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15 Best Free React Admin Dashboard Templates

Corona - React Admin dashboard Template

React is a great JavaScript library for designing and developing interactive UI components and admin templates. It is managed and developed by Facebook. In this post, we are sharing the free admin templates designed with React framework. These admin dashboard templates offer lots of UI companies related to users or admin. Moreover, the admin templates provide the best interface to work with the most advanced JavaScript library i.e. React. You will have every element available in the dashboard for building your admin dashboard project. As it is an open-source framework, you can easily get started with it and take help from the author of the templates if you face any issues working with React.

The React framework allows the user to easily build charts, graphs, and interactive UI elements easily and professionally. The admin templates have lots of graphical elements which are necessary for the development of a powerful admin panel. Moreover, the interactive nature of most of the graphs is helpful for creating visually better UI components. Also, React framework helps the user to easily manage complex data easily via different graphs and charts. Other useful components including user activity, notification, email subscription, etc. are provided in most of the templates.

Core UI React Admin Template

CoreUI provides the comprehensive React admin template. It comes with valuable Ui components that will help you in your development project. Moreover, the template has advanced layout with a professional navigation system in the left sidebar with toggle options to menu or navigation. It has beautiful design, interactive graphs and diagrams and more elements to start the project.

Core UI React Admin Template

Material kit React

Material kit React is a clean and modern admin dashboard designed with React. This template has a clean design system with a perfect layout structure consisting of multiple pages, UI components, and elements. All such elements and components are necessary for any admin panel to work in line with the modern requirements of the admin dashboard system.

Material kit React Admin Template

ArchitectUI React Dashboard Free

Architect UI is a React.Js powered admin dashboard template. It has an elegant layout with a responsive design to perfectly show your application or project across different media devices. Moreover, the use of color schemes makes it more attractive and user-friendly. You can also take advantage of Bootstrap for adding new elements to the template.

ArchitectUI React Dashboard Free

Shards Dashboard React

Shards Dashboard React is another beautiful admin dashboard template built with the powerful React framework. It consists of all the modern design systems and enhanced UI/UX elements. This template is so powerful it offers a blog posts section, a post editor, shortcodes, buttons, and interactive graphs with pie charts etc. Moreover, it also has a user discussion section and user profile area.

Shards Dashboard React Admin Template

React Reduction

React reduction is a free easy-to-use admin template built with Bootstrap and React. It has a minimal and flat design with a great user experience. It is easy to install and a well-documented template. The dashboard template has a great color combination with the left sidebar having a toggle navigation menu. Moreover, it has graphs, charts, calendar. Maps and other important UI elements.

React Reduction Admin dashboard template

Carolina React Admin Dashboard

Carolina is a Material-UI admin dashboard template having a classical Google Material design inspiration. The template has a powerful structure with a clean and modern design system. Moreover, this template is also available for free to download and use in your project. It offers comprehensive online documentation to set up various elements of the template. It is cross-browser compatible and also available in the premium version.

Carolina React Admin Dashboard

React Admin

Marmeable React Admin is an open-source frontend admin dashboard built via React.js. It comes with high-quality elements and Ui components with a responsive layout design. Moreover, it has detailed documentation to guide the user about the working of various elements used in the dashboard. Moreover, it offers the customization to change the color and elements easily.

React Admin Template

Material Dashboard 2 React

Material Dashboard 2 React is an elegant-looking modern admin template inspired by Google Material design. It comes with multiple frontend elements such as buttons and tabs. Cards, alerts, notifications, graphs, charts, etc. Every element is designed with a responsive layout that can fit perfectly on all media devices. Moreover, it is fully customizable and well documented.

Material Dashboard 2 React

Light Bootstrap Dashboard React

Light Bootstrap Dashboard React is a Bootstrap-powered admin dashboard template powered by React framework. It has a responsive layout design with all major browser support. Moreover, the template includes lots of components and elements to easily work with them in your project. It is fully customizable to any color and background according to the project’s needs.

Light Bootstrap Dashboard React

Black Dashboard React

Black Dashboard React is another beautiful and well-functioned react admin dashboard. It comes with a beautiful dark style and elegant attractive color schemes. Moreover, it is user-friendly and easy-to-get-started template. It comes with several free and combined UI elements and components to easily choose the right one for you. Also, it has a responsive layout design with all modern device support.

Black Dashboard React Template

Airframe React

Airframe react is an open-source admin dashboard built with the power of Bootstrap and React framework. It is completely responsive and can fit perfectly on all modern media devices and resolution sizes such as mobile, tablet, and desktop PCs. Moreover, it has an elegant modern clean layout with a light color combination. Also, it is customizable into any color with ease.

Airframe React Template

Volt React Dashboard

Volt react dashboard is powered by bootstrap 5 and React. Js framework. It is an open source and free dashboard to start your project. It comes with over 100 UI components such as tables, graphs, and other elements. Also, it has plugins developed with the React.js framework. It has a beautiful admin panel and responsive layout design.

Volt React Dashboard Template

Corona React Admin Template

Corona React admin dashboard template is a modern free admin dashboard template to quickly start your project. It offers high-quality features with the best performance of dashboard elements. It includes various components such as sidebar toggle navigation, project information, transaction history, and more.

Corona React Admin Template

Boss lite

Boss lite is an elegant React template with cool UI/UX elements. It is based on Redux and React frameworks and offers the best user interface to build a powerful admin dashboard template. The template is fully clean and modern with a good combination of colors and UI elements design.

Boss Lite -  React template with cool UI/UX elements

React Material Admin

React material admin is a modern admin template designed with React and material UI components. It has an awesome layout design with multiple UI components available for the admin dashboard. This template has interactive graphs which start at the scroll or when they become visible in a beautiful way. Moreover, this template has an elegant left sidebar with navigation to easily navigate all the pages and components of the template.

React Material Admin

Summing up, React is an open-source JavaScript library for designing better UI/UX applications and software. The aforementioned admin templates are made with the React.js framework that offers lots of features for admin dashboard development. The templates include beautiful elements such as sidebar navigation, notification bell, user profile, graphs, diagrams, charts, etc. Moreover, the templates are free to use for your project. You can enhance the features of the templates while using them in projects easily if you are good at React framework. We hope the post is beneficial for designers and developers looking for admin dashboard templates for their projects.

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