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25 Best Free Responsive Joomla Templates 2021

Xeon free responsive Joomla template

Today we come with fresh collection of free responsive joomla templates compatible with Joomla 3 and 4 versions for your website. The themes come with varied features individually. Every template has unique look and feel and customizability options. The general layout consists of numerous elements such as header to show logo and navigation menu. Furthermore, the other sections include the featured section with some templates static featured background image and some templates with slideshow and carousel options. Moreover, the business portfolio services section and pricing section etc. make them really awesome free Joomla templates.

In addition to the aforementioned features, these templates come with user friendly responsive layout design that has the ability to fit in all the modern media devices and resolutions. Moreover, each and every element of template is fully crafted with features and usability. The heading design icons design and user experience is very good.

Furthermore, the free Joomla templates are clean in design. Other features including the RTL support compatibility with major browsers retina ready display and customizability and flexibility.


Morph is one of the most downloaded free Joomla templates with many users worldwide. Its domain and core are is business. However, it is multipurpose and can be used for any type of niche related to services industry, business and more.

Its layout structure is really awesome because, it has modern design that encompasses all the sections and areas required in any business or service related industry. It has elegant header with top bar, main bar and featured section. Moreover, it has filtered based 4 columns portfolio and product section. Its admin panel is T3 framework that allows the user to easily customize the elements in it. Furthermore, it has professional icons, heading and design elements. It comes with professional footer also. It is responsive and loading fast Joomla template.

Morph free business Joomla template


Nova is a modern professional looking free Joomla template with amazing features. This template is useful for varied types of websites or you can say it a multipurpose Joomla template.

It comes with gorgeous layout design that has multiple sections and areas. Nova Joomla template starts with nice header and ends at beautiful footer section. The header area has topbar and main navigation bar for the purpose of logo, menu and useful links. Moreover, it has also a featured slider with full background image. Other layout sections include the introduction, portfolio or services currently offered, consultation form, team members, testimonials, case study, recent blog posts and articles and four columns footer.

Furthermore, the overall design of Nova free Joomla template is very good. It has awesome typography use, gorgeous heading design, good color choices and more. Moreover, if you get stick with it, you can also go pro and unlock all the features.

Nova multipurpose Joomla theme

Fix – Multi-purpose Joomla Template

Fix is another useful multipurpose free Joomla template with many features. It is suitable for business or any type of website with lots of sections for information.

If we talk about its layout, it comes with clean, simple and minimalistic layout area. It has topbar with phone number, email address and UAN along with message on the right side. Moreover, its navigation bar comes with logo and menu options. Its featured section is full width slider. Furthermore, this free Joomla template has map, news and insight, services, portfolio and footer section.

The use of fonts in numerous elements such as heading and content is very cool. Moreover, the design of various elements is also very cool.

Fix multi-purpose Joomla template


Balder is the professional joomla template having the clean, white minimalistic layout. It is useful for business websites.

Balder has dynamic layout structure with many sections in it. It comes with top bar, main navigation for logo branding, menu navigation and social icons. Moreover, it has static full width featured background. Other important areas in this joomla template are three columns static card style having the heading, excerpt of text and read more option. Furthermore, it has counter plugin to count the services or products etc. It has also pricing plan, team member, contact form, testimonial and three columns footer section.

With respect to design, it is clean and modern design template with good use of typography, heading and element design and icons etc. Overall, it is awesome Joomla template.

Balder responsive template for Joomla

Green Nature

Green Nature is an environmental minimal free Joomla template for natural products to sell online. It is useful for any type of business in the domain of nature. However, it is not restriction it can be used for any business, but, its overall look and feel makes it suitable for natural website.

It has many sections such as topbar, header menu with logo brand, search box and social icons of Facebook, twitter and other popular social websites. Furthermore, it has static featured section with background image, title and call to action buttons. Moreover, the section followed by featured area is the three columns information section with icons, heading and summary of text to inform the user. Moreover, it has product section, footer, user’s recommendation and brands etc. sections.

Its design is clean and professional with modern design inspiration. Moreover, it has unique heading design that is placed in the left area covering the whole section. Other design elements such as heading design etc are gorgeous. Moreover, it is fast loading, cross-browser compatible, SEO ready and schema ready.

Green nature environmental free Joomla theme


Xeon is a fresh and minimal joomla template with minimalistic design inspiration. It is compatible with latest version of joomla. Xeon comes with top header featured slideshow business portfolio and services and pricing tables. Moreover, It is also customizable with any color as you wish. Moreover, it is responsive and RTL support along with many other features.

Xeon Free Joomla template

JD Paris

Jd Paris is clean business free Joomla template with awesome features. It is best suitable for business venture website and multi-purpose blogs.

Jd Paris comes with dynamic layout styles. It has top header with navigation menu, email address, logo and contact option. Moreover, it offers the full width background slider in the featured section. Furthermore, it has many sections such as introduction, portfolio services, counter of various products, team member or team widget with their names, social profiles and about. Moreover, it has 4 columns footer widget section and a small footer bar.

