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The 35+ Best Free Photography WordPress Themes

Hitchcock free Photography WordPress theme

The best free photography WordPress themes with an awesome and attractive look and feel are useful for hobby photographers to show their portfolios of best-taken shoots. Due to the simple but attractive layout of the photography website, it becomes distinguished from the rest of the niches. The main elements of any photography WordPress theme include the portfolio, header, and footer. The portfolio is useful and needed for showing the best creative shoots to get the attraction of the users, while the header and footer are useful for showing the menus and other important information useful for users.

These themes come with a responsive design to fully scale up or resize the width according to the media devices’ resolutions such as mobile, tablets, and PCs. Moreover, they are search engines optimized to rank your website better. Other features include customization, flexibility, scalability, fast loading, and ease to use without the knowledge of WordPress themes coding. Similarly, they are retina-ready displays to look the photographs cool and perfect on all devices. . Furthermore, most of the themes come with the pro option if you want to fully unlock all the features.

Photography Gridly

Photography grid is an awesome image gallery to showcase the best photographs of your shoots. It comes with four column masonry-style layout having unequal or auto width of images according to space. Moreover, it has a beautiful header bar with logo options, social media icons, and menu items that open in pop-up style. Its other features include the responsive layout design, easy customization option, Google Adsense ready, retina ready, image gallery, fast loading speed, landing pages, clean coding, featured image, and elegant typography.

image gridly free photography WordPress theme


Hitchcock is a simple dark color layout with an elegant look and feel. Its 3 columns allow the user to display the portfolio in an elegant way without any clutter. It has social media icons, a dropdown menu, an intro section, and copyright footer information. Moreover, it is customizable through CSS and easy to use for photography and portfolio websites.

Hitchcock awesome photography WP theme

Elemento Photography

Elemento photography is one of the cool free photography WordPress themes with Gutenberg support having multi-purpose layout design for business portfolios to any portfolio. Its layout structure is very cool and comprises various sections for varied purposes such as a gallery of images, portfolios, and other business information. This theme has a large featured hero slider that covers the whole width of the theme and provides an elegant look and feels for your images or photos.

Elemento free WordPress photography theme


Fukawasa is a creative portfolio with a responsive layout. It is totally free WordPress theme with a simple light color layout design. Its layout is creative in the sense that the left-hand columns come as a sidebar that acts as additional widgets display in the sidebar for more information about the portfolio. Moreover, the right-hand section consists of three columns masonry layout with image thumbnails, the title of the post, and the post summary. Furthermore, the theme is responsive, retina-ready display, and is easy to customize.

Fukasawa free portfolio and photography WordPress theme

Millo Photography

Millo is a simple WordPress theme for a photography portfolio, use it for travel, food, or photography blogging & portfolio. It is an elegant lightweight photography theme with three columns masonry design. The images in the layout can fit automatically with respect to height and weight. Moreover, its layout comprises of header logo and menu option. It is useful for photography portfolios, food, travel or personal blogs, and agency photo studios.

Millo nice photography WP theme


Gridsby is a three-column full width one of the most creative free photography wordpress themes. It comes with easy-to-use options and easy customization from a WordPress theme customizer. Moreover, its grids are masonry with auto width and height of thumbnails. It is the best choice for designers, developers, photographers, photo studios, and creative agencies.

Gridsby free photography wordPress theme


Kai is another one of the cool free photography WordPress themes with a responsive layout design. Its layout comprises various design elements such as a header section to show the logo and menu navigation on the left and right sides respectively. Moreover, it shows the caption of images along with the images on the left side corner to provide further information. According to its layout, it is suitable for portfolios that can be photography-related or any other niche such as food, personal, and travel portfolios.

Kai portfolio and photography WordPress theme

BlogJr Portfolio

BlogJr Portfolio is a masonry portfolio design with additional tweaks to make your website professional. Its layout concept is simple and minimal. The overall layout comprises of top header bar with left branding and right menu options. Furthermore, it has an awesome tagline just above the portfolio to describe or put the text for information. The portfolio is 3 columns masonry layout with navigation of posts at the bottom.

