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Personal Portfolio – Free XD Template With Clean Design


Today we come with a free personal portfolio template in XD file format. The template design is professional and clean. The color choice is attractive and the design of various elements is stunning. Moreover, this template offers the customization option to change the colors, design and other elements. The clean and minimalistic layout design of this template makes it gorgeous for those people who are looking for some professional clean template for their portfolio.

Layout Structure

The layout structure of the personal portfolio template is amazing with numerous sections to fully describe your portfolio. It has a gorgeous header design with transparent background. Moreover, the header and full width featured section is designed in a way that the header bar inherited the background color from the featured area. Furthermore, the design of the featured area is modern with a blur effect having the heading, small description, and call to action button.

personal portfolio free template

The services section offers an elegant layout to introduce the services. It has two columns left and right. The left column introduces the services heading and small description, while the right-hand section comes with four square grids to explain numerous services. Furthermore, it has colorful icons to visualize the services into images. Overall the services section is professional with all the features needed in this area.

Next, the section is a video story. This layout area can be used to describe you in a video presentation. The design trends in this area are similar to the featured header section.


Furthermore, the next section of the personal portfolio template skills. It comes with awesome round circles with colorful gradients. Moreover, it has headed on the top with a little description about the skills and round circles for various skills to describe your portfolio.

Similarly, the portfolio section is the core domain of this free template. This section comes with portfolio heading, description, and filter-based categories of portfolio. It has masonry-style three columns with variations in the size of images to provide a unique look and feel. Moreover, the image thumbnails are perfectly designed.

The next section is the testimonial. Unlike the other elements, it has a heading and description along with three columns of testimonials. It has description text, name, and image of the user.

Lastly, it has an elegant 4 columns footer section for email subscription, services links, support, and social media icons widgets. Furthermore, it has a small footer bar for phone, email, and address purposes. The overall layout structure is fully professional and compatible with modern web design trends.


With respect to design, this portfolio template comes with the latest design ideas. The use of the right typography provides it a nice visual effect. It uses the two fonts-Roboto and Montserrat. Moreover, the color combination choice is stunning with purple, blue, green, and yellow colors. Furthermore, the design of icons, heading design and other elements such as header and footer are gorgeous.

The overall template is professional, clean, minimal, and compatible with modern web design. If you are looking for a unique free template for your portfolio, it could be the best choice.

File format: XD

Author: Ismail Hossain

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