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25 Best Free Vue Admin Templates and Dashboards

Materio VUe Admin Dashboard Template

Vue is a powerful JavaScript frontend framework for building the interactive web applications. In this post, we come with the best collection of free vue admin templates. These template will help you to build your admin dashboard quickly without starting from scratch. You can take the edge of these beautifully and professionally designed in your project. All the templates shard below are developed and designed by experts in the vue JavaScript framework. And the templates offer lots of useful UI elements and components to use in your project. Moreover, the admin templates will help you to speed up your project without wasting your valuable time starting from the admin project from scratch. You can take help from the beautifully designed components and UI elements in your project.

The main features that these templates offer are the responsive layout design which can fit perfect in all media devices and resolution, cross-browser compatibility and modern design system. In addition to these general features, the vue admin templates come with interactive graphs, charts and diagram to easily sort out the important data or anything concerned with data. Moreover, the beautiful layout with sidebar navigation, header bar with notification and user profile and various other elements make these templates more effective and user-friendly for developers. You can also enhance the existing components and elements or add new in your project according to need.


Materio is an advanced and most functional admin dashboard template. It comes with elegant grid layout structure with multiple widgets are arranged to represent various user or admin information. Moreover, it has clean design with pixel perfect quality. each and every element is nicely designed according to modern trends.

Materio Admin dashboard VUeJS Template

Vue Light Bootstrap Dashboard

VUe light Bootstrap Dashboard comes with clean and minimal design system. The template has elegant navigation bar with multiple options such as dashboard, search form, notification, user profile and logout buttons etc. Moreover, the template has clean left sidebar with different menu items to navigate through the dashboard. Also, the template has multi-line chart, multi bar chart and other useful features of data handling and presentation.

Vue Light Bootstrap Dashboard

Vue Material Dashboard

VUe Material dashboard is an elegant admin template built with the powerful Vue framework. The template has beautiful options and elements to help you pick out these elements and integrate in your admin project. Moreover, it has awesome left sidebar with navigation menu, clean line charts, graphs nd data presentation. Furthermore, it has business statistics, social media icons with counter and tasks management components with elegant design.

Vue Material Dashboard

Purple Vue Admin – Free

Purple admin is a minimal dashboard with the best use of color gradients in various elements. The gradient color skins make this template unique. Moreover, it has good navigation in the left sidebar. It also offers the search box, user profile, logout button and notification bell in the top bar.

Purple Vue Admin Template

ArchitectUI Dashboard Vue Free

ArchitectUI is a modern admin template with clean look. It offers elegant layout structure with lots of professionally designed UI components and admin elements. Moreover, the template is fully responsive which can fit perfect in all media devices and resolutions. Furthermore, this template has elegant graphs, charts and statistics counter to easily display data and interpret it. Overall, the template is professional and helpful to kickstart admin project using Vue framework.

ArchitectUI Dashboard Vue Free

MDB Vue Admin Dashboard Template

MDB is a three column admin dashboard with lots of small grid system. It has solid framework of VUe and lets you to easily start your project using the various elements and components present in the template. So, you don’t need to start from scratch instead take the advantage of beautiful admin panel elements in this template. Moreover, you can fully customize the color schemes and other meta elements to personalize the design according to your project.

MDB Vue Admin Dashboard Template

Vuestic Admin

Vuestic is an elegant colored admin dashboard template with great features to start your admin dashboard project. It comes with multiple features such as progress bars, advanced graphs to represent complex data, pie chart, various grids to represent text or other information. Moreover, it has elegant left sidebar with toggle navigation bar, responsive design, clean coding am other useful features.

Vuestic Admin Template

Star Admin Vue

Star admin Vue is another great looking template with clean and minimal design ideas. The template has three columns. i.e. 1 left sidebar and two content columns to display various widgets and information in dashboard. Moreover, it is fully responsive and easy to use template.

Star Admin Vue Admin template

Corona Vue Free

Corona Vue is a beautiful dark admin template with modern design trends. This template is useful for those who love to work with dark color skins in their project. It offers full customization to user and provide lots of elements and components to kick start the project.

Corona Vue Admin template Free

CoreUI Vue Admin Dashboard Template

CoreUI is a professional in designing admin templates and dashboards. In addition to VUe admin dashboard, it also provides it in other framework and HTML such as Angular framework etc. CoreUi is a professional template with amazing elements and components to start your project. Moreover, it is fully customizable in any color scheme.

CoreUI Vue Admin Dashboard Template

Xtreme Bootstrap Vue Admin Lite

XTreme Vue is another professional admin dashboard template. It has multiple elements with awesome layout design. If you are looking for professional admin template to base your project then this template is the best one with multiple components and UI elements. Moreover, It has elegant user profile, notification, chat icon and other graphical elements to support your admin dashboard.