Blogjr nice portfolio wordpress theme


AcmePhoto is a modern and creative theme with unlimited possibilities for creative people like photographers, web designers, graphic designers, and illustrators. It has nice looking header bar with menus and brand options. Furthermore, its header area is simply awesome with a full-width featured image. Its layout has three columns masonry portfolio to display the works, skills, and aptitude.

Acmephoto free WordPress photography theme

Signify Photography

Signify is not only a photography WordPress theme but also a multi-purpose layout for business or any type of personal blogging. It is clean, minimal, and elegantly designed in all the elements. Moreover, it has different sections such as header, featured section, portfolio section, blog posting, and testimonial sections. All these sections amalgamate to provide a fresh look to your website. Furthermore, it is a clean, responsive, and retina-ready display.

Signify free WP theme for photography

Photography Studio

The photography studio is an elegant theme for photographers. It comes with an awesome layout design comprised of various elements and sections. Moreover, It is fast loading, compatible with WooCommerce, and HTML5, and has many call-to-action buttons. Furthermore, it can be customized easily from the dashboard.

Photography studio elegant free WordPress theme

Online Photography

If you are looking for simple and minimal free photography WordPress themes then this is the best layout to start with. It has simple and minimal design ideas but is rich in customization and options. Moreover, it is fast loading and has a responsive layout. It has an awesome header that contains images, logos, and menus. The header image height is large to provide its photography layout and look and feel. Furthermore, it has a footer section with three columns.

Online Photography a nice free WordPress theme

Bold Photography

Bold photography is a dark style photography WordPress theme that is also suitable for multi-purpose blogs. It has custom layout design ideas in a dark color scheme. It contains numerous sections to make it perfect for the needs of the users. Moreover, it has featured a slideshow, blog posts with large thumbnails, 3 columns footer widgets section, and other cool sections and elements.

Bold photography free them for portfolio WP

Portfolio Press

This is one of the simple free photography WordPress themes with three columns layout design. Each column has an image thumbnail that describes the overall post images. Moreover, it has a dark header with a single row containing the logo and menus. It has also a right sidebar to display further information in it with widgets.

Portfolio Press free WordPress theme for photography


Pixagraphy is another portfolio and photography WP layout. Unlike most free photography WordPress themes it provides unique and rich features to users. Its header bar is transparent and is attached to the featured section. The colors of featured area images will be reflected in the header. Moreover, it has a slider, menu, 4 columns masonry-style layout, and page navigation. It has responsive look and feels, is easy to customize, and has perfect design.

Pixgraphy free portfolio WordPress theme

Seos Photography

Seos is a nice all-in-one theme for photographers. It has an awesome and elegant layout that is compatible and consistent with modern web design ideas. Moreover, it is suitable for various types of blogs such as a portfolio of photoshoots, photo studios, and agency websites. Its free version offers limited features as compared to the premium version.

Seos photography a free WP theme

Tography Lite

Tography lite is a minimal WP theme for portfolios. It is also a masonry layout in 3 columns. Moreover, it has a header section, social media icons, page navigation, and a simple footer copyright bar along with footer social icons of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Furthermore, it is a lightweight and professional layout with a responsive layout and cross-browser compatibility.

Tography lite free WP portfolio theme

Infinite Photography

Infinite Photography is a modern looking one of the most elegant and amazing free photography WordPress themes with easy-to-use options of customization. The theme comes with a modern look and feels that makes it perfect for photographers. Moreover, it has awesome header design ideas that contain the branding or logo and menus to navigate the whole blog or website. It has dark color featured area available to put some best-taken photographs in order to get more views.

Infinite photography three column free WP theme

Thumbs Portfolio

Some photographers love to show their shoots in a masonry way i.e. according to the width and height of the photo. This free WordPress theme is for users who love masonry design. Its layout area is perfectly masonry in a blog posting with four columns. Each of the images automatically fits in the area according to width and height. Therefore, some images may look small and others may look large as per their specific height. Furthermore, it has a small and simple header for branding and menu purposes.

