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Icons8 – Free Icons, Illustrations, and Design Tool

Icons8 - Free SVG, PNG and PDF Icons

Icons8 provides the real-time Icon design tool with 33 styles in SVG and PNG file format. Besides Icons, it also offers Illustrations, music, and photos in high-quality resolutions. The tool is an excellent choice for web design and mobile application-related projects. Moreover, it has lots of customizability options with respect to size, color, overlay, stroke, padding, background, circle, and square. Each and every icon can be recolored or customized to suit your needs. In addition, after applying the desired colors and settings to Icons, you can download it for free in PNG, favicon, Link CDN, and base 64 type options. Other options such as SVG, PDF, and SVG embed are available for premium users. The available size for free download the icons are 24x24px, 48x48px, 96x96px, iOS and Android. The premium users can download in their desired or custom size without any hassle. So, Icons8 is a great web design tool that provides high-quality free Icons and other stuff with some conditions.

Categories of Icons

Icons8 provides a wide range of categories to choose from. You can find almost any Icon falling in any category easily with a search box. The major categories include the popular, alphabets, animals, arrows, astrology, baby, maps, logos, military, and many more. Each category opens varied icons in different designs and styles. You can choose the one that is perfect for your project. Moreover, the different variations of icons such as circled and squared even provide more freedom to choose the icon for your project.

Design tool

Icons8 offers the instant Icon design tool that gets activated when you click any icon in any category. The design tool provides multiple design variables that can be applied to icons. For instance, you can recolor the icon with any predefined colors Palette or use your custom color code; it will instantly apply to your icons. Moreover, in the overlay tab of the design tool, you can add numerous icons on the selected icon and the text tab allows the user to add text within Icons.

Icons8 design tool

Furthermore, in the add effects section of the design tool, you will find the options of stroke, padding, background, circle, and square. Each tab or category has additional options for customization purposes. The stroke option comes with stroke size and color options. Similarly, you can set the padding and background colors of your icon. If you want to adjust your icon in a circle, you can do so by applying it from the circle tab. In addition, the design tool allows adjusting Icon in a square background with custom border radius size, square size, and Icon size, etc.

Download options

Icons8 offers multiple download options, but in the free icons, there are some restrictions to follow. You can download the icons in PNG, favicons, Link CDN, and base 64 file formats. Moreover, the premium users can unlock other file formats such as SVG and PDF. In a similar vein, the free Icons can be downloaded in multiple sizes and software ready such as 24x24px, 48x48px, 96x96px, iOS and Android, etc. But the premium users can have can custom options to download the icons.

Icons8 download option 24x24 px PNG

Icons styles

The Icons8 not only provides an excellent design tool but also multiple icons styles to choose from. The various icons styles include stickers, color glass, glyph Neue, blue UI, circle bubbles and cloud, etc. There are 33 total Icons styles to choose from depending upon the requirements of your design and project. In addition, there is material design, iOS, and android icons design to fully make your project conform to the standards of different mobile applications and software.

Icons8 33 styles

In conclusion, Icons8 is a great platform to design and download Icons for free, though with some restrictions applied. However, if you are a professional designer and use the Icons in your project regularly, then it is recommended to go premium. Moreover, the free icons provide the much-needed flexibility and customizability to design icons with strokes, circles, background colors, and border-radius, etc. Further, besides multiple file-formats; it has multiple sizes options ranging from small size to medium or even large. Everything is dependent upon the project requirement. Above all, Icons8 is fast, easy to use, and offers much diversity and a range of categories to download thousands of icons.

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