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15+ Best Free Technology Blogger Templates

magspot free technology news and magazine blogger template

The free technology blogger templates allow the user to make or develop a technology or magazine-related blog or website. The templates come with features like responsive design, SEO-ready layout, Adsense or ads ready, fast loading, SEO coding and fully customizable widgets. Moreover, they Provide a one-click installation from the blogger dashboard. The templates support all modern browsers that support HTML5 and CSS3 elements. The templates have custom shortcuts to display your content dynamically. Also, the blogger templates have social share buttons, trend lists, slideshow integration, ad spaces, popular widgets for popular posts, and more. The templates are flexible and great for news, technology, entertainment, and mega blogs. Lastly, they are carefully designed and coded using the latest SEO techniques.

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BuzzSpot is an elegant, professional, flexible and clean technology blogger template. It is also fully compatible with all mobile devices. Moreover, it is a great blogger template for viruses, tech news, marketing, SEO tips, videos, food websites and more. Also, it is optimized for all major search engines to give you the best organic results. Moreover, If you are using Google AdSense, it has many flexible and useful features that you can include in your ads.

Buzzspot Free Technology Blogger Templates


Magspot is a professional responsive blogger template. It is perfect for news, technology, sports, viral, lifestyle, food, fashion, personal, travel and many more websites. Moreover, it is fully customizable and any customization can be done with just a few clicks or with interactive and flexible shortcuts like other templates. Furthermore, it is also fully responsive and compatible with mobile devices. Moreover, Magspot offers a variety of customization options and everything is explained in detail in a comprehensive document with video tutorials. Furthermore, it is developed using the best and most advanced methods of major search engines. It will help to grow your business website up and running today with the Magspot Blogger template and get help from our experienced support team.

Magspot magazine blogger template for technology websites


Newspot technology is great for news, sports, travel, entertainment, travel and many more. The News spot Blogger template is also fully optimized for search engines that will take your website to the next level. Moreover, it is fully usable so you can create your own unique design. Newport Blogger template is ad-friendly and has some customizable sections to easily insert your ads. If you are looking for a Blogger template that is fast, easy to SEO and ad-friendly, then the Blogger New spot Magazine template is your best choice. In addition, New spot is fast and powerful, which puts it at the top of the blog post template category.

Newspot free news Technology Blogger Templates


Starter is a professional and responsive blogger template. It is powerful, fast, and fully optimized for search engines. It is fully customizable and has many unique features so that you can create your own professional website on Blogger / Blogspot platform. Moreover, it is mobile compatible and fully compatible with Google AdSense and other monetization platforms.

Starter free blog and news blogger template


OnePress is an elegant new trendy blogger template for professional magazines and technology-related websites. It is a high-performance viral magazine theme that allows you to create a flexible, well-functioning viral website in minutes. Moreover, it is designed in a modern and simple way, ideal for magazines, news portal sites, personal blogs, niche blogs, sports, health, science, politics and business theory sites. Also, It is a realistic and balanced creative Bootstrap design theme for a large multipurpose entertainment website. Lastly, it is a very functional and fully designed theme that will make your website more beautiful.

OnePress Free Technology Blogger Templates

MagPro Blogger Template

MagPro is an elegant, one of the most useful free technology blogger templates. It is the most powerful and flexible magazine theme that allows you to create your own website in minutes. Moreover, each element is designed in a modern minimalist style, suitable for magazines, news portal sites, sports, health, science, politics and high-tech websites. It has a very flat and complex schematic design. MagPro is very useful with its advanced design options panel that allows you to quickly create a new design/style that fits your website needs. Lastly, it is a multifunctional and amazing theme with unlimited functions.

Magpro free Technology Blogger Templates

GMag Blogger Template

This is one of the best themes for professional bloggers with unlimited features great for blog sites, tech hubs, sports, news, and science blogs. Unlike the other free technology blogger templates, it has an attractive design and a well-coded, modern and unique layout interface. Moreover, the theme dashboard contains a dashboard that allows users to monitor and modify all aspects of the website. Also, this is a very SEO-friendly, fast-loading, graphics, Adsense ready template. It works with automatic drag and drops options to change the layout of your blog.  Lastly, if you are looking for a great well-coded, SEO-friendly magazine and Blogspot theme at least, then Gmag is the perfect choice for creating your unique and unique collection of games and websites in seconds.