Thumbs portfolio free Photography wordPress theme

Multipurpose Photography

Multipurpose is another awesome theme for WP. It is suitable for photography as well as creative agency or studio. It is useful for a studio or agency in the sense that it offers many elements in numerous sections that can be customized or changed according to the needs of the business. Moreover, it has a cool header, a blended or mixed featured section, and a transparent look. Other sections include the portfolio or photography area, contact area, footer, business information with icons, etc.

Multipurpose photography WordPress theme

Full Frame

Full frame is a full-width layout area with a cool look and feel. It has a simple but powerful layout with numerous elements such as header, sidebar, blog posting, featured content, and header full-width image. It is suitable for photography and other niches of the same kind. Moreover, it is responsive, fast loading time is SEO ready, and is easy to customize.

Full Frame free WP theme

xi Portfolio

Xi Portfolio is one of the creative free photography WordPress themes with custom design and a fantastic look and feel. It is useful for photo studios, creative agencies, portfolio blogs, and other related niches. Its layout is very simple and comprises three columns and a header section. Moreover, the three columns are adjacent to each other in a way that there is no space between each of the blog posts. It is SEO optimized, easy to use, and customization from the dashboard.

Xi Photography free WP portfolio theme


Fotographie is a unique concept and awesome theme for portfolio layouts. It comes with a featured header with a large image at a specific height to make it different from the rest. Moreover, its blog section provides easy to read interface with thumbnails and titles of posts along with excerpts. Simple, it is awesome and elegant from all angles.

Fotographie free WordPress theme

Perfect Portfolio

Perfect portfolio is Woocommerce compatible awesome design theme for WordPress users. It has clean and lightweight layout ideas that make it different from the rest of the themes. Moreover, it has a header section for logo and navigational purposes. Furthermore, the portfolio section allows the user to show the picture at the top of the portfolio. Every element is perfectly crafted with a modern look. Its blog posting area is really cool which makes it portfolio in 3 columns with sharp edges each column. It has retina ready display, easy to use from the dashboard, and customize for your needs.

Perfect portfolio free WordPress photography theme


Photograph is its name shows is a cool free WordPress photography theme. It has the power to unlock many possibilities for your photo hobby with many widgets and customization options. The best thing about this awesome layout is its masonry design that actually fits well or in equal dimension at the bottom without any distortion of space. Furthermore, it is simply having four columns creative gallery with toggle options for different categories of portfolios. In addition to this, it has premium looking header section.

Photograph free photography WP theme

WP Portfolio

WP portfolio is a unique grid-based photography WP theme. Its layout structure consists of a left-column sidebar and three-four columns grid-based section to display the portfolio. It suits photographers, web designers, graphic designers, and creative people. It is simple but functional and the featured rich layout distinguishes it from the crowd. Furthermore, it is easy to use and customize, SEO-ready and has Contact form 7 support. Moreover, it has also supported many plugins such as Woocommerce, breadcrumbs, WP-pagenavi, etc.

WP Portfolio free WordPress photography theme


Fotogenic is another beautiful free photography WordPress theme with a cool and modern layout design. It offers multiple layout sections to fit or fulfill all your needs. It has an elegant transparent header that is mixed with the featured image in large or full-width size. Moreover, other section includes the about section, masonry portfolio, testimonial, slideshow, and footer. Overall, the theme design is impressive with clean coding, fast loading, responsiveness, and retina display.

Fotogenic free WP theme

Draft Portfolio

Draft Portfolio is a lightweight theme for portfolio websites and blogs. Its layout area consists of a top header bar containing the elements of the logo and navigation. Moreover, it has a cool masonry style portfolio section to display your portfolio in masonry design. Each thumbnail of the portfolio will auto adjust in height and weight in the specific width. Moreover, it has elegant look with easy-to-customize options. It is suitable for photographers, graphic and web designers, illustrators and photo studios, etc.

