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10+ Free HTML CSS Admin Dashboard Templates

Dark UI HTML CSS dashboard template

the free HTML dashboard template is created with HTML and CSS web technologies. In some cases, the use of javascript is also done to enhance the functionalities of admin panel templates. Moreover, they contain lots of useful elements such as graphs, reports, the counter of services and products, and activity stream. Furthermore, the dashboard templates have an amazing layout structure to fully enhance the visual look of the dashboards. Most of them have a left sidebar for navigation purposes and a tab menu that opens in the right side area section and expands the details and options. You can edit them further to fully sync them according to your project need, The use of CSS and HTML is according to the latest practices in the domain of web design and development. They are useful for admin dashboards created for business, services, and other purposes.


Dashboard is a professionally designed admin panel template with CSS, HTML, and a little bit of Javascript. It has full functionalities of the dashboard such as a left-hand sidebar with navigation menu, profile image and search bar, etc. The right-hand area has a full range of components including graphs, counter, and related items. The design of this dashboard is perfect from all angles that can further be enhanced through applying CSS in your own way.

HTML CSS Admin Dashboard Template

Task Management Dashboard

Task management dashboard is designed for task-related UI components. It comes with elegant design and perfect layout to easily set up your tasks in a single admin panel. Moreover, the template has two columns i.e. left and right. The left-hand column includes the various navigation menu along with Icons and the right-hand columns have numerous elements such as today’s tasks, upcoming tasks, schedule, team members, etc.

Task Management Admin Dashboard

Dark Ui

dark UI is an elegant modern admin panel template. Its unique dark look makes it awesome and attractive. It has elegant layout design that is fully congruent with HTML dashboard templates and admin panel templates. It has three columns and a main top navigation bar. Every column has its specific elements such as the middle column providing insight into services, latest transfers, and more. the right sidebar has a new payment and more settings options etc. Overall it is a perfect HTML and CSS dashboard template.

Dark Ui admin panel dashboard template

Dashboard UI

Dashboard UI is another elegant clean and minimalistic free HTML dashboard template. It has a light design with stick cards in the central and core places. the cards offer the on or off the option to various elements. Moreover, it has a perfect and modern design System. You can further customize the look and feel of this template with simple tweaks of CSS and HTML. It is useful for services and business dashboards.

Dashboard UI CSS HTML

CMS Concept

CMS concept is full-fledged a professional free HTML dashboard template. it comes with an amazing design and elegant layout structure. the left-hand side has navigation Icons that further expand to open all the subheadings or categories. Moreover, the hierarchal order which it provides is the best feature. furthermore, the template has a WordPress dashboard-like look which most people are acquainted with.

CMS Concept Dashboard template

Claymorphic Dashboard

Claymorphic is a minimalistic simple dashboard template. it has multiple elements such as a top bar with logo branding, search box, and user profile along with setting and notification icons. Moreover, this dashboard has a rounded design that is achieved due to the border-radius of each element.

Claymorphic Dashboard HTML CSS template

Beautiful Dashboard UI

Beautiful dashboard UI is a dark style amazing HTML dashboard template. It comes with a modern layout and professional design. The layout structure has left ICOns menu navigation bars and the right side has hand different elements designed for various purposes. For example, it has recently visited the timeline, discover more places widget,s and more.

Beautiful Dashboard UI HTML CSS

Products Dashboard UI

products dashboard UI is suitable for listing various products in a single dashboard. the products can be categorized into categories, status i.e. active and disabled, sales, stock, and prices. This dashboard is perfect for online products selling and easy placement of new and old products. Moreover, its design is stunning with a minimal CSS design approach.

Beautiful Dashboard UI Template

Project Kanban Board

Project Kanban is a team project board. It is designed for teas to share their thoughts, works, or anything purposeful. Moreover, it has a simple elegant design and card stocks based for columns layout. each column has different categories to deal with. in addition, the top section of this free HTML dashboard template has a navigation menu, search box, and profile image.

Project Kanban Board Dashboard template

Mini Admin panel

Mini admin dashboard is a simple and minimalistic admin panel concept. It has various tabs in the left-hand section that when clicked open the new section on the right-hand side. Moreover, it is fully customizable with little effort and simple CSS tweaks. the template also has an avatar or user profile image section on the very top of left-hand section.

Mini Admin panel dashboard template

Dashboard UI

dashboard UI has some stunning and cool elements for the users. It has colorful icons and text to get the attraction of the viewers. moreover, the template has various elements such as the activities tab that displays the various options that you can customize. furthermore, the template has users information with their name and profile image.

Dashboard UI HTML CSS template

DaisyUI Admin Panel

daisyUI is a powerful UI-free HTML dashboard template. It has a simple and elegnat interface with graphs, a counter widget, and many other options. The template is fully customizable and easy to integrate with your project. Moreover, the graphs widget lets you easily visualize the reports, sales, or anything concerned.

DaisyUI Admin Panel CSS HTML dashboard

The fee dashboard template is designed with HTML and CSS technologies. They are fully customizable with simple CSS tricks and applying their various properties. Moreover, they provide the inspiration that you need for starting or working on your project.

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