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The 8 Best Websites to Learn Web Development

Github a great source to learn web development

Learning web development is a great experience for aspirants who want to be future developers. Today, you can learn web design and development from various sources such as books, formal classes, and online platforms. However, the virtual world has lots of potential to learn web development from internet resources. You can learn HTML5, CSS, Javascript, Jquery, Bootstrap, and related coding stuff with ease. These sources are adaptable, productive, and easy to use. The multiple formats such as videos, online drills, and notes provide the best experience to learn web development. Here, we come with amazing online sources to learn from scratch. You can explore all the potentialities of these platforms by navigating various courses and concepts.

Moreover, most of the websites to learn web development are free and accessible without any restriction. However, learning online requires lots of determination and focus because most people could not keep concentration while learning from the internet and other virtual resources. So, we hope the following collection will help you get started on your web development learning journey.


Youtube is a visual platform to learn web development. There are lots of Youtube channels are available to learn web development fast and easily. Moreover, the best thing about youtube is its customizability and ease of access. You can download programming videos and watch later. Furthermore, the Youtube videos allow pause, resume, and other quality options to adjust everything according to your needs.

In addition, the complete courses related to CSS, HTML, Javascript, and other programming languages are available on Youtube made by the professional instructors and web developers. If you got confused about any concept, you can search it on youtube and it will show lots of explanations about the concept. So, I think Youtube is the best place to learn web design and development for free.

Youtube learn web development


Google is the king of search engines. It has unlimited web design and development resources to explore. Search anything about web development and lots of results will answer your question. Moreover, Google provides resources in multiple formats. When you search for anything related to web development, you will get articles, PDFs, and anser-based search results from Google. With a variety of forms, one can learn much faster and with ease.

Google Learn web development

Stack overflow

Stack Overflow is designed for developers. It offers varied features to learn, share and explore web development. By creating an account, you can ask any question related to web development. There are professional web developers like you can read and answer your question. So, it is a great source to solve your queries from professional developers and StackOverflow members.

Stack overflow Web development


Github is the most advanced development platform with millions of users worldwide. It provides the best experience to work, collaborate and share with others. Moreover, Github teams allow the users to work in collaboration and sync everything instantly. Furthermore, there are lot of coding stuff available for public use on GitHub developed by numerous developers for different purposes. Github has a professional code editor with backup support. So, it is a great platform to start your web development learning process.

Github free web development learning


Codepen is an amazing online tool to create awesome things. It provides the live code editor to write code and check its result instantly. Moreover, there are lots of Pens available to explore that are shared by other users. It is an excellent choice for learning coding in a live environment with hassle-free interface. Moreover, you can share your work, find inspiration and build anything on Codepen.

Codepen learn coding


Code academy is a professional platform to learn web development from professional instructors. It has free as well as pro plans to start with. The platform offers multiple courses in web development and you can choose the one which is most appropriate for you.

Codeacademy best web development courses


Udemmy is another great source for learning web development. It has lots of courses that you can start learning.

Udemmy Web development courses


W3School is an online code editing utility and real-time learning experience. With pre-defined examples, references and explanation you can learn lots of web development fast. Moreover, it has almost every language such as CSS, HTML, Jquery, and javascript to learn from scratch. As you get more professional you will find the advanced examples and explanation. So, It is the best way to start learning web development and design.

W3School learn to code

In short, the aforementioned websites are a great source to learn web development via Videos, ebooks, articles, and special courses. you can easily adjust your learning time according to your schedule because these websites are accessible and remain live at any time.

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