Xtreme Bootstrap Vue Admin Lite


Copilot is an advanced and multifunctional admin dashboard template. It has unique layout design with Advanced features. The left sidebar has user profile and navigation menus distributed under different tags and headings. Moreover, it supports icons in menu, pie charts, graphs and other features. It has multicolor statistics area which mention various statistics such as inventory status and download information.

CoPilot Free Admin Template

Vue Argon Dashboard 2

VUeArgon is a professionally design admin dashboard template. It has colorful icons in the sidebar navigation panel with cool look. Moreover, it has notification bar, user profile area, various statistics related to sale and operation of business and many elements used in admin dashboards. Furthermore, its elegant and sleek design makes the template standout from crowed. With little effort, you can fully personalize it via CSS tweaks. Also, it is responsive and cross-browser compatible among other features.

Vue Argon Dashboard 2

Vue Notus

VUe Notus is an elegant dashboard template with three column layout structure. It has professional sidebar in the left hand column for navigation purpose. Moreover, the content area has two columns to easily sort out various elements and components used in admin panel. It has fully responsive layout design and fully customizable colors and backgrounds to personalize it and make it suitable for your project.

Vue Notus Admin Template

Vue White Dashboard

VUe White Dashboard is a professionally designed admin dashboard template. It comes with responsive layout design, cross-browser compatibility, easy to customization and SEO ready coding. Moreover, it has gradient background in left sidebar menu options. Also, it has beautiful graphs and charts elements to make your dashboard data ready to handle complex data with ease.

Vue White Dashboard

MaterialPro Vuetify Admin Lite

Material Pro is a simple admin dashboard template. It offers various simple elements and components which can be used as a baseline for your admin dashboard. Moreover, you can customize the elements and components with different styling and Js tweaks. It has el3gnat profile area, activity timeline, text boxes and other useful components to get started with your project.

MaterialPro Vuetify Admin Lite

Vue Black Dashboard

VUe Black Dashboard is a black admin template built via VUe framework. It has cool dark design system which is fully customizable into light color or any color of your choice. Moreover, it has beautiful line graphs, charts and other tool for data handling in dashboard. The left sidebar has elegant menu with icons and user profile at the very top.

Vue Black Admin Dashboard

Vue Paper Dashboard

Vue paper dashboard is a clean admin dashboard built with VUe JavaScript framework. This admin dashboard will help you to easily integrate the important dashboard components in your project without starting from scratch. Moreover, you can easily customize the look and feel of the element with color, backgrounds and other customization tweaks. It has modern graph and chart system for data presentation to audience.

Vue Paper Admin Dashboard Template

Monster Bootstrap Vue Admin Lite

Monster Bootstrap is a a VUe Admin dashboard template with elegant clean and minimalistic approach. It has beautiful business sale statistics cards at the very top, revenue statistics graphs and feed section at the homepage. Moreover, it has beautiful sidebar with icon navigation along with text.

Monster Bootstrap Vue Admin Lite

Flexy VueJs free Admin Template

Flexy is a simple but attractive admin dashboard template. it comes with nice color combination and CSS radius design. Moreover, it is fully responsive and awesome template with full customization support of components and elements.

Flexy VueJs free Admin Template

Nuxt Black Dashboard

Nuxt is a dark VUe admin template with elegant graphs and line charts. It has a nice sidebar section with green background to show various links to navigate the admin panel. The template support all modern browser and offers the fully flexible layout design system to easily adapt to all devices.

Nuxt Black Admin Dashboard Template

BootstrapVue Argon Dashboard

Bootstrap VUe Argon dashboard is another awesome admin template built with VUe framework. It has unique design with elegant featured background color which comprises the various statistics and top bar. Moreover, it has graphs, line charts and other data handling tools to easily display data for users.

BootstrapVue Argon Dashboard

Vue Material Dashboard 2

VUe Material dashboard 2 is a best theme to start with admin project. It offers the great features and design to the user. The various graphs along with description, icon design, sidebar navigation and user profile etc. are the best features present in this template.

Vue Material Admin Dashboard 2

VUe Admin Template

VUe admin template is a most advanced and powerful admin dashboard. It has unique widgets and options to start with. This template will help you to easily integrate multiple UI elements and components in your project to enhance your productivity and dashboard skills.

VUe Admin Dashboard Template

Vuetify Material Dashboard

Vuetify is an amazing admin dashboard built with VUeJs framework. It is fully responsive and adaptable in all media resolution and devices. Moreover, it will help you to smoothly start your project on the basis of various pre defined styles and elements in the template. Furthermore, it supports all modern browser and it is fully customizable in terms of color schemes and skins etc.

Vuetify Material Dashboard Template

Summing up, the aforementioned Vue JavaScript templates are professionally designed to help the creation of admin panel using the powerful Vue framework. As a developer, you can use these templates to kick start your project quickly with lots of pre-defined and pre designed necessary elements and components used in admin dashboard. Moreover, beside admin template, the vue framework have massive contributions in frontend web development.

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