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10 Must Have Visual Studio Code Extensions For Web Development

Live Server Visual studio extension

Visual studio is a great program for web developers. By installing various extensions its productivity even gets better. There are lots of useful extensions are available for visual studios ranging from code beautifier to close tags. In this post, we are going to share the best visual studio utilities in the form of extension that you can install and enjoy the power of the visual studio. With these utilities you can format your code, beautify CSS, colorize it, enhance the comments in code and many other functions that are often necessary in the domain of web development.

Moreover, these extensions will not only save your valuable time but also enhance productivity and fast project completion. You can install all the extensions or the ones that are beat fit for your need. These visual studio extensions are easy to use and perform the result faster and secure. We hope you like the extensions and these visual studio extensions are helpful for your project.

GitHub Copilot

Github Copilot is a great utility for Visual studio. It helps the user in suggesting codes and functions. There are lots of codes are available in GitHub source which can be used in projects.

GitHub Copilot Visual Studio extension

CSS Peek

It helps to manage pull requests and code reviews in your IDE. You can comment on any line and jump to definitions. Moreover, it extends HTML and ejs code editing. It supports CSS SCSS and less and classes and ids in strings. It is easy to use and configure.

CSS Peek - Visual Studio Extension

Auto Close Tag

Auto close tag is an AI powered coding assitance. It helps to code better faster and secure. This extension provides lots of useful features such as auto close tag, mistakes detection and HTML/XML code editing support.

Auto Close Tag - Visual Studio Extension

Live Server

It helps to launch a development local Server with the feature of live reload for static & dynamic pages. It has many features such as live browser reload function, flexibility to stop or start server, browse files and remote connect to WLAN.

Liver Server - Visual Studio Extension


Colorize helps you to beautify your CSS code via colour features. You can assign background colours to various codes for quick detection and analysis of your code. Moreover, the tool is simple to use for anyone. It has many features such as it supports HSL colors, CSS variables, RGB/RGBA/ARGB colours and cross browser colors. In addition to CSS colors, it also support jQuery, JavaScript and other languages.

Colorize - Visual Studio Extension

Prettier – Code formatter

Prettier is a code formatter for visual studio. It helps to format your code and perform various functions such as close tags and other code related utilities. Moreover, it supports CSS, JQuery, JavaScript, HTML, XML and SCSS and less. It helps to format selection, format integration and format on save options. Moreover, it also has keyboard shortcuts for fast and smooth workflow.

Prettier Code Formatter - Visual Studio Extension

Colorful Comments

Comments play an important role in coding. With this extension, you will be able to insert more human-friendly comments in your coding project. This extension allows the user to categorise code into various colors for easy identification of code. Moreover, you can also stylised the commented out code and can choose various options from setting panel. It is easy to use and fast way to beautify and rationalize your comment in any coding project.

Colorful Comments - Visual Studio Extension

Better Comment

This is another extension for comments in coding. It helps to choose line comment or block commenting system in your project. Moreover, by default if a selection is not made, block comments is enabled otherwise line comment system is enabled. This extension is all about line commenting and block commenting along with other useful features.

Better Comments - Visual Studio Extension

Code Snapshot

Many developers love to share their output code on social media or their GitHub profile etc. This extension allows you to snapshot your code in a better way and high quality for sharing purpose. In addition to share, code snapshot also perform the function of backup utility if any code lost in the project. So, it is a great extension for perfect coding experience. You can save your code snapshot easily for backup or facility purpose as well as sharing purpose.

Code Snapshot - Visual Studio Extension


JavaScript if not properly indented or written results in mess. Therefore, this extension is helpful to beautify your JavaScript with less effort. You can format your JavaScript code with this great extension for smooth and fast project flow. Moreover, it helps to enhance your productivity as a developer.

Beautify - Visual Studio Extension

In short, Visual Studio is a high class coding program with lots of features. Its productivity can be enhanced by installing various utilities and extensions for different purposes. Moreover, these extensions are ease to use with proper guidance from the developer.

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