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18 Free Responsive Personal Blog Blogger Templates

camera blogger responsive template

A personal blog lets you share your personal feelings and other information on the web. Today, we come with a nice collection of personal blog blogger templates. They come with a custom layout and design structure so that you get the full flexibility to add widgets or remove widgets. Moreover, the template comes with a professional-looking header section which allows you to put your logo, social media profile icons, search box, and drop-down menu. They also have a sidebar area so that blogger widgets can be added in this area to get the most from your blog.

Moreover, there is a professional-looking footer section and footer credit or copyright bar. Furthermore, the blog posting area which shows the recent blog posts is professionally designed with a custom look and feel. It comes with the post title, image thumbnail, label information, summary or text excerpt, and meta information. The amazing thing is that the templates allow you to customize the look and feel to personalize it according to your own taste.


Camera is a simple blogger template with a nice layout design. It is useful for personal blogs and websites with simple content. It comes with a topbar having site links, social icons, and a middle header with ad and logo, and bottom navigation menus. Moreover, it has three columns featured sliders based on the thumbnails and post title. The blog posting section consists of masonry-style 3 columns posts with image thumbnails as the main focus.

Camera Free Personal Blog Blogger Template


Oriana is a beautiful blog blogger template. It comes with a simple sleek minimal layout design. Moreover, it has many sections in layout such as header section, sidebar section with sticky widgets, footer section, and the blog post section. It is fast loading, easy to use, and customizable blogger template to download for free.

Oriana Blog Blogger Template


Carolina comes with a custom layout area. It is a simple, elegant, and minimal free personal blog blogger template. Moreover, it has a top bar, middle header full-width image carousel, featured section, two columns blog recent post section, one right-hand sidebar, and one footer section. The good thing about this template is that it is free to download.

Carolina Free Personal Blog Blogger Template


Flora handcraft is a nice-looking free blogger template with clean minimal design inspiration. It comes with a classical look and feels at the header, footer, and every section. The header bar is handcrafted so that it looks unique and only yours.

Flora Blogger Template


Writer is an elegant-looking template. Unlike the other free personal blogger templates, it has a classical layout design. Each and every element is perfectly designed with custom colors patterns. Moreover, it offers all the areas such as sidebar, footer, content, and header to fully provide the scalability to your blog.

Writer Free Personal Blogger Template for writers


Director is one of the most functional and unique free personal blog blogger templates. It is fully effective for online portfolio blogs or websites. The template provides a great visual effect for the viewers. It has many sections such as a full-width header section, with the name of admin, title, and read more link. It also has Google maps, skill bars with percentages, and a nice portfolio.

Director Personal Blog Blogger Template


Monal is a simple portfolio and personal blog free blogger template. It comes with a top header with a logo and drop-down menu option. The portfolio area consists of three columns with a great visual hover effect. It has a clean and minimal layout design with simplicity at its core. Moreover, the template has an about section; follow by email and social media icons to socialize your portfolio content on the web.

Monal Free Personal Blogger Template

Sera Blog

Sera Blog is a minimalistic personal free blogger template with a clean responsive design. It is useful for any type of blog with a personal touch. Moreover, it has a classical header design with a topbar, middle bar, and bottom bar. It has a beautiful carousel slider and 3 columns recent posts section. It has also three columns footer with different widgets.

Sera Blog Blogger Template

The Freelancer

The freelancer is a portfolio-looking free personal blogger template. It has the power to showcase your portfolio for online view. You can set up a full-fledged portfolio and services section with this template. It has SEO optimized layout, responsive layout design that can fit in mobile devices, iPad and desktop devices, etc.

Thefreelancer Template


Nubia is one of the most beautiful free personal blog blogger templates. It is suitable for personal blogging on the internet. Moreover, it has a unique layout design with left-sidebar adjacent to the right-hand side content section. Furthermore, the template has a very top featured section with left columns full thumbnails and right column two thumbnails. It is also a fast-loading, SEO-optimized, and clean layout for blogger users.

Nubia Free Personal Blog Blogger Template


Alva is a modern blogger template with a classical look. It comes with many features such as a multi-level drop-down menu, left-hand side logo section, four columns content slider, right sidebar, and much more. Moreover, its blog post section or recent content section has a big image thumbnail followed by a post title, meta information, text excerpt, and read more button. It is SEO optimized and responsive layout.

Alva Blog Blogger Template


Lexal is one of the simplistic free personal blog blogger templates. It comes with many features such as a minimal white layout with clean coding and responsive design that can fit perfectly in all media devices. Moreover, the template has four columns featured image thumbnails section and masonry style blog posting among many other features.

Lexal Free Personal Blog Blogger Template

Saas Blog

Saas blog is a blogger template for creative people such as web designers, photographers, developers, freelancers, and more. It offers many features with respect to design and layout structure. It comes with a large featured section with admin name, text, and learns more button. Moreover, it has a portfolio section, meet the team, with four columns team members presentation and simple blog post area.

Saas blog Blogger Template


Best is another classical-looking free personal blog blogger template. It comes with social media icons, branding or logo option, and search form icon in the header area. Moreover, it also has three columns full-width carousel slider with image thumbnail, post title, and label option. The sidebar consists of the about me widget, follows us social icons, and ad space to monetize your blog.

Best Free Personal Blog Blogger Template


Holiday and travel are one of the most elegant free personal blog blogger templates. It comes with white color and minimalistic design ideas. Moreover, it has a large featured section with a background image that covers the whole width. Furthermore, the template has three columns featured image slideshow and two columns masonry style blog post and recent articles area. It also has a nice sidebar with cool footer widgets. Each and every element is perfect in design and functionality. 

Holiday Free Blogger Template


Janice is a classical-looking free blogger template with a large logo option. It will highlight your branding information more accurately due to the large header logo size. Moreover, the template comes with a single column full-width image slider that auto-rotates and creates a great visual impact on the viewers. It is compatible with all modern browsers, responsive, and retina-ready display.

Janice Free Personal Blog Blogger Template


True blog is just a simple one of the cleanest free personal blog blogger templates. It comes with a simple layout area that consists of a top header, footer, sidebar, and left content section. The content area is unique that has a simple label, title, large thumbnail, excerpt, continue reading, social icons, and comment option. Moreover, it is simple and minimal.

True Blog Free Personal Blog Blogger Template

Edward & Stella

Edward & Stella is a personal blogger template for simple blogging. It allows the user to create stunning posts with no effort or minimal effort. The template comes with a classical style header that has amazing logo placement with a large size just at the very top of the blog. Furthermore, it has two columns featured section and two columns blog content area. All the blogger widgets in it are fully optimized.

Edward Blogger Template

The above list of free personal blog blogger template is amazing. The templates are available to download for free with a credit link to its author. If you want to remove the credit link you can purchase the template for the full version, which provides even more flexibility and customizability options with customer support. the main features of the templates are the responsive layout design that can fit perfectly in all modern web devices, retina-ready display, SEO ready, and easy to customize. We hope, you like the blogger template.

The design of the above template is very clean, minimal, and professional. The use of typography, icons, and heading elements is just professional. Moreover, the templates are fast loading, compatible with all major browsers, have pagination, SEO optimize heading and many more features.


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