Furthermore, it is fast loading which is good for SEO. Other features include the cross-browsers compatibility, SEO friendly and awesome element design.

JD paris business and services joomla-template

Astroid Template Framework

Astroid is a unique free Joomla template. It is multipurpose which can be used for business, landing page or agency website etc.

Its layout is unique starting with header and ending with footer section. The header area is transparent and uses the color of featured background or image. Moreover, it offers the introduction section, four columns services with icons, text or summary and knows more links. Furthermore, it has team member in three columns, contact form and footer bar.

The design of Astroid template framework is very clean and modern. It uses the best font and typography. Moreover, the design of numerous elements is attractive. It has SEO friendly code  and easy to customize.

Astroid multipurpose joomla theme

JD Seattle

JD seattle is another one of the beautiful free joomla templates. It is also business layout and can best be useful for business websites.

The layout of JD seattle is attractive, clean and gorgeous. It has featured background that stretches to the top from its original position. It is therefore makes the background of mega navigation that has white background. Moreover, it offers all the widgets and sections that most of the business templates offers. For example, it has 9 square grids services section with icons and little information in each grid. Moreover, it has blog posts or latest news, news latter and 3 columns footer widgets etc.

Furthermore, it offers the attractive look and feel with blue and white color contrast. It has also the customization options. Moreover, it loads very fast in browsers, responsive layout design that is ready to fit in all the media devices. It is SEO ready and customizable.

JD seattle responsive Joomla template


Colino ia one of the most gorgeous and clean free Joomla templates. It is designed for business and agency websites to showcase their services and portfolios.

Moreover, the layout structure of Colino is attractive, clean and useful. It has transparent header top bar that is blended and mixed with featured area. The header bar will show the same colors that are used in featured background image due to its transparent nature. Furthermore, it has three column sections for the purpose of announcement or product information. Other sections are including the three columns portfolio with filter option to choose the category of interest. Moreover, it has team, testimonial, blog posting and email subscription section. It has also map section to set the address in it.

Each and every element is pixel perfect with latest design ideas. The font style, heading style, color choices and overall design is gorgeous.

Colino free joomla responsive theme

JD Boston

JD Boston is a gorgeous Joomla template. It is useful layout for any type of business. Moreover, it can be used for multipurpose websites due to its flexibility and scalability.

Its layout area offers the many sections such as header area, featured area, about us with two columns, services with four columns having round icons, little text and get more info button. Furthermore, it has equal width 3 columns portfolio with filter option from various categories. Moreover, it has counter widget, testimonial, sign up or new latter and professional footer.

Furthermore, unlike the other free Joomla templates, it has customization options, SEO optimization, fast loading and responsive design. It has back to top button, nice font styles and heading design.

JD boston free Joomla template

JD Austin

JD Austin is a unique looking Joomla template with clean minimal style of layout. Its core domain is business because of its various areas and sections.

Furthermore, it comes with business layout with various sections such as services, portfolio with filter option and more. Moreover, it has awesome blog posts section with left column and right 3 small cards. It has also Google map and contact form.

The design of JD Austin is modern and professional. It is customizable according to user needs such as colors and other elements.

JD Austin business Joomla template

JA Campaign

JA Campaign is an amazing multipurpose free Joomla template. It is best suitable for ecommerce websites and equally useful for any type of business.

Moreover, it has simple and clean layout design with header, featured products portfolio, sign up form and footer. Although it has not many sections as the business templates have but it has awesome products portfolio with filtration option of various categories of services. Furthermore, it is easy to use and customize from dashboard. It has responsive layout design that can fit perfect in mobile, PCs and tablet devices.

JA campaign free Joomla template

JD NewYork

JD NewYork is one of the most gorgeous business layout free Joomla templates. Due to its business layout structure it is useful for business, landing pages and other such niches.

The layout of JD NewYork is clean, simple and minimalistic. It has beautiful header design with two top bars for mega menu, logo and business address etc. Moreover, it comes with full width featured slider with two arrows on the left and right side each. Furthermore, it has six grids to introduce the business with each grid containing the Icons on the very top, small heading and little excerpt of text. It has offer section with 3 columns having the layout of top image, title and summary etc. Moreover, it has skills bars, testimonials, team members and gorgeous footer.

Its design is amazing with clean approach in each and every element of the template. Moreover, it is fast loading and SEO optimized. IT is responsive that can fit in all modern media devices.

JD newyork free theme for Joomla


Bruno is a minimalistic one of the most clean free Joomla template. It comes with business layout with many static and dynamic areas to place the information in it.

Its layout structure comprises of numerous elements and areas such as top header that covers the menu navigation, slider, branding and social icons etc. Moreover, it has welcome section with left image and right heading and intro text etc. Furthermore, it has counter widget, three columns slideshow, testimonial or user experience with business and different menus to choose from. It has three columns portfolio with filter option. It offers the widget to place the team members and more.

Moreover, it is fast load in all browsers, easy to customize and SEO ready. Its numerous elements are pixel perfect design such as heading, icons and other such website elements. 

