formatted.  It includes components and processes suitable for all types of organizations and similar companies. It is suitable for high schools, colleges, universities, online classes, small businesses, and many other educational institutions. Furthermore, this theme has some great features and features such as easy access to cover, potential news, the latest soup and portfolio options, testimonials, services, hero stories, potential senders, and much more.

Moreover, this theme is built around the basic and basic information required for an educational website. From a clean design to dynamic features, Signify Education has it all to take your education website to the next level.

Furthermore, there are also special tools to improve your services and get your message across. You can also allow the top of the page to quickly view the status of your work. You can use features like hero stories and emerging themes to make your message strong and recognizable. With all these features to choose from, Signify Education fulfills all the needs of a solid and quality education site.

Signify free education WordPress theme

Education Insight

Education Insight is a modern and beautiful education WordPress theme that can be used on various educational websites. It is suitable for multipurpose educational websites such as primary and secondary schools, kindergartens, training centers, online classes, and high schools. Its shape is the smallest, most complex and ready for the retina. This professional theme is fully responsive and takes care of all mobile visitors.

Also, you can customize your website, as it provides many options for customization and personalization. This theme will not leave you in search engines because it is designed for SEO. Page load times are also easy to use. Moreover, it has a powerful and easy-to-use admin interface, custom wallpapers, improved icons and many other features. Depends on the boot system and is ready for translation. You can link to all your social media pages to show your credibility.

Education Insight free education WordPress theme

Surplus Education

Surplus Education is a simple, easy to use and great WordPress theme for education and training-related websites. It is a completely different theme in WordPress. Moreover, it allows you to fully customize your website without having to use code. The theme is responsive, ready to translate, well tested and designed to improve.

Surplus education free WP theme

Education Business

Educational business is a kids free education WordPress theme. . This free WordPress theme is fully responsive, cross-browser compatible, suitable for translation and SEO. It fully supports Elementor, all components are built with Elementor. Moreover, this theme is a clean and modern design. It is suitable for education, retail, library, university, workshop, college, school, educational center, training center, blog or any educational institution. An educational business theme is the perfect solution for your educational website. If you have any problems using our theme, you can check the comprehensive documentation or contact our support team.

free education business WordPress theme

Kids Education Soul

Kids Education soul is a simple, clean and responsive educational WordPress theme. It is suitable to create websites for kindergarten, high school, and other educational websites. Moreover, it contains all the essential features of the soul. But when it comes to drawing, early childhood education about the soul gives children more vivid and interesting shapes and colors. It has many features that make it easy to use, interactive and eye-catching.

 Moreover, it can be fully customized with powerful API-based theme options. Although this theme focuses on educational purposes, it applies to business and other areas of business. There are special sections that can be created and make your website beautiful. Also, this theme is sensitive, relevant, and interpretable to browsers.

free kids education WP theme

Education Home

Education home is a free WordPress theme essential for education, assessment, education blogs, and financial websites. This theme has great features that make it easy for you to write articles and blog posts. Moreover,it is a creative template that has several sections on the home page. It has full-screen options about it. It uses clean SEO and responsive HTML5 as well as fast, simple and easy-to-use best practices. Use as needed to add backgrounds, layouts, websites, and more.

The theme also supports unlimited color options. You can customize the logo and add unlimited pages. Moreover, this theme is responsive and supports all major WordPress plugins. Furthermore, this theme is useful for NGOs, Architects, Founders, SEO, Technology, Health, Science, Religion, Housing and any type of website. It includes schemas, functions, translations, services, references, and team areas.

Education home free school, university and college WordPress theme

Learn Press Education

Learn Press Education is a WordPress theme with elegant modern design. It is responsive, fast loading and easy to customize. Moreover, it is compatible with the Learn Press plugin and is a great tool for teaching, courses, speakers, online/offline training, etc.

Learn Press free education WordPress theme

Education Business School

Education business school is a free education WordPress theme. This free WordPress theme is fully responsive and compatible with browser, translation and SEO. It is a clean and modern WordPress theme. It is suitable for any classroom, business, library, university, workplace, college, school, education center, training center, blog, or any educational institution. Moreover, the Business Education School theme is perfect for your teaching site. If you have any problems using our theme, you can read the full documentation or contact our friendly support team. It fully supports Elementor, all components are customizable with Elementor.

free education business WP theme

In a nutshell, there are many free education WordPress themes are available to download for your website. In addition, you can choose the one that best fits your choice and niche. Al the aforementioned themes are highly customizable and user-friendly. You can change colors, layouts, and other options right from the dashboard.

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