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10 Great Websites to Learn HTML and CSS Free

Learning HTML and CSS is a basic thing to start a developer career. In this post, we come up with amazing free resources for beginners to learn HTML and CSS free and fast. These resources provide great insight into the coding languages. Through videos, content, challenges, and games learning to code has not been easier. such multiple dimensions to a single concept help the clarity of the topic and its practical applicability.

Moreover, in HTML you will learn the basics of this programming language such as HTML elements, attributes, paragra[phs, tags, divs, tables, classes, IDs, etc. In a similar vein, in CSS you will learn how to style HTML elements with CSS properties. The two languages are interrelated with each other. In the discourse of web development, HTML and CSS are the basic building blocks of web development. Everything advanced such as Jquery and javascript is the latter part of the marvelous work of web design and development.

Free Code Camp

FreeCodeCamp is a nonprofit organization aimed at helping people learn coding languages for free. You can learn lots of coding languages such as HTML, CSS, and Javascript from this free source. Moreover, there are multiple ways to learn at freeCoderCamp such as video tutorials, practice, and online content. Every course is fully structured from basic to advanced levels to help learn quickly.

Free Code Camp Learn HTML CSS and javascript

Udacity – Free HTML and CSS Course

Udacity has a free course for HTML and CSS which you can start for free. It is designed for those people who want to learn code from a basic level. Everything is covered such as HTML tags, CSS selectors, syntax and units, etc. After completing the course you will be able to create a simple web page via CSS and HTML.

Udacity – Free HTML and CSS Course


Scrimba provides the HTML and CSS learning resources in a fully interactive way. There are over 75 coding challenges that you can take to make your learning strengths and learn the concepts. moreover, the course is designed for beginners in the field of web development.

Scrimba Learn HTML and CSS Free


MDN is a great source to learn coding languages not only HTML & CSS but also a wide range of coding stuff is available to learn. Everything is explained with great accuracy and this is the best and simplest way to get started learning HTML and CSS.

MDN Learn HTML for Free

Frontend Mentor

Frontend Mentor helps you to learn HTML and CSS through challenges and other methods.

Frontend Mentor Learn HTML CSS Free


Udemy is a popular place for learning. It offers free CSS courses and tutorials that you can opt to enhance your learning and productive skills. Moreover, there are multiple free learning resources available related to other stuff also.

Udemy Free CSS courses and Tutorials

CSS Battle

CSSBattle lets yu to learn CSS through different games and replication of codes. It is a great source for learning CSS and achieving the clarity of concepts related to various CSS properties. Moreover, it is an interactive platform where many other users also learn through challenges and games.

CSSBattle learn code and play CSS games

Flexbox adventure

Flexbox is an important part of modern CSS. This website will help you to learn Flexbox by playing games. It is all about coding fun with 24+ levels that will help teach flexbox accurately.

Flexbox adventure learn CSS Flex Box by Playing Games


W3School is a popular platform for web development. At W3School you can learn everything with instructions and examples. The HTML tutorials are designed from basic to advance levels. Moreover, CSS tutorials are also available to learn CSS by example. In addition to HTML and CSS, you can learn Javascript, SQL< PHP, and other infamous coding languages.

W3School HTML Tutorial and Learning center


Educative helps you to learn HTML, CSS, and javascript from scratch. there are multiple lessons are available to explore and learn web development fast and easy.

Educative Learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript from Scratch

To conclude, if you are really interested then you can learn HTML and CSS free from the above resources are very helpful. You can start with any and complete it to learn quickly. moreover, you can opt for multiple resources for practice and drill to clarify your HTML & CSS concepts. Every time you indulge in learning, you will find new opportunities and concept clarification. Moreover, learning HTML and CSS is a basic point to becoming front end developer or simply a web developer.

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