Bruno free template with business layout-Joomla

JD Atlanta

JD Atlanta is a unique, modern and attractive free business Joomla template. It is suitable for any kind of business domain.

Moreover, its layout area is fully crafted with pixel perfect design. It offers the awesome header area that consists of two navigation bars and featured section. Furthermore, it has accordion and multi tab widgets to provide the information to the users. It has filter based portfolio in three columns and total size grids, it has also 4 columns team member section to introduce the team. Moreover, it comes with blog posts, contacts us, social media icons and professionally designed footer section.

It has clean and modern design that stands it out from many of the business Joomla templates. Moreover, it has good headings and other elements such as icons design. It loads fast to improve your search visisbility.

JD atlanta free Joomla theme

Helix Ultimate

Helix Ultimate is another free joomla template with business layout design. It is suitable for business website with portfolio   services   and other products. Furthermore, its layout is saleable and easy to adjust according to user needs. It has awesome header bar section with two columns left and right. The left side offers the branding option such as website logo and the right section includes the navigation menu. Moreover, its business layout comes with numerous sections such as portfolio services section footer and more. It is responsive and can easily fit perfect in all media devices.

helix ultimate free theme for Joomla


Helix3 is a business layout free joomla template. It has awesome layout design. It is suitable for business and agency websites. Moreover, its layout is very flexible and user friendly. It comes with topbar containing the social media icons such as Facebook, Twitter and other social media websites. Afterwards, it has nice header to display logo and main navigation. The other sections include the business portfolio with icons of numerous things to visualize the information. Moreover, it has awesome footer section. It is fast loading responsive design and easy to customize.

Helix free Joomla template

JA Stark

JA Stark is an elegant one of the most attractive free Joomla templates. Its core domain is business due to its layout section design. Moreover, it is dynamic and can be used for any niche.

It has custom modern design ideas in all its sections such as header, footer, services and portfolios. Moreover, it has four columns portfolio services and latest news widgets that are ready to use for any type of service placement or to inform the users about any new news etc. Furthermore, it is responsive, loading fast, Chrome and Firefox compatible and easy to use.

JA stark business Joomla template

JA Simpli

If you are looking for some simple Joomla template then this is best choice. It is simple, clean and minimal design that makes it perfect for many niches. However, its core is business layout.

Furthermore, it offers the dark blue background header with social media icons and main navigation. It has also a static background to show the featured content. Moreover, it offers the various cards, image gallery, testimonials, footer and several other sections. Unlike the other free Joomla templates it comes with sections and areas are modern design. It has easy to use options, responsive in design and blazing fast loads in all the major browsers in desktop and mobile devices.

JA simpli free responsive simple business template for Joomla CMS

JM Internet

JM internet as its name shows is a free Joomla template for internet type websites. It has custom layout that is suitable for internet and communication related blogs and websites.

Moreover, it starts with header bar preceded by featured section and its header is transparent that is based on the colors of featured images. Furthermore, it has simple layout structure latest products, internet speed meter, contact form with captcha and four columns footer with amazing social media colorful icons and popular articles widgets etc. It is simple, responsive, SEO friendly and customizable joomla template.

JA internet and broadband free Joomla template

JM Kids Fashion VirtueMart Store

If you are intend to make an ecommerce website for kids’ related products then this can be the best joomla template for you. It has ecommerce features that let you to make an online shop easily and fast.

Moreover, its layout structure comprises of numerous sections such as top bar middle header and main navigation bars. All these three bars make its header. It has also content slider to slide the recent or latest kids’ products. It has 3 columns sale product widget that enlist the product image and its price along with related information. Moreover, it has also the widget of best sellers and categories of various items.

JM kids ecommerce free Joomla template download

JM Services

JM services as its name indicates is services and business related free Joomla template that comes with simple and minimal design ideas. It is suitable for service industry websites.

Moreover, it comes with top bar for the purpose of useful links and address. The main navigation is really awesome in it with mega navigation menu. Furthermore, it offers the simple recent slides of various services and footer widget section with social media icons.

JM services free Joomla template

JM Lifestyle

JM Lifestyle is health and fitness free Joomla template. It is useful for health and lifestyle realted websites due to its custom design.

Moreover, it comes with transparent header bar with all the menu and logo options. It has also featured area to showcase the most important and featured news there. Furthermore, it has widgets for health, diet and lifestyle related niches. It has social media Facebook, twitter, and Google Plus and Youtube icons. Moreover, it is responsive and flexible to fit in all modern media resolutions such as tablet, Pcs, Mobile and big screen devices. It is cross-browser compatible and easy to use.

JM lifestyle Joomla template download

The aforementioned free joomla tempaltes are rich in features and compatible with Joomla 3 and 4 versions. They have custom layout design with flexibility of change the look and feel from the admin panel. Moreover, they load fast, customizable and flexible, retina ready display in mobile and other retina devices, responsive and all major browsers such as Google chrome Firefox and safari compatible. The above templates are available to download for free with some features omitted. However, you can go pro with all the features if you like any of the Joomla templates.

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