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The 15 Best Free WordPress Themes for Writers

Simple Press - Free WordPress theme for Writers and Authors

Writers need the simplicity of the layout and elegant use of typography to deliver great content. In this post, we are sharing the best free wordpress themes for writers and authors. the themes are useful for anyone who is creative. Moreover, they come with nice features such as responsive layout design with all major devices support such as mobile, tablet, and desktop PCs. In addition, the WordPress themes provide a simple and elegant layout with a complete focus on the text of the post. Besides these features, the themes are cross-browser compatible, SEO ready, flexible, colorful, and lightweight to load fast in every browser.

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Write WordPress Theme

The writer is a simple and minimalistic theme with a full focus on content presentation. it has a simple layout design with featured image background, menu navigation, sidebar, and posts section. Moreover, the theme is fully responsive on all media devices and resolutions. Furthermore, it provides the best interface to present your content in a beautiful and convenient way to assist the reader in every possible way. The theme support all the latest functions and development in WordPress.

Writer - Free WordPress Theme for Authors

Dansal Twenty Sixteen Child Theme

Dansal is a child theme of Twenty Sixteen- a popular wordpress theme. It comes with a simple layout design with a minimalistic approach toward content delivery. The theme has eye-catching typography, easy-to-customize layout, cross-browser compatibility, and responsive layout design. Moreover, you can fully customize to change its colors and related elements from the dashboard. It is fully responsive that will look perfect on mobile, desktop, and tablet devices.

Dansal Twenty Sixteen Child Theme for Writers

Popularis Writer

Popularis Writer is a fast SEO-ready theme for writers. It comes with unique layout design with top menu navigation, a left sidebar, right content or post section, and a beautiful layout. Moreover, it has an awesome about me widget to display your image, intro along with social media buttons. besides these features, the theme is fully responsive, flexible, customizable, and easy to use. In the post section, the theme provides the big thumbnail image, categories links heading of pst, and summary of the text. All such setup is necessary for writer or author blog. It works with all the popular page builders like Elementor, SiteOrigin, Thrive, Architect, Divi, Visual Composer, etc.

Popularis Writer Free WordPress Theme


Author is a beautiful theme for authors to display their content and stories in a beautiful and functional way. the theme has an awesome layout design with two columns. the left column represents the sidebar with multiple widgets such as author profile, page links, about the author, search the site, and more. The right-hand side is specially designed for blog posting with a full focus on the image, heading, and summary of the text on the homepage. Moreover, it is cross-browser compatible, easy to use, and responsive layout design.

Author free blog and writer WordPress Theme

Libre 2

Libre 2 isanother one of the best free WordPress themes for writers. It has an awesome layout design with minimalist content delivery. The theme has awesome typography and other elements of design. Moreover, it has social media icons, a navigation menu, a logo, or a branding section. With respect to blog posting, it has an awesome design and easy to read interface. Its main navigation is fixed while scrolling.

Libre2 free WordPress theme for writers


Davis is built for writers with a minimal approach. It has a lightweight design with fast loading in all major browsers. Moreover, the theme has an awesome layout with a complete focus on the content of the author. It presents the articles in a smooth, and untreatable way so that your reader continues to read all the stories of your blog. Moreover, it has all major browser support and easy to use interface.

Davis free simple WordPress theme for writers

Celsius Theme

Celsius is an elegant and simple free WordPress theme for writers. Its elegance can be traced from its simplicity and how it presents the content. Moreover, it is fast loading, easy to customize, and easy to install a theme. One thing that writers love in their blog is the ability to present the post or text in an easily readable manner that readers love to continue reading. This theme has such characteristics due to its elegant font, typography, correct use of font size and line spacing, etc. In addition, it has light skin which is reader-friendly. Moreover, it has a responsive layout design that can fit perfectly in all media devices and resolutions.

Celsius WordPress Theme for Writers

Isola WordPress Theme

Isola is a simple and minimalistic theme for blog authors and writers. It provides all the features that a writer wants at his/her blog. Moreover, the theme has a beautiful navigation button in the top bar along with a logo and search button. The blog post section provides clear and smooth content delivery with the post title, a summary of the text, and image thumbnail along with other meta information. It is suitable for photographs, video, and writing purpose blogs.

Isola WordPress Theme for authors and writers


Qwerty is another responsive WordPress theme for writers. It has a simple layout design starting with a beautiful logo area on the very top. After that, it has a nice navigation bar and posts section. It is fully responsive and can easily adjust to mobile, desktop, and tablet devices. The theme uses the best fonts for easy interaction with the articles of the blog. Moreover, it is fast loading and lightweight theme.

Qwerty free WordPress theme


Hew is a personal blogging wordpress theme with great use of color patterns. The theme provides an excellent experience in all devices such as mobile, desktop, and other resolutions being used to explore the content. It has a nice header design with social media icons, logo area, and dotted expandable menu section. Moreover, the theme provides clean and easy-to-use options to fully adjust it to your writing taste.

Hew a free WP theme for writers

Reyl Lite

Reyl Lite is a simple and minimal theme for personal blogging. It comes with a top navigation bar having the left logo section and right navigation menu. Its blog posting section provides the easy to access to posts with titles, summary and reads more links to the post. The theme is fully flexible, cross-browser compatible, fast loading all major browsers and has responsive design.

Reyl Lite free WordPress theme for writers


Just write is a simple theme for writers. It is responsive and suitable for authors and writers to easily present the content in a meaningful way. The theme provides extra features such as a carousel slider, social media colorful icons, navigation bar, and featured posts.

Just write simple WordPress theme


Lingonberry is an elegant theme for creative folks such as designers, writers, authors, and photographers. The theme comes with an extra simple and minimal design with fast loading content in every device. The complete focus in this theme is on the content with elegant fonts, typeface, line spacing, and good use of meta-design. So, the theme is fully perfect for anyone who loves to write and share on the internet.

Lingonberry  a simple and free WordPress theme

Simple Press

Simple press is an athree-column blog theme for personal blogging. It comes with elegant design, perfect style, and easy to use options. The layout of the theme is beautiful and multifunctional. It has a nice header area with a logo in the middle, social icons in the left side, and a search box on the right side. Moreover, it has elegant navigation bar and a three-column post section with a thumbnail, title, and summary except for the text. It is fast loading and easy to use.

Simple Press three columns free WordPress theme


Ashlar is a simple theme for creative blogging. It has a simple layout design with easy-to-access the content of the blog. the theme comes with excellent features such as responsive layout design, SEO-ready, easy to customize and use. Moreover, it has a beautiful header, featured section, and popular posts section.

Ashlar free WordPress blog theme

In short, the above list of themes is best for writers and authors. The main thing which is considerably important for personal and writing blogging is its simple and elegant layout design. All the themes meet this criterion with good use of typography, fonts, and minimal approach towards the content.

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