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15 Free HTML5 & CSS3 Templates to Build Portfolio Websites

Astral free HTML website template

Creating a portfolio of the project is simple with the help of HTML-free portfolio website templates. The templates offer lots of features for free such as varied elements in each and every template. The layout area comprises the header, portfolio, footer, and about pages. Moreover, due to the flexibility of coding and ease of use, new sections or elements can be added to the templates.

If you are a creative web designer, photographer or freelancer then you have to create your portfolio to show the work around the web. Therefore, fresh and professional website templates can be used for this purpose. It will highlight your skills and tell more about your work. Therefore, if you are looking for such amazing templates then, this post is for you.

Beetle – HTML5 template

Beetle is a free HTML5 template with a clean and modern design. Its layout is professional that is suitable for any type of portfolio design. It has all the elements that are needed to create a business portfolio or simple photography portfolio. It starts with a modern header that has an awesome logo in the left corner and dropdown menu navigation on the right-hand side.

Beetle free HTML website template


Arizona is a creative portfolio template with HTML5 and CSS3 support. It is suitable for designers, photographers, and creative people to showcase their skills and portfolio in a cool way. It has a homepage, about, studio, work, and contact pages. Its design is minimal and creative with respect to every element. Moreover, it is customizable and new features can be added to it easily.

Arizona Free website template


Ethos is another wonderful free portfolio template with clean, professional, and minimal design. It is suitable for photographers or creative people with unique skills level. Its layout structure is awesome having the header, featured section, portfolio, and footer. Moreover, this template has other sections to fully describe your skills and expertise to your visitors.

Ethos HTML5 and CSS3 website portfolio template


Seneca is a lightweight website HTML5 website template with awesome design ideas. It is useful for creative people to organize the portfolio or any other information in a cool way. Moreover, new sections and features can be added to it easily by editing the HTML and CSS source files.

Seneca Free website portfolio template


Nevada has two columns in a portfolio with large image sizes. It has a clean and minimal layout design with various elements including the header, portfolio, and featured area. Furthermore, it has a creative footer section and menus along with many features.

Nevada portfolio website template free

K!sbag minimal portfolio template

K!iceberg is one of the best free HTML portfolio website templates for design agencies and designers. It has a unique portfolio design with two columns having image thumbnails and a project title. It is easy to use and clean-coded template that can also be extended to add new elements and sections easily.

Moreover, it has 6 responsive pages including the homepage, logo collection, portfolio, and works, about, contact and single project blog, etc. It has awesome fonts and uses the bootstrap framework to extend the functionalities.

  • PSD sketch
  • HTML and CSS files
  • 6 responsive pages
  • Awesome fonts
  • And more
creative free website template

Barts Free Minimal Portfolio Website

Barts is a free HTML website template for portfolio blogs and websites. It is made with the Bootstrap framework and supports all the bootstrap elements. It has a Roboto Google font that can be changed easily. Furthermore, it is suitable for designers, developers, freelancers, photographers, and creative people.

barts free portfolio HTML website template


Prologue is another beautifully designed free HTML5 portfolio website template with an awesome look and feel. Furthermore, its layout comprises left-hand columns to show the information regarding the user and menu, etc. The right-hand column contains information about the portfolio and works along with several elements.

Prologue free HTML website template


Parallelism is a beautiful portfolio template for photographers. It is useful for photography due to its layout that is best suited to images display. Moreover, it can be used for any portfolio that has a creative look and feel.

Parallelism free photography HTML website template


Astral is a clean, modern, and professional free HTML5 and CSS3 portfolio website template with a clean and modern look. In addition, Its layout comes with four creative pages contain the homepage, portfolio section in three columns, contact and social page. Moreover, it has tabs to show the various page according to the click-on tab.

astral free website template


Multiverse is free photography portfolio template made with simple HTML5 & CSS3. Moreover, it has three columns layout with images and the title of the project. It is professional and clean.

Multiverse awsome free portfolio HTML website template


Phantom is an amazing free HTML portfolio website template with clean coding and lightweight colors. Furthermore, it has creative look and comes with an awesome layout design. Its layout contains the header with description and logo, three columns portfolio with square grids of equal sizes. Moreover, it has footer widgets, social icons, and a fast loading speed.

Phantom free website portfolio template


Lens is a photography portfolio template with an awesome concept of sidebar images galley and display on the content area. Moreover, it has an images gallery, when a user clicks any image it opens up in the left-hand post area with next and previous buttons. Furthermore, this feature makes it perfect for many creative people.

lens awesome website HTML5 template

Big Picture

Big Picture is one of the most professional design-free HTML portfolio website templates. It is fast loading due to minimal concept and lightweight design. Moreover, it has numerous elements such as header menu and logo, featured full-width area, and portfolio or works.

Bigpicture creative portfolio website template


Aerial is a single-page free HTML5 and Css3 website template for a portfolio. Furthermore, it has awesome look, animated background image, and creative design.

creative HTML5 portfolio website template

The aforementioned templates are perfect in design, rich in layouts, and useful for any portfolio. Moreover, the templates come with HTML5, CSS3. Furthermore, some templates also have PSD sketches to fully utilize or extend the design. They are clean, elegant, and professional.


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