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15+ Free Icon Websites For Front-End Developers

Free Icons websites

Icons are considered the important element of modern web design. They are helpful for better User Experience on the mobile and web applications. Today, we come with an excellent collection of free icon websites to help you out finding the best icons for your project. The online icon resources allow the user to search the desired icon or icon sets that are suited to your project. Moreover, icons in these websites are available in PNG, SVG and other useful file formats. Some of the websites even have some built in features to customize icons before download. The moat important name in such category of websites is Icons8. In addition, there are multiple size of icons can be accessed such as 24px x 24px and greater sizes. You can choose the size that beat fit your project need.

The icons categories ranges from web applications to daily life icons. You can find Icons relates to application, lifestyle, entertainment, finance and economy etc. The best thing is that there is lot of variation in choosing the icon. You can access multiple websites for icons to choose the best size and design of icon. You can also change the colour and size in some websites that offer such functionalities of customization.


Icons8 is a comprehensive website to download free icons. Moreover, it provides the best features and interface to customize the look and feel of icons. You can change the color and size of icons along with other customization features.

Icons8 - Free Icons Illustrations and Photos


Iconmonstr provides the best free icons falling in numerous categories. All icons are high definition and perfect resolution. There is a combination of both solid and line design in these icons.

Iconmonstr - Free Icons


UxWing comprises a set of icons in different categories. You can search the icons via search box to easily locate the desired icon for your project.

UXWing - popular icons sets


Fontawesome is a most popular icon library and toolkit. It has a comprehensive list of icons related to almost all categories of mobile and web applications. Moreover, you can easily integrate these icons in your website via CSS and use these icons anywhere in your website or project.

Fontawesome - Free icons toolkit


Freeicons ia a largest database of free icons on the web. It provides multiple file formats such as PNG, SVG, EPS, PSD and base 64.

Freeicons - Largest database of free icons


Iconshock is a biggest icon library with 2 million icons. It has 400+ icon sets and 30 styles including glyphs, iOS, windows 10 and colourful icons etc.

Iconshock - over 400+ icons sets


Thenounproject comprises of over 3 million professional icons. Moreover, it has photos that you can also search for your project. The icons are perfectly designed with cool styles.

Thenounproject - Icons and photos for everything


Captain icons consists of more than 350 vector icons for mobile and web application projects. The icons are perfect in resolution and design.

CaptainIconWeb - 350+ free vector icons


Boxicons are high quality open source web icons for developers and designers. You can browse these icons by categories, or styles such as regular, solid or logo. There is a search box to assist you find the icons related to your project.

Boxicons - high quality web icons


Flaticons is a biggest icon library with over 8 million icons. It has colourful solid icons for developers. Moreover, the icons are available in SVG, PNG, EPS, PSD and Base 64. It provides lots of categories such as education, abstract and sports icons etc.

Flaticon - Free 8 Million Icons PNG


This website provides free icons for web design and development. You can browse icons as well as other resources for your projects easily from this website.

1001freedownloads - download free icons


Iconoir is a library of 1151 unique icons. It is completely open source and free to download for your project. The available file formats are SVG, react and figma etc.

Iconoir - 1151 Unique icons


Softicons provides the classical looking free icons. It has lots of icon sets with cool design.

Softicons - wsimple classical icons


Iconscout is an icon library with both free and premium icons. It has more than 4 million icons with high quality resolution and different sizes. The download formats available in SVG, PNG, EPS and other file formats. All the icons are professionally designed and easy to download.

Iconscout - 4 million free and premium icons


Icondinder is a great free icon website to download icons for free. It also provides the customization options to change the colours and other aspects of the selected icons. There is a nice colour editor tool available with this website to change the look and feel of your icons.

Iconfinder - Free icons creator


Iconarchive consists of more than 2000 icon sets. There is a great verity of icons ranging from classical to modern flat design icons. Moreover, you can individually search icons of your need via search box.

Iconarchive - Free SVG Icons


Icon-icons is a nice collection of icons with modern design. The icons are highly customizable and perfect in size. There is a lots of categories and icon sets that you can browse to locate your favourite icon.

Icon-icons - Free icons set


Freepik is all in one design resource and free icon website for developers and designers. Not only you can browser icons from this website but also other design resources such as photos and mockups etc. Every icon is perfect with high resolution.

Freepik - free design resources

In short, icons play an important part in web design and development. The modern web heavily rely on Icons for better user experience in all devices. Moreover, the aforementioned free icon websites are easy to use to find the beat icons for your project. Furthermore, you can also customize the look and feel od your icons before download. The icons ranges from classical to modern flat icons according to your needs.

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