Draft portfolio free WP theme for free

True North

True North is a clean one of the most beautiful free photography WordPress themes. It comes with a nice layout structure that has a top header with a center menu, a featured full-width header image, a welcome section to introduce the visitors to your works and skills, and three columns with equal width and height grids with square thumbnails. Furthermore, it has a nice looking about me and the footer bar. It is also a responsive and retina-ready theme.

True North awesome Photography WordPress theme


Eksell is another cool WP theme for portfolio display. Unlike the many other masonry free photography WordPress themes, it offers many features. The layout is extraordinary in it with all the width covering the portfolios in 3 columns along with a simple bar on the left for navigation purposes. It comes with many features such as animation on page loading, custom logo support, customization through WordPress customizer, and fast loading. Moreover, it is compatible with all browsers and responsive in design.

Eksell free WordPress portfolio theme

Brix Portfolio

Brix portfolio is a two-column simple lightweight WordPress theme with lots of features. Its layout area is very simple that has a header and blog portfolio section. Moreover, it has 2 columns in a portfolio with no space between the thumbnails. It is easy to use and configure from the dashboard. It is an ajax portfolio for photography, web designers, graphic designers, and creative people.  

Brix 2 columns photography and portfolio WP theme

Advance Portfolio

If you are looking for a portfolio theme along with many more sections and features then this is the perfect layout for you. It offers many features and elements for your portfolio blog. Its header design is modern and creative having transparent menus that are mixed with a full-width featured header. Moreover, It has many custom widgets such as skills percentage or animation and various business widgets. It is multi-purpose and perfect for agencies, photo studios, creative niches, and photography.

Advance portfolio free WP theme


Electa is one of the most gorgeous free photography WordPress themes with a unique layout design. It has a left sidebar for the purpose of widgets that cannot be displayed in the portfolio section. Moreover, the left sidebar allows the user to put the logo on it. In the right sidebar section, there are four columns in portfolio design. Each column is adjacent to the other one without any space between featured thumbnails. It is customizable and easy to configure from the WordPress dashboard.

Electa free WordPress theme for photographers

Photo Perfect

Photo Perfect is simply an elegant portfolio theme with a unique layout and portfolio design. It has a cool header bar with a full-width header featured image. The portfolio is awesome because of the photo or image placement in masonry and custom design. It is a simple, elegant, clean, lite weight, and modern creative theme suitable for photography, creative agency or studios, etc.

Photo perfect free photography WP theme


eportfolio is a unique and elegant best portfolio and photography website theme for WP users. It comes with a nice layout having many elements in a stylish style. It has a left column to place elements such as the blog logo, social media icons, and a custom background image of best shoots. Moreover, it has two columns of masonry-style portfolio of photographs and a column of blog postings. Furthermore, it is clean and fast-loading as well as compatible with all modern browsers.

eportfolio responsive portfolio and photography wordPress theme

Elegant Portfolio

Elegant Portfolio is a clean, minimal, and gorgeous layout for photographers, graphic designers, developers, and creative buddies. It will help to create an online portfolio in no time. Moreover, it is customizable from the WordPress dashboard. Furthermore, it is optimized with Schema.org, SEO friendly, responsive to fit all devices, and loads fast. Its layout has a header, section, and portfolio based on category selection results.

Elegant Portfolio awesome photography WP theme

The above-listed free photography WordPress themes are unique and come with many rich design ideas. They are creative in layout as well as flexible in customization. Moreover, SEO optimization, fast load of web pages, galleries in some themes, and attractive fonts & typography make them really cool and awesome photography themes. They have the power to turn your passion into a profitable portfolio. Every theme is unique in design layout and customization options through a customizer in the WP dashboard. Moreover, all the themes come with creative hand-crafted elements to boost up your website to the next level. They offer lots of customization offers to tweak your photoblog according to your needs.

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