Gmag free news and magazine blogger template

NewSpeed Blogger Template

This is a professional and powerful custom management template developed by the Tepmlateify team. The functionality of the theme comes with several additional features, including a Covid script, fixed navigation menu, and sticky sidebar. It is versatile content suitable for gaming sites, tech blogs, sync blogs, sports blogs, personal blogs and social blogs. It has a unique, attractive and flexible design with the latest SEO technology. NewSpeed ​​is a great choice for coding, sports, travel, news, technology, gaming and personal blogs. All modern SEO of this template, meta elements come with ready-made radio buttons for style and automatic drag and drop. Moreover, it supports almost all browsers. So, if you are looking for a high-quality Blogspot template, NewsSpeed ​​for Pro and Starter websites is highly recommended. Lastly, it provides an administration panel that allows the user to customize any part of the site.

Newspeed Free Technology Blogger Templates

Gnews Blogger Template

Gnews is a great-looking magazine and news free technology blogger templates. The theme has been updated with a very fast and modern user interface design. . Gnews is a uniquely innovative theme that allows you to easily write blog posts. Excellent elastic look with modern boot elements. It is one of the best sellers on a freelance, technology, health, newspaper, publishing, and video websites. If you are looking for fast-loading magazine content, Gnews is the perfect choice to launch your next multipurpose website. It uses HTML5 and CSS3 elements which makes it a unique template. It has a dark mode that allows you to change the layout from white to deep in one click. Moreover, it has a mega menu, regular navigation and automatic notifications appear on the first page.

Gnews free Technology and news/magazine Template

LiteSpot Blogger Template

It’s specifically designed for tech, news, gaming, print, and personal blogging. It is suitable for newspapers, fashion, creative minds and science and technology lovers. This theme is also a great way to get started on your next online project or website. It is a flexible theme built using modern Bootstrap elements.  The theme provides several options for creating a fully responsive Blogger site.  Moreover, it is a theme that meets all your needs and creates a sophisticated website for your project. It has an attractive design that will make your brand great. Also, it provides eye-catching banners for pages and homepages as well as some blog sections that make the website more unique. The theme supports sample video thumbnails for blog posts that can include any YouTube video.

Litespeed fast laoding blogger template

ClickMag Blogger Template

ClickMag is a SEO-ready one of the best free technology blogger templates.  It has an attractive design to present your content in a beautiful way. . It is a very imaginative theme suitable for newspapers, lifestyle, magazine blogs, travel, technology, gaming, and photography. This powerful Lifestyle Blogger & Magazines theme is designed for minimal, cool and easy-to-customize websites and live magazines. This way, you can create a versatile website for your next project. Moreover,  this is a beautiful theme with many animated features.

Clickmag free magazine blogger template

TechBlog Blogger Template

TchBlog is a responsive elegant looking free and premium technology blogger template. . It is specifically designed for the ultimate technology monetization site.  Moreover, it is great for tech blogs, software sites, android sites, apk sites, gadgets, reviews, games and any tech news blog. It is also suitable for all private science blogs All your things in a modern way. This is a unique flexible design. It loads quickly and is the hottest Blogspot topic. . It comes with some additional features. Moreover, it loads very quickly in any browser.

Techblog free left and right sidebar Technology Blogger Templates

FlexMag Blogger Template

FlexMag is a SEO friendly one of the multipurpose technology blogger templates. . It is modern, elegant, and easy to use with a fully responsive design. Moreover, it is designed specifically for blogs on topics such as news, magazines, editorials, technology, entertainment, gaming, lifestyle, and fashion design. The design has a modern, clean and elegant look and features hardware exclusive to bloggers. . It is based on the latest CSS3 and HTML5 technologies which makes it a unique and excellent blogger theme with fast loading.

Flexmag Free Blogger Template


SEORocket is a modern-looking one of the best SEO-ready technology blogger templates. It is great for high-tech, fashion, and photo sites. Moreover, this is a great way to start a personal blog in a magazine-style. This is a quick and SEO-friendly look. It can fit in all media resolutions such as mobile, desktop and tablet devices. Moreover, it is clean, minimal and fast loading blogger template.

SEO rocket Technology Blogger Template


This is a beautiful, responsive, SEO friendly, and SEO-optimized one of the most functional free technology blogger templates. It is specially designed for all kinds of newspapers, blogs, magazines, portals, and personal websites. Moreover, it is newly coded as it loads everything fast and carefully lines up the script to load as fast as possible.

SEOboost free SEO optimized blogger template


This is a very special personal blogger template with beautiful design and great features. The layout size automatically adapts to the size of the screen, whether it is a desktop or a smartphone. It works perfectly with almost all devices. You can choose this topic if you plan to create a news blog. It is fully responsive and you can easily customize it. You can use this modern form to create the latest website. This theme has a great structure and organization. Developed using Blogger/CSS3 markup.

Sora24 free magazine technology template for blogspot

The aforementioned free technology blogger templates not only can be used for technology-related websites, but also for news and magazine-type blogs. they are highly responsive, SEO optimized, customizable and fast loading. Moreover, their premium version even offers more freedom to customize the look, remove footer credit and play with code, etc.


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